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26 Apr 17

Balkan States Suffer Decline in Media Freedom

Reporters Without Borders' latest World Press Freedom Index says media freedoms are diminishing in several Balkan countries, with Croatia and Serbia registering the worst declines over the past year.

25 Apr 17

Balkan States Rapped over Holocaust Property Restitution

Bosnia and Herzegovina has failed to comply with an international declaration on the restitution of property seized during WWII, while other Balkan countries have not honoured their commitments in full.

24 Apr 17

Albania Opposition Vow to Radicalize Protests

Albania's opposition parties on Monday plan to block all national roads for one hour, as they up their confrontation with the government of Edi Rama.

21 Apr 17

Albania Faces Election Without Opposition Parties

For the first time, the opposition parties have not registered to participate in the coming general election in June, raising serious questions about its likely credibility. 

21 Apr 17

US Ambassador Calls Rama's Pan-Albanian Talk 'Careless'

The US ambassador to Tirana, Donald Lu, said 'careless' calls for the unification of Albania and Kosovo undermined regional stability - after Albania's leader, Edi Rama, raised the prospect in an interview.

19 Apr 17

Albania Opposition Set to Ignore Presidential Election

As leaders of the main parties start the business of electing a new President of Albania, there is no sign of the opposition parties calling off their boycott and becoming part of the process.

11 Apr 17

Albania Opposition Parties to Boycott June Elections

The main opposition Democratic Party and its allies have refused to register to take part in the June 18 general election - after the deadline to register expired on Monday.

10 Apr 17

Albania’s Live-Streaming Politicians Push Media Aside

As Albania heads into elections, the politicians are turning to live streaming their messages on Facebook to connect with voters - and marginalize traditional media.

04 Apr 17

Freedom House: Balkan States Hit by Democratic Setbacks

Balkan countries experienced democratic setbacks in 2016 because of corruption, political interference in the justice system and uncompetitive elections, said a Freedom House report.

28 Mar 17

Albanian Opposition Leader Claims to be Soros Target

The Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha told far-right American outlet Breitbart he was being targeted by US philanthropist George Soros, as a wave of anti-Soros campaigns sweeps the region.

23 Mar 17

Albania Reforms Senate Caucus to Boost US Ties

After years of allowing its old association in the US Congress to lapse, the Senate Caucus has been reactivated to support the aspirations of Albanians and their influence in Washington.

20 Mar 17

Balkan States Look Gloomy on World Happiness Table

The peoples of the Balkans have little to smile about according to a new ranking released in time with UN’s World happiness Day.

15 Mar 17

Observers Suggest Foreign Mediation for Albania's Crisis

Amid continuing opposition protests for a caretaker government to take the country to elections in June, analysts suggested that international mediation could be necessary to end the crisis.

14 Mar 17

Albania Tops UK List as Modern Slavery Source

Albanians were the most numerous nationality to become victims of modern slavery in Britain from 2013 to 2016, UK data show.

13 Mar 17

Albania PM Removes Ministers 'To Focus On Election'

Prime Minister Edi Rama on Sunday announced that four ministers were leaving the cabinet, allegedly to focus on the upcoming June 18 general election.


21 Apr 17

Albania Pours Dollars Into US Lobby Firms

Parties in Albania are spending relatively huge sums of money on agents in the US – for what would appear dubious benefits.

20 Apr 17

A Turkish Scenario for the Balkans?

16 Apr 17

Christians Celebrate Easter Around the Balkans

06 Apr 17

Albania Coalition on Rocks Ahead of Elections


05 Apr 17

Albania, Kosovo Struggle to Boost Low Trade Levels

Exports from Albania to Kosovo dropped in 2016, which small and medium-sized businesses blame on difficulties with high customs fees.

04 Apr 17

Albania Aims To Build on Boom in Tourism

31 Mar 17

Albania Spies Gold in Projects Linked to TAP

15 Feb 17

Albanian PM Accused of Breaking Jobs Promise

Culture and Lifestyle

20 Apr 17

Italians See Albania As Cheap Place To Retire

Forget the Canaries. Some Italian pensioners have decided to spend their sunset years in the unlikely destination of Albania - drawn mainly by the low cost of living and the friendly locals.