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11 Feb 16

Albania Fears Impact of Kosovo Football Team

Albanian footie fans fear the creation of a Kosovo national team will draw talent away from their own squad and undermine its chances.

08 Feb 16

Albania Pays Price For Politically Driven Sackings

Despite the passage of laws designed to stop it, the practice of summarily sacking civil servants continues in Albania, burdening the budget and creating misery for those let go.

08 Feb 16

Albania Puts Cold War Planes up for Auction

Collectors who fancy their own Russian or Chinese-made jet or helicopter can buy one off the Albanian Defence Ministry for as little as a few thousand euro on February 22.

04 Feb 16

Constitutional Courts Face Crisis Across Balkans

Mounting political pressures and blatant disregard for judgments are undermining the authority of constitutional courts across the region.

28 Jan 16

Justice and Economy Test Albania’s Fraying Coalition

EU and US support seem likely to guarantee eventual adoption of major changes to the justice system – but the ruling coalition will continue to struggle with internal rifts and a stagnant economy.

27 Jan 16

OSCE Calls For Impartial Albanian Public Broadcaster

The OSCE ambassador to Tirana, Florian Raunig, told BIRN that the public broadcaster must be transformed into a reliable, impartial station which can truly serve the public interest.

25 Jan 16

Vicious Circle: Albanian Victims Struggle to Escape Shadow of Sex Trade

Abused by gangsters, disowned by their families and let down by the state, women who were trafficked as sex slaves face an uphill battle to build new lives.

22 Jan 16

Albanian Children: Online, Unsupervised and at Risk

Children are vulnerable to predatory paedophiles and can too easily view pornography online, warn experts, yet access to parental control apps remains limited.

20 Jan 16

Peace Corps Under Pressure Over Albania Sex Scandal

Two volunteers are demanding changes to the way the organization responds to sexual harassment charges following the firing of a whistleblower in Albania.

07 Jan 16

Albania’s Digital TV ‘Beauty Contest’ Turns Ugly

The process of awarding new digital frequencies to private television stations has been marred by rows, delays and court cases.

06 Jan 16

US Diplomat Urges Albania to End Judicial Corruption

The US ambassador to Tirana told BIRN that a proposed overhaul of Albania’s corruption-riddled justice system was the most important reform since the fall of Communism.

04 Jan 16

ISIS Holding Albanian Children ‘Hostage’ in Syria

A number of orphans of Albanians killed in Syria remain in camps in the country - and ISIS militants will not allow them to return home. 

29 Dec 15

Albania Struggled to Bar Criminals From Politics

Allegations over the criminal backgrounds of MPs and mayoral candidates dominated the electoral year and took the shine off the ruling majority’s poll victory. 

25 Dec 15

Greek Minority Leader Disappointed With Albania Govt

The Greek minority party leader Vangjel Dule says Edi Rama is letting ties with Greece deteriorate while running the country through ‘a closed circle’.

17 Dec 15

Peace Corps Whistleblower Pays Price in Albania

Bonnie Scott believes she lost her job because she reported sexual harassment allegations against the former country director to Washington HQ.