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Latest News from Albania

25 Nov 14

Opening of Cold War Bunker Divides Albanians

The opening to the public of a large Cold War-era bunker, built in the 1970s to survive nuclear attacks, caused some Albanians to complain that the Communist past was being rehabilitated.

24 Nov 14

Albania Opposition Rallies Against Austerity

Tens of thousands of supporters of the opposition Democratic Party rallied in Tirana against tax and electricity price hikes by the centre-left government of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

19 Nov 14

Three Swept Away in Floods in Albania

Three people have died in the region of Kurbin following floods and storms that lashed the western part of Albania on Tuesday.

19 Nov 14

Android Game Makes Light of Serbia-Albania Match

The developer of an android game, inspired by the suspended Serbia-Albania Euro 2016 football match, tells BIRN he never intended to offend anyone.

14 Nov 14

Albania Greens Rally Against Power Plant

Albanian activists protested on Thursday in Tirana against the construction of a hydropower plant on the Lengarica, which they say its drying up the river and damaging the environment.

13 Nov 14

Protesting Students Boo Albanian PM Rama

Student protesting against the transfer of a university campus to Albania’s High Court gave Edi Rama a rough ride when he  came out to address them in person.

11 Nov 14

Albanian PM Urges Joint Progress Towards Europe

On a visit to the Presevo Valley in southern Serbia, Edi Rama said that Belgrade and Tirana should overcome the troubles of the past and work together on their common EU aspirations.

10 Nov 14

Albania PM Makes Historic Visit to Serbia

Edi Rama became the first Albanian premier to visit Belgrade in almost 70 years, but a disagreement with the Serbian prime minister over Kosovo highlighted obstacles to improving relations.

10 Nov 14

Albania Energy Regulator Rapped Over Procurements

After a BIRN investigation, Albania’s Competition Authority called on the country’s Energy Regulatory Agency to transform the way public utility companies procure imports of electricity.

05 Nov 14

Albania MP Quits Over Son's Role in Shoot-out

Luiza Xhuvani, an MP for Albania's ruling Socialist Party, resigned on Tuesday after her son was arrested in connection with four deaths in a nightclub shoot-out.

04 Nov 14

Albania MP's Son Held Over Nightclub Massacre

A massive shoot-out in a Tirana club ended in four deaths and the arrest of three suspects - one of whom is the son of a Socialist Party MP.

03 Nov 14

Albania’s New Public Consultation Law Wins Praise

The Open Society Foundation in Albania hailed parliament's approval of the law on public consultations as a step forward toward a more open government.

29 Oct 14

Albania Charges Ex-MP With Concealing Wealth

The High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests, HIDAA, has charged a former Socialist Party MP, Andis Harasani, with failing to disclose his assets.

29 Oct 14

Albania Launches Drive Against Power Thieves

Albania has launched an operation to stamp out electricity theft, which costs the cash-strapped Balkan country an estimated 150 million euro every year.

28 Oct 14

Albania Students Block Campus in Tuition Fee Row

Students blocked the entrance to the Polytechnic University of Tirana on Monday, in protest against a hike in tuition fees in public colleges.


12 Nov 14

World Bank Financed Power Plant Threatens Albanian Canyon

A hydropower plant, which the Austrian company ENSO is building in the Lengarica River in southern Albania with financing by the IFC, threatens to ruin a famous canyon, BIRN can reveal.  

Culture and Lifestyle

21 Nov 14

Vienna’s Albanians Get in on the Mozart Act

Impersonating Wolfgang Amadeus is big business in Vienna - but these days many of the men in wigs are not Austrian but Albanian.