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25 Jun 17

Albania Awaits General Elections Results

As the ballots start to be counted around midnight, preliminary results from the Albanian general elections are set to be released early Monday morning.

25 Jun 17

LIVE: Albanian General Elections 2017

Stay tuned for all the latest developments, election results and reactions as Albania goes to the polls to elect a new government.

25 Jun 17

Albanians Head To Polls To Elect New Rulers

Albanians on Sunday will be choosing between 18 parties, with the Socialists seeking another mandate, the Democrats seeking a chance to govern - and the LSI hoping to retain its 'kingmaker' role. 

21 Jun 17

Russia’s Strategic Plans Failing in Balkans, IISS Says

London-based think tank says Moscow’s bid to establish bloc of four neutral or pro-Moscow Balkan states has experienced major setbacks in Macedonia and Montenegro.

16 Jun 17

Balkans Remains Key Route for Terrorists, EU Warns

New Europol report warns that the Balkan region remains vulnerable to Islamist terrorism - and remains a well-established route to and from the conflict zones for terrorist fighters.

09 Jun 17

Balkan Youngsters Demand Action on Jobs

With youth unemployment topping 50 per cent in some Balkan states, young delegates call for EU action on job creation at a regional conference.

08 Jun 17

ISIS Threatens Terror Campaign in the Balkans

So-called Islamic State has vowed to decapitate ‘infidels’ and kill Serbs, Croats and Muslim ‘traitors’ in the Balkans in a new threat to the region published in the Bosnian version of the jihadists’ magazine.

08 Jun 17

Albanian Judicial Reform Faces New Court Challenge

Two judges' associations have launched a fresh Constitutional Court challenge to parts of Albania's judicial reform package – including the key law on vetting judges and prosecutors – threatening to derail the process.

02 Jun 17

Green Campaigners Win Right To Sue Albanian Govt

Green activists and people from the Tropoja region have hailed a court ruling in Tirana, which allows them to continue their fight against the construction of power plants on a pristine river.

01 Jun 17

Save the Children Notes Chasm Between Balkan Countries

New Save the Children report highlights big gap in child mortality rates, malnourishment and consequences of conflict between Croatia - at one end - and Albania - at the other.

01 Jun 17

Albanian Broadcaster Strives for Neutral Stance in Election

Albania's public broadcaster, RTSH, long seen as the biased mouthpiece of governments, seems to be making a real effort to behave more professionally during this election campaign.

29 May 17

Albania Probes Mystery Illnesses Among Opposition Supporters

Opposition leaders are demanding to know why, after attending a campaign rally on Saturday in Tirana, some 140 people complained of skin damage and breathing problems.

23 May 17

Balkan Leaders Offer Condolences After Manchester Attack

Balkan leaders have condemned the bombing in Manchester, which left 22 people dead and 59 injured. 

23 May 17

Small Parties Face Big Squeeze in Albanian Election

The decision of the big parties to run alone in the June 25 general election in Albania will make it harder for the smaller parties to get any seats at all in parliament, experts say. 

19 May 17

Albania Opposition to Join Govt Ahead of Election

In a political breakthough, Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha have agreed to delay the elections for a week, and on representation of opposition ministers in the cabinet and key institutions. 


24 Jun 17

Albania's Election Escapades

Patronage and corruption keep voting a 'low-standard' exercise in democracy. 

23 Jun 17

Albania Enjoys Calmest Ever Election Campaign


24 May 17

Demand For Coastal Properties in Albania Remains Low

The price of real estate on the shores of Albania are half the price of those in Montenegro or Croatia. However, lack of infrastructure keeps demand low.

04 Apr 17

Albania Aims To Build on Boom in Tourism

31 Mar 17

Albania Spies Gold in Projects Linked to TAP

Culture and Lifestyle

09 Jun 17

Historic Tirana Square: A Shrine to Change

Albanians have gathered at Tirana’s Skenderbej Square to protest and celebrate for 100 years, will its latest makeover be a hit with the public?

06 Jun 17

Inside Guide to the Balkans’ Secret Wonders

20 Apr 17

Italians See Albania As Cheap Place To Retire