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Latest Politics and Society News from Albania

26 Sep 16

Albania Greens Brace For New Showdown Over Waste

Environmentalists are mobilising their supporters after parliament on Thursday passed a draft law that would re-start the controversial industry of importing and recycling waste.

23 Sep 16

Tony Blair Winds up Operations in Albania

After the former UK Prime Minister said he was closing down his business empire, his office confirmed to BIRN that his dealings with Albania, which were never made public, are also complete.

21 Sep 16

Kosovo's Vetevendosje Rallies Supporters in Albania

Leaders of Kosovo's Vetevendosje party rallied supporters in Albania - declaring that the campaign against ratification of the Kosovo-Montenegro border deal would continue.

20 Sep 16

Montenegro Albanians Unite in Elections, Seeking Power

The three main Albanian parties in Montenegro have decided to run together in the October elections in a coalition - which experts say sets a pattern that Albanians in nearby Macedonia would do well to follow.

16 Sep 16

Albanians Trade Accusations Over Mystery Plane Crash

The crash of an Italian plane - reportedly carrying drugs - in the Ishem area of Albania has become the subject of numerous conflicting claims between politicians and journalists.

14 Sep 16

Juncker’s Silence on Enlargement Alarms Balkan Watchers

The decision of the European Commission President not to mention EU enlargement in his annual speech has left Balkan observers feeling concerned and disappointed.

08 Sep 16

Albania Prepares EU Talks Amid Expert Skepticism

As Albania's authorities announce a build-up of capacities in anticipation of opening EU accession talks this year, most experts downplay the chance of this happening so soon.

05 Sep 16

Albanian Prosecution Says it Cannot do its Duties

The prosecution office in charge of investigations says its competencies are in limbo because of the incomplete state of judicial reform in Albania. 

02 Sep 16

Albania Starts to Legalize Unofficial Mosques

The country's official Islamic Community has welcomed a start to the business of legalizing unofficial mosques - seen as key to the process of bringing them under control.

01 Sep 16

Albania Seeks Funds for Bear Sanctuary After Outcry

Amid international pressure to improve the plight of brown bears kept in harsh captivity, Albanian institutions are seeking funds to create a centre for them near Tirana. 

31 Aug 16

Albania MPs Back Vetting Judges and Prosecutors

Albania's parliament has adopted a law on introducing vetting for judges and prosecutors, despite opposition claims that it will result in a 'witch hunt'.

30 Aug 16

Mother Teresa, Nun who Scared Albania’s Communists

The relationship between the woman about to be proclaimed a saint by the Vatican and the Communists who ruled Albania was difficult - but had odd twists. 

26 Aug 16

Iranian Opposition Ex-Fighters ‘Transferred to Albania’

Iranian media has reported that 155 members of an exiled Iranian opposition movement have been given sanctuary in Albania - part of a larger number that Tirana has agreed to accept.

25 Aug 16

Italian Earthquake Kills Albanian Man

An immigrant father of three died in the earthquake in Amatrice, while seven other members of Albania's large expatriate community in Italy were injured when homes collapsed.

25 Aug 16

Albanians Prepare To Honour Mother Teresa’s Sainthood

Commemorative events are being organised by the Catholic churches of Albania and Kosovo to celebrate Mother Teresa being declared a saint next week by the Pope.


21 Sep 16

Spike in ‘Special Merit’ Citizenships Raises Eyebrows in Albania

The recent awarding of citizenship to six Kosovo politicians has triggered a debate over the Albanian President’s discretionary right to hand out these important privileges.


22 Sep 16

Albanian Activists Mull Lawsuits to Stop Power Plants

Activists in northern Albania are preparing lawsuits to halt the planned construction of power plants that they say will wreck tourism in the Albanian Alps.

01 Aug 16

Online Tax Hike Leaves Albanians Short-changed

26 Jul 16

New Power Line to Link Albania to Macedonia

Culture and Lifestyle

15 Sep 16

Rapper Wounded in Albania-Kosovo Hip Hop Feud

Rappers on both sides of the Kosovo-Albania border are involved in increasingly bitter feuds that some in the media are likening to the 'wars' between hip-hop fans in the US in the 1990s.

15 Aug 16

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