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26 Aug 16

Iranian Opposition Ex-Fighters ‘Transferred to Albania’

Iranian media has reported that 155 members of an exiled Iranian opposition movement have been given sanctuary in Albania - part of a larger number that Tirana has agreed to accept.

25 Aug 16

Italian Earthquake Kills Albanian Man

An immigrant father of three died in the earthquake in Amatrice, while seven other members of Albania's large expatriate community in Italy were injured when homes collapsed.

25 Aug 16

Albanians Prepare To Honour Mother Teresa’s Sainthood

Commemorative events are being organised by the Catholic churches of Albania and Kosovo to celebrate Mother Teresa being declared a saint next week by the Pope.

24 Aug 16

Albania Gives Kosovo Opposition Leaders Citizenship

Six leading politicians from the Vetevendosje (Self-Determination) opposition party in Kosovo who were granted Albanian passports argued that all Albanians should be united in one state.

23 Aug 16

Promotions Boost Albanian Tourism as Visitors Increase

State-financed promotions, combined with those of private operators and apartment owners using online booking platforms, is believed to be a reason for the increasing number of foreign tourists in Albania. 

19 Aug 16

New Albanian Anti-Corruption Law Worries Media

Draft legislation to protect special prosecutors from outside influence during investigations has created fears of censorship, but officials have promised to address journalists’ concerns.

18 Aug 16

Montenegro Could Admit 'Greater Albania' Campaigner

Unlike Greece and Serbia, Montenegro could allow controversial historian Tahir Veliu to enter the country to promote his book about his project to create a 'Greater Albania'.

18 Aug 16

Albanian Police Arrest ‘Terror Attack’ Suspect

Police said the 29-year-old suspect from Mitrovica in Kosovo attacked three people in the coastal city of Vlora while trying to kidnap them and shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

16 Aug 16

Three Footballers to Quit Albania, Join Kosovo

FIFA’s decision to allow Kosovo to participate in the 2018 World Cup appears to have encouraged three Kosovo-born players from the Albanian national team to switch allegiance.

16 Aug 16

Albania’s Stadium Construction Draws Criticism

After a cultural monument was demolished to make room for the construction of the country’s biggest football stadium, Albanians have voiced their frustration over transparency of the project.

16 Aug 16

Albanian Nationalist Plans to Speak in Montenegro

Albanian nationalist Tahir Veliu announced plans to visit Montenegro later this week to promote his call for a pan-Albanian state across the Balkans after being barred from speaking in Greece and Serbia.

12 Aug 16

Albanians in Himara Say Urban Plan Threatens Homes

Locals in one the most scenic parts of southern Albania fear that they could lose their homes as a result of a new urban plan for the area. 

11 Aug 16

Soros ‘Advised Clinton on Handling Albania Unrest’

WikiLeaks email suggests Open Society founder’s advice to Hillary Clinton on how to handle the unrest in Tirana in 2011 was acted on.

05 Aug 16

EU 'Tracking' Balkan Arms Flow Revealed by BIRN

The EU’s diplomatic service said it was looking into the findings of a BIRN and OCCRP investigation that showed how Central and Eastern European weapons are flooding Syria's battlefields.

04 Aug 16

Blair Meets Rama on Private Visit to Albania

The former British Prime Minister is reported to have held a private meeting in southern Albania with Edi Rama, for whom he also acts as an adviser on reforms.


22 Aug 16

Western Failures Give New Life to Old Balkan Ghosts

The EU and US’s failure to better defend democracy and human rights in Turkey, where a government crackdown on opponents is continuing, sends a dangerous message to Balkan political elites.

04 Aug 16

Clinton-Trump Battle Reopens Old Balkan Wounds

03 Aug 16

Hopes Run High For Balkan Nations in Rio


01 Aug 16

Online Tax Hike Leaves Albanians Short-changed

Government decision to limit non-taxable online purchases to purchases below 22 euros has angered the growing number of Albanians who shop on the net.

26 Jul 16

New Power Line to Link Albania to Macedonia

Culture and Lifestyle

18 Aug 16

Albania’s Alps Offer Tourists Isolated Splendour

Small villages in Albania’s isolated mountains are attracting tourists to family-run accommodation with the promise of spectacular views and a fascinating history – but modernisation could bring change.

15 Aug 16

Insiders’ Guide: Hidden Gems of the Balkans

10 Aug 16

Kosovo’s Dua Lipa Set to Sing in Albania

05 Aug 16

Balkan Athletes Ready to Wave Flags in Rio

02 Aug 16

Albania Opera Chief Quits Over Tiny Budget