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24 Jun 16

Balkans Shaken as UK Chooses EU Exit

Initial reactions from the Balkan region to the negative vote on the EU in Britain are gloomy - but concerns about the effects of a 'Brexit' on Southeastern Europe's economies are less dramatic. 

24 Jun 16

Fears Grow For Hijacked Albanian Fishermen

Concern is growing about the fate of two Albanian fishermen, who appear to have been taken hostage by Egyptians demanding a ransom.

24 Jun 16

Albania Plans Memorial to Communism Victims

Albanian authorities have promised to erect the first memorial to the victims of communism in Tirana, although a deadline for the project remains absent.

23 Jun 16

Albania to Host NATO Centre on Foreign Fighters

Authorities say the first NATO centre of its kind, studying the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters, will be activated within this year. 

21 Jun 16

Albanian Chams to Compile Register of Lost Lands

Albania's Cham community - exiled from Greece after World War II - aims to take an important step towards demanding its properties rights in Greece, by registering and collecting relevant documents.

20 Jun 16

Balkan EU Prospects Must Remain Alive, Panel Says

There is no alternative to EU accession for the Balkan countries despite the many ongoing setbacks, participants at a BIRN panel organised in Skopje, Macedonia, said.

17 Jun 16

Albania Ex-Landowners Scorn Compensation Terms

Former landowners' organizations have again denounced the terms offered under the new compensation law - which the government has now started to enforce.

14 Jun 16

German FM Presses Albania Over Judicial Reform

Foreign Minister Steinmeier in Tirana says adopting judicial reform is essential if Albania is to make faster progress on its path to EU membership. 

08 Jun 16

Albanian PM Slams Police Chief’s Suspension

Albania’s prime minister and interior minister strongly criticised the prosecutors and judge who approved the suspension of the country’s police chief over illegal wiretapping allegations.

08 Jun 16

Violence Against Albanian Children Widespread, Report Claims

Around 70 per cent of children living on the outskirts of Albania’s towns and in rural areas have suffered violent abuse, suggests a new report by international charity World Vision.

07 Jun 16

Albania’s Political Leaders Fail to Agree on Judicial Reform

Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha continue to clash over judicial reforms, while the country risks international isolation over the rift.

03 Jun 16

US Queries Balkan States' Capacity to Fight Terrorism

US State Department report says Balkan states showed mixed results in countering terrorism in 2015, most of the problems being down to a lack of resources and overlapping jurisdictions.

03 Jun 16

New Abuse Scandal Rocks Shkodra, Albania

Hot on the heels of claims that minors were abused in a local orphanage, prosecutors allege that staff of a care centre subjected mentally disabled inmates to serious violence.

02 Jun 16

Serbia, Albania PMs Jointly Hail Actor's Legacy

Marking the 80th anniversary of the birth of the late actor Bekim Fehmiu, the Albanian and Serbian Prime Ministers have called for continued Serbo-Albanian reconciliation.

02 Jun 16

Albania Starts Combing Officials' Crime Reports

Albania is starting to verify around 30,000 questionnaires sent out to officials, concerning their possible criminal pasts. 


29 Jun 16

Lazarat Raid Fails to Deter Albania’s Cannabis Growers

Two years after the high-profile Albanian police raid on the southern outlaw village of Lazarat, the crackdown on cannabis cultivation remains an unfinished business.

22 Jun 16

Balkan Countries Brace for British Vote on EU

14 Jun 16

Young Albanians Turn Online Skills to Gold


18 Jun 16

Albania Traders Cash in on Euro Football Madness

Vast crowds of spectators in Tirana watching matches are not only generating healthy profits for bars and the liquor trade; other businesses also spy a golden opportunity.

03 May 16

Chinese Investments Raise Eyebrows in Albania

01 Apr 16

Albanians Get to Fly from Second Airport

21 Mar 16

Chinese Buy Rights to Oil Fields in Albania

Culture and Lifestyle

16 Jun 16

Lights Return at Last to Remote Albanian Villages

Although Albania was electrified in the mid-1970s, three villages in the Burrel area lost their power years ago - and have only just got it back.

02 May 16

Albania Shifts Hopes From Hunting to Tourism