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25 May 15

Albania Parties Trade Allegations as Poll Campaign Starts

Allegations of vote-buying and police harassment marred the beginning of the campaign for the local elections in Albania on June 21.

21 May 15

Germany Backs Probe Into Macedonia Bloodshed

The German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said he supports Albania's call for an international inquiry into the fatal clashes in the Macedonian town of Kumanovo.

20 May 15

Albanian Court Jails Central Bank Thieves

A court in Tirana has jailed two former employees of the central bank for a total of 30 years for stealing 713 million leks, woth €5.1 million, over a period of four years.

19 May 15

Albania Ignores Erdogan's Tirade Against Gulen

Officials in Tirana show no signs of wanting to act on the request of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to close down the activities of the movement following Fethullah Gulen.

18 May 15

Albania Students Renew Protest Against University Reform

Dozens of students held a fifth rally in Tirana in opposition to the proposed law on higher education, which they say will make university unaffordable for the poor.  

14 May 15

Erdogan Takes War on Gulen Movement to Albania

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Albanian authorities to deport followers of the controversial preacher Fethullah Gulen, calling his movement a terrorist organization.

13 May 15

Erdogan Calls for Dialogue to Calm Macedonia

in the light of the recent violence seen in Macedonia, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking in Tirana, said diaiolgue was needed to restore peace in the region.

13 May 15

Serbian Leader Plans Historic Visit to Albania

Aleksandar Vucic, the Serbian Prime Minister, plans to visit Tirana on May 27, which would be the first time that a Serbian leader has visited Albania.

11 May 15

Macedonia Violence Worries Balkan Neighbours

Politicians and security chiefs in Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania have voiced concerns about the weekend clashes in Macedonia and their potentially destabilising effect on the region.

08 May 15

EU and US Threaten to Expose Criminals Standing in Albanian Polls

EU ambassador Romana Vlahutin says Albania's political parties need to withdraw suspected criminals from standing in the June local elections by 13 May.

07 May 15

Albania Parties Cross Swords Over Flying Chair

Political parties have united in condemnation of an incident at an opposition Democratic Party campaign event in the southern town of Kolonja, when a man was injured.

06 May 15

Albania Limits Opening up of Communist-era Files

Albania's parliament has set up a commission to handle requests from citizens who want to discover what the so-called Sigurimi knew about them - but the information will be redacted to protect 'national security'.

05 May 15

Albanian Media Threaten to Boycott Campaign Tapes

In the run-up to the local elections in Albania, several TV stations have announced that they will not air tapes of campaign events pre-recorded by the parties, seeing them as adverts.

29 Apr 15

Press Freedom Declining in Balkans, Report Says

The situation for the press has worsened in the Balkans over the last few years with Macedonia, Serbia and Greece seeing the sharpest drops, the US watchdog's new report says.

28 Apr 15

Crime Ties of Albanian Candidates Worries US

The US Ambassador in Tirana, Donald Lu, on Monday said his embassy was concerned about the criminal backgrounds of a number of people standing in the June local elections.


15 May 15

Smugglers Evade Higher Taxes in Albania

Albania is trying to curb smuggling in cigarettes and fuel after higher taxes appear to have caused an alarming increase in smuggling rather than higher government revenue.

Culture and Lifestyle

19 May 15

Five Balkan Countries Competing in Eurovision

Performers from only five Balkan countries are competing in this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna - whose semi-finals get underway this week.