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27 May 16

Clock Ticks For Albania to Pass EU Reforms

June is the last month when Albania's squabbling parties can pass judicial reforms needed to open the way for EU accession talks - and fears are growing that the deadline will be missed.

23 May 16

Albania Petition Seeks Tougher Child Abuse Laws

An online petition has been launched in Albania demanding changes to the criminal code to toughen punishments for those found guilty of abusing orphaned children.

23 May 16

Albanian Officials Reveal Past Crime Convictions

One minister, 10 MPs and five mayors have revealed that investigations were conducted against them in the first phase of implementation of a law that bans those with a criminal past from public office.

20 May 16

European Greens Join Albania River Dam Protest

European environmental activists joined local protesters on Friday in front of the Prime Minister office, denouncing plans to build hydropower plants on some of the country's last unspoiled rivers.


20 May 16

Albanians Trade Blame Over Orphanage Abuse Scandal

Revelations about the physical and sexual abuse of minors in a northern orphanage have provoked outrage in Albania - and a war of words over who is to blame.

19 May 16

Albania Security Chiefs Testify About Mystery Device

Chiefs of the four highest security institutions in the country testified to MPs on Wednesday about the mysterious police training device that some say is being used for illicit wiretapping. 

18 May 16

Mystery ‘Electronic Device’ Sparks Albania Wiretap Claims

The Albanian president and the country’s opposition alleged that electronic equipment installed at police headquarters is being used for wiretapping, but the force strongly denied the claim.

17 May 16

Albanian Mayor Arrested Amid Sex Scandal

Shukri Xhelili, the mayor of Dibra in north-east Albania, was arrested after being caught on camera offering a municipality employee promotion and a higher salary in return for sex.

13 May 16

Adriatic-Ionian Regional Strategy Launched in Dubrovnik

EU members Greece, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia and non-EU states Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia have agreed to work together on a joint development strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region. 

12 May 16

Albanian Football Club President 'Assaulted' Journalist

Police say football club chief Alban Vogli beat up journalist Eduard Ilnica because he had reported on the latter's violent behaviour during a match.

10 May 16

Balkan Offshore Businesses Named in Panama Database

Scores of people from the Balkans including tycoons, an ex-ambassador, politicians, a banker and some convicted fraudsters appear in a newly-released database of users of offshore tax havens.

10 May 16

Albanian Court Cuts Short Socialist MP's Mandate

Albania's Constitutional Court has ruled that the mandate of Socialist Party MP Koco Kokedhima is unconstitutional because a company of his won a public procurement contract after he was elected.

09 May 16

Albania Mayor 'Forgets' Crime Charges in Germany

Elvis, or Ervin, Rroshi, mayor of Kavaja, has said in a statement issued under Albania's lustration law that while he faced charges in Germany some years ago, he does not remember why.

05 May 16

US, EU Warn Albania Against Judicial Reform Delay

In strongly-worded remarks, the US and EU ambassadors to Tirana said constitutional changes to reform Albania's flawed justice system must be adopted quickly and a failure to act would have consequences.

04 May 16

Albania Jails Nine Jihadi Recruiters

Nine Albanians were convicted of inciting terrorism and recruiting people to fight in Syria and sentenced to a total of 126 years in prison.


23 May 16

Deported Albanians Lament Failed Bids to Reach UK

On the flight back from Holland, some of the Albanians deported back to Tirana last week spoke to BIRN about what drove them to try to reach the UK in the backs of lorries.

14 May 16

Albanian Gay Activists Pedal for Equality

04 May 16

De Biasi Makes Albania’s Dreams Come True

06 Apr 16

Rise in Albanian Asylum Seekers Worries Dutch


10 May 16

Albanian Court Cuts Short Socialist MP's Mandate

Albania's Constitutional Court has ruled that the mandate of Socialist Party MP Koco Kokedhima is unconstitutional because a company of his won a public procurement contract after he was elected.

03 May 16

Chinese Investments Raise Eyebrows in Albania

01 Apr 16

Albanians Get to Fly from Second Airport

21 Mar 16

Chinese Buy Rights to Oil Fields in Albania

04 Mar 16

Albania Lures Investors With Free Land Leases

Culture and Lifestyle

26 May 16

Varoufakis Composes Song for Albania's Biennale

The former Greek finance minister has written the lyrics for one of the songs about migration that will form Albania's unusual contribution to the Venice Biennale.

02 May 16

Albania Shifts Hopes From Hunting to Tourism

22 Mar 16

Old Jam Makers Taste Sweet Success in Albania