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22 Nov 16

America’s Eisenhower Inspires Albania’s First Woman General

Manushaqe Shehu, the first woman in the Balkans to become a General, says she owes her success to her family’s support - while also leaning on a motto of America’s wartime hero.

21 Nov 16

‘Cannabis Economy’ Threatens to Overrun Albania

Albanian police seem to be losing the fight to stop widespread cannabis cultivation, which experts say is distorting the economy and politics and undermining the pillars of democracy.

16 Nov 16

An Albanian War on Drugs

Albania is uprooting cannabis at an unprecedented rate, but endemic corruption and a failure to target the kingpins behind a multi-billion-euro industry give the lie to the NATO member’s ‘war on drugs’.

15 Nov 16

Albania Failing to Address Threat From Syria Returnees

After a spate of recent arrests of suspected terrorists, Albanian security experts and some clergy say more must be done to deal with the real threat that returnees from the Syrian war pose.

09 Nov 16

Trump Triumph Celebrated and Mourned in Balkans

While many Serbs, Macedonians and Montenegrins hailed the victory of Donald Trump, many Albanians and Bosniaks are lamenting the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

09 Nov 16

Don’t Expect Balkan U-Turns From Trump Presidency

Serbs may be rejoicing over the Republican candidate’s win, but substantial changes in US relations with the region are unlikely.

03 Nov 16

Clinton Set to Harvest Most Balkan Diaspora Votes

While most Serbian Americans champion Donald Trump, most Albanians, Bosniaks, Bulgarians and Montenegrins lean towards his rival, Hillary Clinton.

02 Nov 16

Albanian LGBTs From Region Find Shelter In Tirana

The Streha refuge in Tirana is struggling to meet rising demand for its services from gay Albanians in the country - and the region.

27 Oct 16

NATO Boosts Eastern flank to Reassure Nervous Allies

The Western alliance has taken a significant step towards upping defensive capacities along its entire eastern flank amid growing concerns about Russia.

24 Oct 16

Albania’s Caged Bears Enjoy Freer Life in Kosovo

Bears once held in grim captivity in Albania are adapting to a new life in a sanctuary in Kosovo, encouraging many in Albania to create their own safe haven.

18 Oct 16

Albania PM Accused of 'Interfering' With Kosovo

Edi Rama's remarks on Kosovo during his visit to Serbia have sparked a row over the level of involvement that Albania should have in Kosovo's affairs.

13 Oct 16

Serbia-Albania Relations: A Fragile Work in Progress

As Albania’s PM visits Serbia, experts argue that improving Belgrade-Tirana relations are a result of their leaders’ hope of pleasing the EU rather than a real breakthrough between the two countries.

06 Oct 16

EU’s Crisis Will Slow Balkan Accession, Expert Says

Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, says the EU is likely to slow accession talks with the Balkan countries in the context of ‘huge resistance’ to enlargement.

05 Oct 16

Albania Prepares for Historic Royal Wedding

Prince Leka, the grandson of King Zog, will get married this weekend in Tirana in the country’s second-ever royal wedding, which royalists hope will revive the legacy of the Albanian monarchy.

04 Oct 16

Ilir Meta: Albanian Speaker and Surprise Kingmaker

The speaker of parliament and leader of Albania’s third-largest party previously served as prime minister aged just 30, but Meta’s rapid political ascent has been marred by controversy.