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27 Mar 15

Detained Albanian MPs Challenge Arraignment

Lawyers for two Albanian MPs, detained on charges of giving false testimonies, have condemned their arraignment on the General Prosecutor’s order as illegal.

26 Mar 15

Albania Parliament Backs Arrest of Two MPs

Parliament voted on Thursday to approve a request from the general prosecutor’s office for the arrest of two MPs accused of making false testimonies and intimidating witnesses.

26 Mar 15

Italy and Albania Arrest Three ISIS Recruiters

Three suspects have been arrested in Italy and Albania, believed to be part of a terrorist cell that has recruited fighters for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS.

25 Mar 15

Serbia Takes Part in Balkan Summit in Kosovo

A regional conference of ministers from six Balkan states opened in Pristina on Wednesday - with Serbia taking part in a summit in Pristina for the first time.

24 Mar 15

Albania PM's 'One Nation' Talk Alarms Serbia

A joint session of the Albanian and Kosovo governments in Tirana has upset Belgrade, which has urged the EU to react to the ‘nationalistic’ remarks of the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama.

24 Mar 15

Croatia Leads NATO Balkan Team in Afghanistan

Croatia will be the leading nation in a joint regional military team in the new NATO mission in Afghanistan, which will contain more than 200 troops altogether.

24 Mar 15

Albania PM Pans EU’s 'Unjust' Visa Policy on Kosovo

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has criticized the European Union for failing to liberalize its visa regime with Kosovo, saying the current policy offends Europe's dignity as well as Kosovo's.

23 Mar 15

Accused Albania MPs Retain Immunity from Arrest

Parliament failed to lift the immunity of MPs Tom Doshi and Mark Frroku, who are suspected of giving false testimony when they made allegations about a murder plot.

20 Mar 15

Two Albanian MPs Face Arrest Over Murder Claims

The Prosecution Office on Friday sought parliament's permission to arrest two MPs, Mark Frroku and Tom Doshi, who are suspected of giving false testimonies.

18 Mar 15

Electricity Deal Saves Albania Millions

A deal agreed between the country's state-owned power utility, OSHEE, to obtain power directly from the energy producer, KESH, should save Albania millions.

17 Mar 15

Albanian MP 'Hid Drug Dealer From Police'

An Albanian TV station on Monday aired police records suggesting that Mark Frroku, head of a small party in the ruling coalition, hid a suspected drug dealer in his car from the police, using his MP's immunity to hold off a search.

12 Mar 15

Opposition Albanians Call on Speaker to Quit

At rally held by the opposition Democratic Party, thousands demanded the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament, Ilir Meta, who is fending off claims that he plotted to kill two MPs.

11 Mar 15

Albania Opposition Rally to Seek Speaker's Resignation

The opposition has announced a rally in Tirana on Thursday to demand the resignation of the speaker, Ilir Meta, who is embroiled in accusations of plotting to have two MPs killed.

11 Mar 15

Changes to Albanian School Boards Alarm Experts

Government plans to scrap the system of appointing teachers through school boards are being criticised as a step backwards - toward political control of the education system.

09 Mar 15

MEPs Urge ‘Cleaner Energy’ Reforms in Balkans

Six MEPs urged the south-east European Energy Community to expand its role in reforms of the sector in south-east Europe to ensure better environmental and social protection.


20 Mar 15

Switzerland Helps Albania Build Gas Market

Switzerland has granted Albania 6.6 million euro to build up its infrastructure so that it can 'reap the benefits' of the new Trans Adriatic Pipeline running from Turkey to Italy.

Culture and Lifestyle

21 Nov 14

Vienna’s Albanians Get in on the Mozart Act

Impersonating Wolfgang Amadeus is big business in Vienna - but these days many of the men in wigs are not Austrian but Albanian.