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Latest News from Albania

30 Jul 15

Germany to Curb Mass Migration from Albania

Berlin and Tirana organised the repatriation of about 70 asylum-seekers and German police have been stationed at Albanian border posts in a bid to stop the flow of migrants.

29 Jul 15

Albania Charges Former Central Bank Governor

A year after a major bank theft was discovered, former governor Ardian Fullani was charged with abuse of office by prosecutors who allege that he bears some responsibility for the crime.

28 Jul 15

US Criticises Balkans over Human Trafficking

All Balkan countries except Macedonia do not meet minimum standards in combatting human trafficking and some fail to punish the perpetrators adequately, the US State Department said.

28 Jul 15

Heatwave Causes Water Shortage in Tirana

Albania’s capital is experiencing a water supply crisis this summer, blamed by the authorities on illegal connections to the water distribution network and many consumers’ failure to pay their bills. 

24 Jul 15

Albanian Police Comb Mountains For Drugs Farms

Albanian police say that after major crackdowns on marijuana growers in 2014, the farmers have changed their strategy - using small plots hidden in the mountains, which are hard to locate.

22 Jul 15

Albania MPs Back Controversial Education Law

The ruling coalition adopted a controversial education law, after debating for nine hours, as the student movement 'For the University' announced fresh protests for September.

21 Jul 15

Albania Court Chiefs Manipulate Judicial Draws, Report Says

A report by the High Council of Justice, HCJ, on Monday said most of the draws held in Albanian courts to allocate cases to various judges are in effect decided by the head of the court.  

20 Jul 15

Albania Students to Rally Against Education Bill

After months of protests against a controversial higher education reform, students plan a final rally in front of parliament on Tuesday before MPs vote on the new legislation.

16 Jul 15

Albania Busts Assassins Gang Run From Jail

Albanian police announced on Wednesday they had busted a gang of hitmen run by a prisoner serving a life sentence in jail.

16 Jul 15

No Quick Fix to Albania-Greece Maritime Dispute, Minister

Despite anticipation of a speedy deal between Athens and Tirana on their maritime borders in the Ionian, Albania’s Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, warned on Wednesday that negotiations could take some time.

15 Jul 15

Pro-ISIS Video Calls for Balkan Caliphate

New video published briefly by unknown authors on YouTube calls for the conquest of Serbia, the creation of an Islamic caliphate in the Western Balkans and the destruction of democracy.

14 Jul 15

Balkans Floods Germany With Asylum Requests

More than 78,000 of the 180,000 asylum requests lodged in Germany this year come from the Western Balkans, almost three times higher than the last year, data show.

14 Jul 15

Hacking Team Tried To Sell Products to Balkans

Leaked emails show Italian based company sought to find purchasers for its intrusive technology among spy agencies in the region.

10 Jul 15

Albania, Serbia Leaders Spar Over Football Ruling

Albania’s PM, Edi Rama, and his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, have exchanged jibes over the Court of Sports Arbitration ruling that awarded victory to Albania in its October 14 match against Serbia.

10 Jul 15

Sports Court Awards Albania Win Against Serbia

The Court of Sports Arbitration, CAS, in Lausanne on Friday awarded victory to Albania in its October 14 game against Serbia in Belgrade, which was abandoned amid violence on the field.


30 Jul 15

Communist Property Seizures Create Headache for Albania

Under pressure from the European Court of Human Rights, the government proposed a law to compensate owners of 26,000 properties confiscated under communism, but critics say it won’t pay them enough.


03 Aug 15

IMF Mulls Suspending Agreement with Albania

IMF representative Jens Reinke said Albanian state budget revenues are well below target and suggested further tax hikes, while the government promised a crackdown on tax evasion.

Culture and Lifestyle

19 May 15

Five Balkan Countries Competing in Eurovision

Performers from only five Balkan countries are competing in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna - whose semi-finals get underway this week.