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Latest News from Albania

31 Aug 15

Two Killed in Albania Mine Collapse

Two men who were working illegally in an abandoned chromium mine in northern Albania died after a gallery collapsed, again highlighting the poor regulation of mining in the country.

28 Aug 15

Vienna Summit Binds Balkan States to Broad Reforms

Summit declaration obliges Balkan countries not to misuse the EU accession process against each other, calls for civil society to play a greater role - and welcomes EU pledge to help resolving outstanding bilateral disputes.

27 Aug 15

Civil Activists Seek Expanded Role in Balkans' Future

Civil sector groups from six Western Balkans countres urged their political leaders to secure freedom of expression and media independence, also calling for more of a role in their countries' EU integration processes.

27 Aug 15

Balkan Summit Urged to Tackle Bilateral Disputes

Western Balkan countries must step up their efforts to resolve bilateral disputes with EU help, civil society groups on Thursday told the Western Balkans Summit in Vienna.

26 Aug 15

EU Stumps up Aid for Refugees in Balkans

Ahead of the Western Balkan summit in Vienna, which will be overshadowed by the refugee crisis, the European Commision has offered another 1.5 million euro in humanitarian aid.

26 Aug 15

Albanian Church Demolition Angers Greece

Athens has compared the demolition of the contested church of St Athanas in a village in southern Albania to the actions of Islamist jihadists in the Middle East.

26 Aug 15

Refugee Crisis to Overshadow Balkan Summit

The refugee crisis is expected to dominate the Vienna summit of Western Balkan leaders on Thursday that will be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country expects to take in a record 800,000 migrants this year.

24 Aug 15

Albania, Greece Row Over Village Church

Athens criticised Tirana after a police attempt to remove an alleged illegal construction at a village church rekindled rivalry between the Catholic and Greek-backed Orthodox churches in Albania.

20 Aug 15

Asylum Claims from Balkans Surge in Germany

Campaigns against asylum requests and increased repatriations have not stopped people from filing new applications, German Ministry of Interior data show.

19 Aug 15

Albania Police Uproot Cannabis Plantations in North

About 450 Albanian police have engaged uprooting marijuana plots scattered in remote northern mountainous areas, trying to prevent planters from harvesting the crop.

13 Aug 15

Albania Opposition Chief Probed Over Permits

Prosecutors have launched an inquiry into whether the Democratic Party chief Lulzim Basha broke the law while he was mayor of Tirana by issuing building permits.

11 Aug 15

Vucic And Rama to Go Head to Head in TV Duel

The Serbian and Albanian Prime Ministers will confront each other in a one-hour long TV debate on August 31, which audiences across the Balkans will be able to follow.

07 Aug 15

Albanian Justice System ‘Needs Surgery’

The chairman of the Albanian parliamentary commission on justice sector reform said that the constitution should be changed so the country’s top judicial bodies can be overhauled.

30 Jul 15

Germany to Curb Mass Migration from Albania

Berlin and Tirana organised the repatriation of about 70 asylum-seekers and German police have been stationed at Albanian border posts in a bid to stop the flow of migrants.

29 Jul 15

Albania Charges Former Central Bank Governor

A year after a major bank theft was discovered, former governor Ardian Fullani was charged with abuse of office by prosecutors who allege that he bears some responsibility for the crime.


01 Sep 15

Albania PM Declares 'War' on Fiscal Evasion

Under pressure from the IMF over falling fiscal revenues, Prime Minister Rama has pledged to engage 600 teams to fight the widespread evasion of the use of receipts for goods - although many see the threat as empty.

Culture and Lifestyle

19 May 15

Five Balkan Countries Competing in Eurovision

Performers from only five Balkan countries are competing in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna - whose semi-finals get underway this week.