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Latest News from Albania

19 Dec 14

Albanian Police Arrest Asylum Tricksters

Police have arrested five people in Vlora, accused of conning hundreds of Albanians with false promises of economic asylum in Germany.

19 Dec 14

Albania Arrests Thieving Santa Clauses

Police on Wednesday said they arrested two members of a gang who robbed a Tirana mall last year disguised in Father Christmas costumes.

17 Dec 14

Albania Deputy Minister Axed for Not Paying Utility Bill

Prime Minister Edi Rama on Wednesday said he had fired the deputy environment minister, Diana Bejko, for not paying the electricity bill on her summer home.

16 Dec 14

Illicit Outflows Rob Balkan Economies of $100bn

A study by Global Financial Integrity, GIF, says illicit money outflows robbed Balkan countries of the equivalent of more than 100 billion dollars during the last decade.

16 Dec 14

Albania Weightlifters Face Olympic Ban Threat

Albania's weightlifting federation faces possible fine or suspension after the three Albanian athletes tested positive for doping at the world championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

10 Dec 14

Albania Used to Cover Mistaken CIA Rendition

The declassified repost of the US’s Senate Intelligence Committee on CIA’s secret detention program reveals that the CIA drew on Albania's services to cover its tracks in the rendition case of a German citizen, Khalid al-Masri.

08 Dec 14

Albania President Nominates Central Bank Governor

The Albanian president nominated the head of Societe General in Albania, Gent Sejko, as the new Central Bank governor after its previous chief was sacked over a five million euro robbery.

03 Dec 14

Kosovo, Albania ‘Most Corrupt Countries in Region’

According to the 2014 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, Kosovo and Albania continue to be the most corrupt countries in South-East Europe.

02 Dec 14

Italian Stars Flock to Albania-Based TV Station

A number of high-profile Italian television personalities have signed up with Agon Channel Italian, a newly-launched station that broadcasts from Albania.

25 Nov 14

Opening of Cold War Bunker Divides Albanians

The opening to the public of a large Cold War-era bunker, built in the 1970s to survive nuclear attacks, caused some Albanians to complain that the Communist past was being rehabilitated.

24 Nov 14

Albania Opposition Rallies Against Austerity

Tens of thousands of supporters of the opposition Democratic Party rallied in Tirana against tax and electricity price hikes by the centre-left government of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

19 Nov 14

Three Swept Away in Floods in Albania

Three people have died in the region of Kurbin following floods and storms that lashed the western part of Albania on Tuesday.

19 Nov 14

Android Game Makes Light of Serbia-Albania Match

The developer of an android game, inspired by the suspended Serbia-Albania Euro 2016 football match, tells BIRN he never intended to offend anyone.

14 Nov 14

Albania Greens Rally Against Power Plant

Albanian activists protested on Thursday in Tirana against the construction of a hydropower plant on the Lengarica, which they say its drying up the river and damaging the environment.

13 Nov 14

Protesting Students Boo Albanian PM Rama

Student protesting against the transfer of a university campus to Albania’s High Court gave Edi Rama a rough ride when he  came out to address them in person.


17 Dec 14

Alpine Bau and ‘the Balkan family’

Alpine Bau “strongman” Dietmar Aluta-Oltyan and his wife Helena were at the heart of the firm’s ruinous expansion into the Balkans, despite widespread confusion over their official roles at the now bankrupt Austrian construction giant.


18 Dec 14

Raiffeisen Gloomy About Croatia, Serbia Economies

Regional analysis conducted by Raiffeisen bank says the economies of Serbia and Croatia saw no growth in 2014 and will not do much better in 2015 - while the outlook for other countries is somewhat brighter.

Culture and Lifestyle

21 Nov 14

Vienna’s Albanians Get in on the Mozart Act

Impersonating Wolfgang Amadeus is big business in Vienna - but these days many of the men in wigs are not Austrian but Albanian.