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21 Sep 16

Spike in ‘Special Merit’ Citizenships Raises Eyebrows in Albania

The recent awarding of citizenship to six Kosovo politicians has triggered a debate over the Albanian President’s discretionary right to hand out these important privileges.

30 Aug 16

Mother Teresa, Nun who Scared Albania’s Communists

The relationship between the woman about to be proclaimed a saint by the Vatican and the Communists who ruled Albania was difficult - but had odd twists. 

22 Aug 16

Western Failures Give New Life to Old Balkan Ghosts

The EU and US’s failure to better defend democracy and human rights in Turkey, where a government crackdown on opponents is continuing, sends a dangerous message to Balkan political elites.

22 Aug 16

French and Albanian Youth Bond Over Berat’s Old Stones

French and Albanian high schools students are building friendships and learning an ancient skill at a stonemasons’ camp in the heritage city of Berat.

22 Aug 16

Bujar Nishani: Albania’s Accidental President

The surprise winner of the 2012 presidential election, Nishani’s time in office has been marked by claims of political bias and bitter disputes with the government.

18 Aug 16

Albania’s Alps Offer Tourists Isolated Splendour

Small villages in Albania’s isolated mountains are attracting tourists to family-run accommodation with the promise of spectacular views and a fascinating history – but modernisation could bring change.

15 Aug 16

Albanian Roma Find New Market for Ancient Craft

Woven baskets, a traditional product of Roma artisans in Elbasan, are becoming a must-have accessory thanks to the dedicated work of a group of activists.

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

Visiting the Balkans this summer? Get off the beaten track and visit some of the region’s lesser-known beauty spots.

10 Aug 16

Lulzim Basha: The Berisha Loyalist Leading Albania’s Opposition

The 2017 election will be make or break for Basha, current leader of the opposition Democratic Party and protégé of former Prime Minister Berisha.

05 Aug 16

Sali Berisha: The Comeback King of Albanian Politics

The former president and prime minister who now serves as an MP remains one of the most influential players in modern Albanian politics.

05 Aug 16

Balkan Athletes Ready to Wave Flags in Rio

Ahead of the 2016 Olympics Parade of Nations set for August 5, Balkan athletes are getting ready for the ceremonial opening march when they will proudly carry their countries’ colours.

04 Aug 16

Infrastructure Problems Stop Tourism Flowering in Albania

While the number of tourists is rising, and the country is even tapping into the post-Soviet republics, lack of infrastructure is stopping local holiday agencies from expanding as much as they would like.

04 Aug 16

Clinton-Trump Battle Reopens Old Balkan Wounds

Americans may be undecided as to how to vote in the US Presidential elections in November - but the preferences of many people in the Balkans were set a long time ago.

03 Aug 16

Hopes Run High For Balkan Nations in Rio

As the region’s top sportsmen and women head for Brazil, hopes of glory are running high throughout the troubled region.

02 Aug 16

Albania Opera Chief Quits Over Tiny Budget

The resignation of the director of the National Opera and Ballet highlights the challenges facing Albanian artists as a result of the paltry budgets they are expected to operate on.