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29 Jun 15

Albania Arrests Eight Over Policeman's Murder

Police have arrested eight people accused of being part of gang who killed a special forces officer in a shootout last week in the village of Lazarat, known as the country’s ‘marijuana capital’.

29 Jun 15

Albania Delays Education Vote Until Student Holiday

Rattled by months of student protests, Albania’s parliament is expected vote on a controversial higher education reform next Thursday - when universities are closed for the summer.

26 Jun 15

Albania Police Comb Lazarat, Hunting Cop killer

Hundreds of police, including SWAT and special forces units, on Friday continued a hunt in the lawless village of Lazarat for the suspects who killed a police officer on Wednesday.

26 Jun 15

Albania Ruling Parties Romp Home in Local Election

With more than 92 per cent of the votes counted, the left-wing coalition has won about two-thirds of the vote while the right-wing Democratic Party suffered it biggest defeat ever.

24 Jun 15

Policeman Killed in Lawless Albanian Village

A special forces officer was killed and two others were wounded on Wednesday in a firefight with an armed group in the lawless village of Lazarat, formerly known as Albanian marijuana capital.

23 Jun 15

Albania Ruling Coalition Scores Muted Local Polls Win

With most of the votes counted, Albania's ruling left-wing coalition has won or is leading in most municipalities but could not repeat its landslide victory in the 2013 general elections

23 Jun 15

Low Turnout Marks Albania Local Elections

Preliminary data of the State Election Commission shows 45 per cent of the electorate cast their ballot in the local elections in Albania on Sunday.

21 Jun 15

Ruling Coalition Faces Test in Albanian Polls

Polling stations open in local elections that are seen as a verdict on the ruling centre-left coalition's achievements after 18 months in office.

19 Jun 15

MEP Urges Albania Parties to Cut Crime Links

Ahead of Sunday's local elections in Albania, Slovak MEP Eduard Kukan has reminded the political parties of their promise to prevent individuals with criminal backgrounds from holding or running for public office.

18 Jun 15

Albania Seizes Assets of Accused Money Launderer

The Albanian prosecutors’ office has asked a court to sequester nearly one million euro held in the bank accounts of arrested businessman Kastriot Ismailaj - suspected of fraud and money laundering.

17 Jun 15

Albania Mayor Threatens Journalists on Video

A video showing the mayor of Elbasan, Qazim Sejdini, warning journalists that they will be fired if they pose any tricky questions in interviews, has shed fresh light on the plight of independent minded journalists in Albania.

16 Jun 15

Fraud Accusations Tarnish Albanian Local Polls

Albania’s prosecutor’s office has asked the Central Electoral Commission, CEC, to remove 2,800 people from the electoral roll in Durres, on the grounds that they were added fraudulently.

10 Jun 15

Albania High Court Dismisses MP's Assault Case

Albania's High Court has dismissed charges against ruling party two MPs accused of beating up a colleague, saying it is parliament's job to discipline MP's bad behaviour.

09 Jun 15

Albanian Justice System Slammed as Totally Corrupt

An expert panel summoned by parliament's Commission on Justice Sector Reform has said that corruption is endemic at all levels of the justice system, from police to judges.

09 Jun 15

Albania Seizes TV station in Money Laundering Case

Five companies, including a TV station and a hydropower plant owned by Francesco Becchetti, a controversial Italian businessman, were confiscated on the orders of a Tirana Court on Monday.


25 Jun 15

Balkan Economies Brace for Impact of Grexit

Balkan countries are weighing up the likely impact on trade, banks, currencies and investment if Greece is forced out of the eurozone.

Culture and Lifestyle

19 May 15

Five Balkan Countries Competing in Eurovision

Performers from only five Balkan countries are competing in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna - whose semi-finals get underway this week.