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26 Nov 15

Albanian Jihadist’s Easy Passage to Syria’s Brutal War

A former Islamist fighter in Syria recalls why he went to Syria, how easy it was to get there – and why he would go again, if he could.

26 Nov 15

Anti-Schengen Clamour Holds Dangers for Balkans

Growing calls to scrap a border-free Europe - in the wake of the Paris attacks – are a real threat to stability in the Western Balkans.

20 Nov 15

Albania Muslims Seek State Aid to Control Rebel Mosques

Albania's official Islamic community seeks state aid to help it deal with rebel imams who resist its authority.

17 Nov 15

"Diploma Factories": Kosovo and Albania Churn Out Graduates with Few Prospects

More and more young people are getting university degrees but many end up jobless or in low-skilled work.

10 Nov 15

Medical Waste Dumpers Escape Justice in Albania

Authorities are doing little to bring to justice those responsible for dumping hazardous waste in public spaces - even though it poses a dangerous threat to health.

06 Nov 15

Why Real Journalists Scare the Balkan Elites

Jeta Xharra, head of BIRN Kosovo and guest at the Speak UP 3 conference on Freedom of Expression and Media in the Western Balkans and Turkey, organized by the European Commission on November 4, recalls the progress and the persistent challenges facing investigative journalists since the last conference in 2013.

05 Nov 15

Albanians Rejected in Germany Try Holland Instead

Some Albanians whose asylum requests were rejected in Germany are heading for The Netherlands - where their chances are no better.

04 Nov 15

Humble Firm Wins Huge Dialysis Contract in Albania

The health ministry has awarded a ten-year multi-million contract to a little known company with no experience - but whose owner is linked to the American Hospital in Tirana.

02 Nov 15

Albania Bank Wasted Millions on Ruined Hotel

After it bought the historic Hotel Dajti for 30 million euro, the Central Bank spent millions more in procurement processes that have failed to transform the building into an office.

23 Oct 15

Rama Must End the Agony Over Remzi Hoxha

It is time that the Albanian government solved the fate of my father, Remzi Hoxha, a Kosovar Albanian activist who vanished and was almost certainly murdered 20 years ago.

22 Oct 15

Sporting Triumphs Hide Balkan Football’s Malaise

Balkan teams look set to be well represented in Euro 2016 - but many fans are still turning away from a sport that they see as mired in politics and corruption.

20 Oct 15

Albanian Local Government Reform ‘Chaotic’

Holding mayoral elections in Albania before passing legislation defining municipal powers will cause problems for years to come, warns expert.

16 Oct 15

Glitches Plague Albania’s New Online Tax System

After three years of work and nearly 16 million euro spent, Albania’s new e-taxation system is still not yet ready, with businesses struggling to file reports and facing arbitrary fines.

14 Oct 15

Albania’s Young Artists Give up on Their Homeland

In a country where the appetite for modern art is minimal and cash is short, ambitious have to shift for themselves to survive - or go abroad. 

13 Oct 15

Tirana to Evict Roma After Park Attack

After a group of Roma assaulted a German, the authorities started to expel their entire camp from the park in which they live, sparking condemnation from rights activists.