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17 Apr 14

Albanian Agency Turns NGO Funding Into Family Affair

Former board members and staff of the state agency established to support the civil society sector funded their own NGOs, or those headed by relatives, an investigation can reveal.

14 Apr 14

US Ambassador to Kosovo Hired by Construction Firm He Lobbied For

EU diplomat criticises way Christopher Dell pushed through deal for Bechtel Corporation to build controversial highway to Albania.

11 Apr 14

Ukraine’s Albanians Struggle To Keep Identity Alive

Far from their ancestral homeland, tiny minority faces dwindling numbers, assimilation and split allegiances between Moscow and Kiev.

08 Apr 14

Balkans Weigh Impact of Russia-Ukraine Gas Feud

If Russia cuts or curbs the gas supply to Ukraine, some Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Serbia, could be hard hit, as they lack alternative supply routes.

04 Apr 14

Ukraine Crisis Leaves Country’s Minorities Torn

In Ukraine’s deep southwest, where Bulgarians, Albanians, Ukrainians and Russians all live intermingled, allegiances are becoming divided.

27 Mar 14

Albania Ex-Minister ‘Rigged’ TV Digital Tender

Former minister’s decision to split the contract to oversee Albania’s digitalization process between two companies - which a court ruled illegal - remains shrouded with controversy.

13 Mar 14

Albanians Risk Lawsuits Over Corruption Complaints

Official call for citizens to denounce corrupt officials on a ministry website exposes them to defamation lawsuits, experts warn.

27 Feb 14

Politics By Other Means: Balkan NGOs Breed MPs

Foreign-funded civil society organisations are serving as a launchpad for political careers, provoking debate over their true function.

26 Feb 14

Albanian Ex-Prosecutor Finds Career Path Blocked

As a judges’ body vetoes anti-corruption crusader Ina Rama’s nomination to the Tirana appeals court, some suspect political revenge is at work. 

24 Jan 14

Lobby Firm Behind Campaign to Smear Albanian Socialist

The Podesta Group, a lobbying firm working for Albania’s then government, planted several negative stories in the US media about Socialist leader Edi Rama on the eve of parliamentary elections.

09 Jan 14

Albania’s Former Chief Enriched Media Ally

Sali Berisha used the public advertising budget to funnel contracts to a private TV station that supported his government, data show.

08 Jan 14

Albania Leaders Backtrack on Transparency Pledges

Edi Rama’s government is rapidly abandoning its election-time commitments about open access to information, critics say.

03 Jan 14

Albania: New leader Faces Challenge to Deliver Pledges

The fight against corruption, the EU integration process and the economy will test Prime Minister’s Edi Rama promise to preside over a ‘renaissance’ in 2014.

25 Dec 13

Albania: The Year the People Spoke

From handing a landslide victory to the Socialists in the June 23 parliamentary elections to refusing to host Syria’s abandoned chemical weapons, Albanians made their voice heard in 2013.

20 Dec 13

Big Advertisers Subvert Albanian Media Freedom

The Albanian media faces a battle to defend its independence in an environment where corporate and government advertising effectively dictates the rules.