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24 Jan 17

Albanian Parties Hunt For MPs On Internet

The main opposition Democratic Party and the new Libra party are both inviting people to submit the names of people they want to see in parliament on the internet ahead of the June 18 elections. 

18 Jan 17

New Movements Emerge Ahead of Albanian Elections

Five months before general elections in Albania, several new political movements and parties have been founded, vowing to challenge the country’s political establishment.

17 Jan 17

Albanian Opposition List Electronic Voting as Priority

Twenty-two opposition parties have signed a memorandum listing the use of an electronic voter verification system as a key condition of taking part in the June general election.

13 Jan 17

Far Fewer Albanians Seek Asylum in Germany

The number of Albanians seeking asylum in Germany fell sharply in 2016 compared to the previous year, apparently deterred by the low success rate and tough repatriation policies.

12 Jan 17

Albania Party Splashes Cash to Get Trump Invite

The Socialist Movement for Integration, LSI, has hired the services of US lobbysists McKeon Group to secure an invitations to attend Donald Trump's inauguration and meet high-level US politicians afterwards.

11 Jan 17

Albanians Abroad Unite for Kosovo Ex-PM Haradinaj

Albanians worldwide have become involved in a protest campaign over the detention in France of former Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj - causing an angry reaction from Serbia, which requested his arrest.

09 Jan 17

Blizzards and Flu Epidemics Grip Balkans

Heavy snow has left many villages and roads snowed in across the Balkans, while schools are on a prolonged winter break as the authorities try to contain outbreaks of flu.

08 Jan 17

Albanian Parties Set Terms For Macedonia's Next Govt

Albanian parties in Macedonia on Saturday agreed their key conditions for participation in a future coalition government - in a move hailed by neighbouring Albania as 'historic'.

04 Jan 17

Albanian Prisoners’ Merry Xmas Causes Row in UK

Pictures of Albanians having a good time in an English prison have not amused everyone in the country.

30 Dec 16

Macedonian Albanian Leaders Plot Joint Strategy in Tirana

Heads of three of the four parties representing Macedonia's large ethnic Albanian community met in Tirana and expressed the need to seize the moment in Macedonia and agree on demands.

29 Dec 16

Albania Sacks MPs and Mayor for Hiding Convictions

In a landmark decision, Albania's Central Election Commission has voted to dismiss two MPs and one mayor for hiding their past crime convictions - thereby breaking a law that bans officials with criminal records from holding office.

29 Dec 16

Tirana to Adopt Ambitious ‘Green Metropolis’ Plan

Tirana’s municipal council is set to adopt an urban development plan to turn the capital into an environmentally-conscious metropolis by 2030, despite opposition fears that it does not address basic services.

28 Dec 16

Albania Officials Face Axe Over Hidden Crime Pasts

Hundreds of Albanian officials await decisions on whether they will be fired as a result of criminal background checks undertaken in relation to a new law, BIRN has learned.

26 Dec 16

Albanian Judges Likely to Quit to Avoid Vetting

Experts say many Albanian judicial officials are likely to resign before the so-called vetting law comes into operation, in order to save their reputations - and their assets.

22 Dec 16

Albanian Court Dismisses Objections to Vetting Judges

Court declares in favour of controversial law that remained stalled for months and is considered crucial both for judicial reform and for setting a date for accession talks with EU. 


20 Jan 17

Birth of Trump Era Divides Balkan Countries

Right-wing Serbs are euphoric while Romanians and Bosniaks are worried. All over the Balkans, governments and people are watching to see what a new era in US diplomacy brings.

20 Jan 17

Balkan States Eye Their Prospects in Trump Era

06 Jan 17

Albania: Funniest Moments of 2016


17 Jan 17

Young Albanians Strike Gold in the Emirates

The Gulf states have turned into a dream destination for many young Albanians whose career paths were blocked back home.

06 Dec 16

Italian Law Threatens Call Centres in Albania

17 Oct 16

Albania-Serbia Trade Grows From Modest Base

29 Sep 16

World Bank Upbeat About Western Balkans

Culture and Lifestyle

10 Jan 17

Twitter Bans 'Most Successful Albanian on Earth' Shkreli

Martin Shkreli, who once described himself as 'the most successful Albanian on earth' - and gained infamy for hiking the price of an AIDS drug - is back in hot water after being barred from Twitter for trolling a journalist.

28 Dec 16

Ringing in 2017, Balkan-style

27 Dec 16

Crafty Ideas for Holidays Around the Region