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28 Feb 15

Albania MP Backs Farmers Selling Pot Abroad

Koço Kokedhima, an MP for the ruling Socialist Party, says Albanians could earn 'billions' if farmers were allowed to sell the country's 'high quality' marijuana abroad.

26 Feb 15

Mario Blejer to Advise Albania's Central Bank

The renowned Argentinean economist is to become an adviser to the new governor of Albania’s Central Bank, Gent Sejko, the Prime Minister has announced.

26 Feb 15

Balkans Told to Curb Flow of Asylum Seekers

After the European Commission revealed that the number of false asylum seekers from the Balkans rose by 40 per cent last year, Brussels has called for more decisive action to curb the numbers heading westwards.

25 Feb 15

Albanian Women MPs Push For Gender Quotas

A cross-party alliance of women MPs is proposing changes to the election code to make sure that at least 20 per cent of mayoral candidates are women in future.

24 Feb 15

Albania MP Apologizes For Assaulting Colleague

One of the two Albanian MPs charged with attacking a colleague during an assembly session last July has apologized for the incident at his trial.

20 Feb 15

Albania Jails Ten Over Central Bank Theft

Albania has jailed ten former Central Bank employees for between one month and two years for dereliction of duty over the theft of €5.1 million euro from a security deposit.

20 Feb 15

Albania High Court Battling Backlog of Cases

The head of the Albania’s Supreme Court, Xhezair Zaganjori, on Wednesday said that in spite of their efforts, high court judges are still dealing with a backlog of thousands of cases.

16 Feb 15

42,000 Suffer Cost of Albania Floods

The floods that ravaged part of southern Albania in early February have affected the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people.

12 Feb 15

Albania's Faiths Unite to Save Threatened Church

Religious groups in Elbasan have sent a joint open letter to the PM to protest against a court decision that could lead to the demolition of a church built on land claimed by a family.

12 Feb 15

Macedonia's Press Freedom Ranked Worst in Balkans

The latest report on media freedom worldwide by Reporters Without Borders has ranked Macedonia the worst performer in the Balkans - and Romania the best.

11 Feb 15

EU Offers Funds For Montenegro-Albania Crossing

The EU has granted Albania and Montenegro a million euros to construct a new jointly run border crossing.

10 Feb 15

Albania PM Voices Outrage Over Tirana Basts

Albanian authorities are investigating two explosions that rocked Tirana early on Tuesday, which Prime Minister Edi Rama called a terrorist attack.

09 Feb 15

Albania Energy Companies Accused of Illegal Tenders

The opposition has accused the government and state energy companies of holding illegal tenders for energy procurements which cost taxpayers millions of euro.

06 Feb 15

Albanians Want Secret Police Files Opened, Poll Finds

A poll conducted by the Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation found that most Albanians support a law that would open up the files of the Communist-era security services.

05 Feb 15

Albania Parties Row Over Flood Response

The government and opposition exchanged jibes over the scale and speed of the response to the flash floods that have devastated parts of southern Albania.


06 Feb 15

Albania University Reform Divides Academics and Students

Albania plans major reforms to the way public and private universities are run - but critics say the result will be higher fees and less financial independence for universities.


23 Feb 15

IMF Releases 53 million Euro Loan to Albania

The Ministry of Finance says that the IMF has approved the release of the loan after several months of difficult negotiations and increases in tax and electricity prices.

Culture and Lifestyle

21 Nov 14

Vienna’s Albanians Get in on the Mozart Act

Impersonating Wolfgang Amadeus is big business in Vienna - but these days many of the men in wigs are not Austrian but Albanian.