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Latest Politics and Society News from Albania

23 Feb 17

Albania Opposition Ignores EU Call to End Protests

The opposition Democratic Party is continuing its street protests despite appeals from top EU officials to end its boycott of parliament and work with the government on completion of key judicial reforms. 

22 Feb 17

Amnesty Report Raps Balkans Countries for Rights Abuses

Amnesty International's new global report takes Balkan countries to task mainly for disrespecting the rights of minorities, migrants and journalists.

20 Feb 17

Albanian Opposition Erect Tent to Press Election Demands

Ahead of elections due in June, opposition supporters have started an ongoing protest in a tent in front of the Prime Minister's office, boycotting parliament and pressing their demand for the formation of a technical government to supervise the elections.

20 Feb 17

Albania Moves War on Cannabis to Borders

As the drug smuggling season begins, Albanian police are stepping up their observation of sea and land borders, over which criminals continuously try to transport tons of cannabis to Italy and Greece.

18 Feb 17

Albanian Opposition Calls Citizens to Anti-Government Rallies

Albania’s main opposition party is rallying citizens to street demonstrations on Saturday afternoon, four months ahead of the general elections, to protest the present administration’s alleged failures.

16 Feb 17

Croatia, Albania Complain of Serbia's Nationalism to NATO

The defence ministers of Croatia and Albania have written to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to complain about the “nationalistic rhetoric” of Serbian politicians towards Kosovo.

15 Feb 17

UK Officials Embarrassed by Albanian Convict’s Return

Media revelations that a convicted murdered has returned to the UK to restart his car wash business there have caused red faces in government.

13 Feb 17

Third Place Disappoints Albanian Singer Ermal Meta's Fans

Meta won three prizes at the Italian music festival Sanremo including third place in the overall contest, but it wasn't enough for some fans.

13 Feb 17

International Mission Monitors Vetting Of Albanian Judges

A mission made up of EU and US legal experts will oversee the setting up of bodies that will vet around 800 Albanian justice officials to ensure they are competent and uncorrupt.

10 Feb 17

Albanian Minister Blames Robbery on Lax Security

Thieves armed with heavy weapons attacked a private armoured car on Thursday and reportedly got away with 2 million euros - only the latest in a series of spectacular bank robberies in Albania.

10 Feb 17

Soros Foundation Blames Attacks on 'Illiberal Governments'

As campaigns targeting NGOs linked to US philanthropist George Soros continue in the Balkans, Laura Silber - of Open Society Foundations - said illiberal governments were trying to divert the public from the real issues.

09 Feb 17

Sofia's MEPs Push for Bulgarian Rights in Albania

Bulgarian MEPs want Europe to pressurise Albania to recognise the existence of a Bulgarian community - although whether this community does actually exist remains controversial.

07 Feb 17

Romanian Protests Inspire Activists Across Balkans

The echo of the huge anti-graft protests in Romania is being heard all over the Balkans, where opposition politicians and civic activists hope to capture a similar spirit of defiance.

03 Feb 17

Rama Upholds Kosovo's Sovereignty on Pristina Visit

On a visit to Pristina at a troubled time for the EU-led Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said his country stood 'side by side' with Kosovo in its efforts to defend its sovereignty.

02 Feb 17

US Embassy, Albanian Prosecutor Row Over Judicial Reform

After the US ambassador accused Albania's prosecutor general of undermining judicial reforms, the prosecutor has written to the president, claiming the diplomat threatened him. 


24 Feb 17

Albanian Anti-Communists’ Families Remember ‘Martyrs’ Deaths’

When Albania honoured the families of exiled dissidents trained by the CIA to overthrow the Communist regime, it brought back memories of a desperate struggle that ended in betrayal and death. 

08 Feb 17

Russia Never Went Away from the Balkans

02 Feb 17

Balkan Jihadi Warriors Remain Safe on the Net

20 Jan 17

Birth of Trump Era Divides Balkan Countries


15 Feb 17

Albanian PM Accused of Breaking Jobs Promise

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s government has failed to keep the promise made during his 2013 election campaign to develop a business climate that would create 300,000 jobs, economists said.

17 Jan 17

Young Albanians Strike Gold in the Emirates

06 Dec 16

Italian Law Threatens Call Centres in Albania

17 Oct 16

Albania-Serbia Trade Grows From Modest Base

Culture and Lifestyle

10 Feb 17

Albanians Fear Durres Landmark Will Damage Ancient Remains

A 6-million-euro concrete project in the ancient city of Durres is now in question after nearby digs revealed important archeological remains.

28 Dec 16

Ringing in 2017, Balkan-style