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05 May 16

US, EU Warn Albania Against Judicial Reform Delay

In strongly-worded remarks, the US and EU ambassadors to Tirana said constitutional changes to reform Albania's flawed justice system must be adopted quickly and a failure to act would have consequences.

04 May 16

Albania Jails Nine Jihadi Recruiters

Nine Albanians were convicted of inciting terrorism and recruiting people to fight in Syria and sentenced to a total of 126 years in prison.

29 Apr 16

Albania Confirms Fugitive's Arrest in Netherlands

After nine months on the run from his life jail sentence, Albanian police have confirmed at Arben Frroku is under arrest in Holland.

27 Apr 16

Balkan Press Liberty Declining, Freedom House Says

Freedom House report says media freedom in the Balkan region is in decline - with the fast decline noted in Serbia and Macedonia.

27 Apr 16

Rama Tells UK to Leave Albania out of EU Fight

Albanian Prime Minister says anti-EU politicians in the UK should not start using his country as part of their argument.

26 Apr 16

Albanian Court Closes Case on Protest Killings

Albania’s Supreme Court rejected a prosecution appeal for jail sentences for Republican Guard officers convicted of responsibility for shooting dead four protesters in January 2011, and declared the case closed.

22 Apr 16

Albania Ex-PM Slated for Making Call to Arms

The former Prime Minister's speech in parliament, telling Albanians they needed to arm themselves, has met mockery and calls for the prosecution to investigate. 

22 Apr 16

Pope to Beatify Victims of Albanian Communism

The Vatican has opened the way for the beatification of 38 Catholics who perished under the fiercely anti-religious Communist regime.

21 Apr 16

Albania MP Seeks End to Ban on Growing Hemp

A legal initiative is underway to permit farmers in Albania to grow 'industrial cannabis' once again, as they used to, before hemp was re-classified as a narcotic. 

20 Apr 16

'Mobster' Linked to Politics Faces Trial in Albania

A notorious underworld figure, Emiljano Shullazi, along with two accomplices, awaits trial in Tirana on charges of running a extortion racket - but many Albanians still wonder why it has taken so long.

20 Apr 16

New Diocese Reopens Old Wounds in Albanian Church

The creation of a new Orthodox Church diocese in Albania has rekindled a bitter dispute about the extent of Greek influence over the Church.

19 Apr 16

Albanians Show Support for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Many Albanians have been showing support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid out of gratitude for her husband Bill’s intervention to end Slobodan Milosevic’s military campaign in Kosovo in 1999.

15 Apr 16

Albania PM Talks Balkans and Security With Obama

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama met President Obama and Vice President Biden in the White House, marking 25 years of collaboration between the two countries.

14 Apr 16

US Rights Report Highlights Corruption in Balkans

The US State Department's annual report on human rights worldwide, presented on Wednesday, described corruption as an endemic problem all over the Balkans.

14 Apr 16

Albania Starts Preparing for Diaspora Summit

Ahead of a major summit gathering Albanians from 50 countries around the world, debate still continues on the best ways that Albania can draw on its emigrants' talents.


04 May 16

De Biasi Makes Albania’s Dreams Come True

Albania’s football team has qualified for a Euro championship for the first time thanks to the efforts of its remarkable Italian coach.

06 Apr 16

Rise in Albanian Asylum Seekers Worries Dutch


03 May 16

Chinese Investments Raise Eyebrows in Albania

Within the first four months of 2016, Chinese companies have acquired an interest in strategic sectors and significantly raised the level of international trade

01 Apr 16

Albanians Get to Fly from Second Airport

21 Mar 16

Chinese Buy Rights to Oil Fields in Albania

04 Mar 16

Albania Lures Investors With Free Land Leases

Culture and Lifestyle

02 May 16

Albania Shifts Hopes From Hunting to Tourism

Bird-watching and wildlife tours in Adriatic Sea lagoons have drawn international tourist attention after a government ban on hunting.

22 Mar 16

Old Jam Makers Taste Sweet Success in Albania

29 Feb 16

Albanian Gays Party to Defeat Isolation

31 Dec 15

Ring in the New Year Balkan Style