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23 Oct 14

Albanian Telecoms Deal Cost ‘$1m to Buy Off Politicians’, Claim US Businessmen

Controversial Bosnian businessman Damir Fazlic, a fixer with powerful friends in Washington DC and the Balkans, requested $1m ‘investment’ for Albania’s Democratic Party in order to secure a lucrative telecoms contract, allege his former US-based business partners.

22 Oct 14

Kosovars' Destructive Obsession with Serbia

For the sake of our own future, we Kosovo Albanians need to liberate ourselves from a destructive obsession with Serbia.

20 Oct 14

Albania Power Utility Accused of Fixing Tenders

BIRN can reveal that the competition authority is probing claims that Albania’s power utility, OSHEE, colluded with two electricity traders - EFT A.G and GSA - to rig the outcome of import tenders.

18 Oct 14

Own Goals All Round in Abandoned Match Blame Game

The reaction to the Serbia-Albania football fiasco revealed a more serious problem than hooliganism -- lack of real political leadership.

16 Oct 14

Football Violence Casts Shadow Over Rama’s Serbian Trip

The chaotic scenes at the Serbia-Albania football match, which had to be called off, mark an inauspicious prologue to the Albanian Prime Minister’s visit to Belgrade.

15 Oct 14

Bringing South East Europe’s Energy Markets Together

Serbia and Albania should play the lead role in assisting the transformation and integration of the region’s energy markets.

14 Oct 14

Mystery Over Albanian Hamlet’s Mass of Churches

The fact that Cercke in southern Albania has only a handful of residents but no less than 13 churches is a source of wonder to locals. 

11 Oct 14

Albania’s Pelicans Hover on Edge of Extinction

Only a few dozen rare Dalmatian pelicans remain in the Karavasta lagoon, down from hundreds in the 1980s, as hunting and wildcat development take their toll.

08 Oct 14

Guardians of Lake Skadar Turn Blind Eye to Illegal Fishing

The organization tasked with protecting Albania’s environmental jewel is accused of running a protection racket for the illegal fishermen who are destroying its fish.

06 Oct 14

Gorani Village Spies Future in Skiing Tradition

The people of Shishtavec hope that with their passion for skiing, they can turn their remote hamlet into a tourist winter wonderland.

02 Oct 14

Audit Casts Damning Light on Albanian Broadcaster’s Tenders

An audit report, which BIRN has obtained, says procurement procedures in Albania’s state-owned public broadcaster, RTSH, were often uncompetitive and even illegal.

29 Sep 14

Drop in Remittances Hits Poor Albanians Hard

In the impoverished town of Puke, the fall in remittances sent by relatives abroad is pushing families ever deeper into debt.

25 Sep 14

New Atlantis Rises on Albania’s Rodon Cape

A group of green activists are successfully promoting environmentally friendly tourism on a spectacular cape that once was strewn with trash.

24 Sep 14

Capitalist Collective Farm Bears Fruit in Albania

Working together on a pioneering new-style collective farm, the people of Xarre are squeezing plenty of profits from their tangerines.

22 Sep 14

Albanian Christians and Muslims Hail Pope’s Visit

Hundreds of thousands of Albanians took to the streets on Sunday to welcome Pope Francis, who found an enthusiastic audience for his message of inter-faith harmony.