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12 Feb 16

Albania Parties Split Over New FBI-Style Agency

Opposition MPs are opposing the creation of an FBI-style anti-corruption agency, saying the model gives too much power to ministers and too little to the state prosecutor.

09 Feb 16

Killing People 'Pained' Enver Hoxha, Widow Says

Late Albanian dictator's 95-year-old widow, Nexhmije Hoxha - giving her farewell interview - said her husband was a sensitive soul who regretted executing people.

09 Feb 16

Albanian MPs Face Criminal Records Quizzing

MPs and many state officials will soon have to fill in a detailed questionnaire detailing whether they have criminal records or have had any brushes with the law in the past. 

04 Feb 16

Albania Hopes Cameras Will Make Police Behave

Cameras are being installed in police uniforms in Albania in order to make the police behave better and deter them from taking bribes. 

03 Feb 16

Albanians Vow to Defend Canyon from Power Plant

Albanian enviromentalists have pledged to continue protests against plans to build hydro-plants in the Nivica canyon in southern Albania.

01 Feb 16

Albanian Ex-Minister Faces Trial for Embezzlement

Former labour and social affairs minister Spiro Ksera is accused of enriching himself by faking programmes supposedly intended to help to integrate Roma and other minorities into society.

01 Feb 16

Cham Party Eyes Cabinet Post in Albania

The party representing postwar expellees from Greece, which now has five seats in parliament, has its eye on a post in Prime Minister Edi Rama's cabinet. 

28 Jan 16

Albania, Montenegro Flag Up Adriatic Highway

Albania says corridor linking Albania and Montenegro will enhance connectivity between the two countries and improve transport links to EU member states Italy and Greece as well.

25 Jan 16

Albanian Schools Struggle to Reabsorb Returning Pupils

Schools are facing a challenge dealing with thousands of children whose parents took them out of Albania on failed missions to obtain asylum in Western Europe.

22 Jan 16

Albanians Fundraise For First Roma Caravan Park

Organizations and volunteers are raising money to buy camper vans that will host 40 Roma families living on the outskirts of Tirana.

21 Jan 16

Albania Protest Victims' Families Vow to Fight on

Relatives of the four protesters killed at an anti-goverment rally in 2011 are marking the fifth anniversary of their deaths - and saying they will not abandon the fight for justice.

20 Jan 16

Albania Offers Protection to Army Intelligence Staff

Army intelligence agency head tells BIRN that the decision has become a necessity as the army gets deployed in more and more dangerous areas of the world.

19 Jan 16

New Albanian Party to Target Disappointed Voters

Former energy boss Gjergj Bojaxhi is optimistic that he can appeal to Albanians who feel unrepresented under the current status quo - although analysts are divided about his chances. 

15 Jan 16

Albanian Activists Accuse Kosovo Police of Abuse

A group of 40 Albanians, supporters of the Kosovo opposition who were turned back by border police on the way to a protest in Pristina last week, have alleged they were also assaulted.

13 Jan 16

Albania Pays Dearly for Cherie Blair’s Legal Advice

Albania’s government has approved an increased payment of 645,000 euros for legal advice given by Cherie Blair’s law firm Omnia Strategy in an arbitrage case.


29 Jan 16

Albanian Plan to Privatise VAT Payments Queried

A government plan to hand business VAT payments over to the private sector to administer is causing controversy. 

Culture and Lifestyle

31 Dec 15

Ring in the New Year Balkan Style

New Year’s Eve in the Balkans means music, fireworks, food, and more music in city squares under the stars.