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14 Aug 14

Suspicion Lingers Over Albania Bank Theft

Former bank employees have told BIRN that they question the official claim that the recently discovered Central Bank theft was the work of one rogue employee.  

06 Aug 14

Albania Bank Chief Faces Public Anger Over Theft

Pressure is growing on Albania’s bank chief, Ardian Fullani, to quit following a record heist – but, for now, politicians are looking the other way.

23 Jul 14

Albania Phone Register Fuels Eavesdropping Row

Opposition MPs and activists have slated a government decision to force cell phone users to register the IMEI codes as a backdoor to eavesdropping on online communications.

21 Jul 14

Damir Fazlic: Controversial Deal Broker

In his first interview since October 2008, Bosnian businessman Damir Fazlic tackled the rumours and criminal allegations which have beset his career, reveals how he became an influential figure in the Balkans and beyond, and speaks of his grandiose plans for the future.  

16 Jul 14

Albania Ex-PM’s Daughter Takes Legal Route to Riches

Confidential bank files reveal how a law firm owned by the influential daughter of Albania’s former Prime Minister Sali Berisha became a gateway for major foreign investors looking for licences, permits and political support from her father's government.

15 Jul 14

Fazlic and Lazarevic’s Albanian Shale Gas Venture

Mreža tajanstvenih ofšor kompanija povezuje energetskog mogula Vojina Lazarevića i biznismena Damira Fazlića u smelom pokušaju da Albaniju pretvore u centar za skladištenje gasnih škriljaca iz Amerike, otkriva BIRN.

14 Jul 14

How Berisha’s Inner Circle Profited from Multi-Million Euro Land Deals

Former Albanian premier Sali Berisha’s decision to transform worthless marshland into prime real estate helped his family and controversial friend Damir Fazlic earn millions of euros, classified documents obtained by BIRN reveal.

08 Jul 14

Albania Muslims Shun ISIL’s World Caliphate

Alleged plans to include Albania in a newly declared global Islamic state have obtained a cool reception among Albanian Muslim leaders.

01 Jul 14

Albania Faces Bumpy Road to EU Accession

As Tirana struggles to satisfy membership criteria, internal dynamics in EU member states add a new burden to hopes for a smooth and speedy accession.

24 Jun 14

Albania’s Dope Capital Goes Up in Smoke

Police have destroyed Europe’s largest marijuana plantation in the lawless Albanian village of Lazarat – but were locals really living the high life on the profits from growing dope?

17 Jun 14

Police Lay Siege to Albania’s Marijuana Capital

Police and drug traffickers in the notorious village of Lazarat are slugging it out as the forces of law and order try to reassert control over this gun-toting, lawless community.

16 Jun 14

Albania’s Heart-Broken Friend

Edith Durham was the great champion of Albanians in early 20th century Britain – so why did the coming of independence leave her feeling shattered?

27 May 14

Illegal Logging is Destroying Ancient Forests in the Balkans

An investigation shows that gangs are felling vast tracts that once gave the Balkans their name.

14 May 14

Balkans Need EU Help With ‘Dramatic’ Migrant Influx

Trpe Stojanovski, director of the Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative, tells Balkan Insight that Balkan countries cannot deal with rapidly rising migrant numbers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

05 May 14

Albanian Government’s Secret British Adviser Revealed

The nephew of Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin-doctor who advised the Socialists’ successful election campaign, has been hired by the Albanian government, Balkan Insight can reveal.