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25 Apr 16

Albanian Villages Ponder Local Spike in ISIS Recruits

Three villages in southeast Albania are coming to terms with the fact that 24 locals have left to join Islamic militant groups in Syria over the past three years.

18 Apr 16

Albania’s Gora Minority Takes Bulgarian Route to EU

Members of a small community of obscure origin in northern Albania are applying in droves for Bulgarian passports, seeking a new life in the European Union.

11 Apr 16

Albania’s Outlaw Village Finds Life Tough Without Drugs

Almost two years after the police descended on the infamous village of Lazarat and cleared it of its marijuana plantations, its residents are struggling to adapt. 

06 Apr 16

Rise in Albanian Asylum Seekers Worries Dutch

While The Netherlands has already taken steps to deter a wave of asylum seekers from Albania, the number continues to grow.

30 Mar 16

Scale of Balkan Jihadist Extremism ‘Underestimated’

The scale of online radicalisation and Islamic extremism in key Balkan states is likely underestimated, warn experts, as the refugee crisis and heightened security after the Paris and Brussels attacks stretch resources.

29 Mar 16

Albania's Ex-Landowners Struggle to Regain Lost Property

A landmark ruling from Strasbourg has given some of Albania's former landowners hope that they will finally get compensation for assets nationalized in communist times.

23 Mar 16

Albania Faces ‘Jihadi Fighters in the Shadows’ Threat

While the state grapples with returnee fighters and regulating mosques, experts say youngsters are still being radicalised online and warn of potential ‘lone wolf’ attacks.

22 Mar 16

Old Jam Makers Taste Sweet Success in Albania

In ancient Berat, the old tradition of preparing jams is being reinvented for tourists who want to take away sweet memories of the town.

21 Mar 16

Syrian Refugee Finds Opportunity Knocks in Albania

Months after reaching Albania as a refugee, Aleppo businessman Samer Darwish already runs a profitable clothing business – and dreams of fresh business opportunities in the Balkans.

16 Mar 16

Drive to Revive Albania’s Small Towns Raises Concern

Albania's government is spending millions of euros on improving neglected smaller towns – but some question the priorities.

14 Mar 16

The Historical Roots of Kashkaval

In the third installment of a three-part feature on the roots of Kashkaval, Altin Raxhimi ponders its historical significance and ends up meeting the last sheep herders of the Balkans.

09 Mar 16

Albania Deserves Credit For Saving Threatened Iranians

Tirana’s offer of refuge to enemies of the Iranian regime, facing massacre in Iraq, should be recognized by the world as a brave humanitarian gesture.

08 Mar 16

Albanian Imam’s Syrian Fears and ISIS Despair

An Albanian imam and his Syrian wife who left Damascus before the war said they fear for the lives of relatives left behind, and believe Islamic State is a ‘cancer’ for Islam.

04 Mar 16

What we call Kashkaval is Just a Mess

In the second installment of a three-part feature, writer Altin Raxhimi follows the rugged path leading to good kashkavall cheese.

29 Feb 16

Albanian Gays Party to Defeat Isolation

LGBT activists in Tirana stage regular club nights so they can party in peace, but also to combat isolation and encourage networking.