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17 Oct 17

Albania Ex-Minister Accused in Drug-Smuggling Scandal

Former Albanian Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri is mentioned by alleged drug smugglers in newly-released transcripts of Italian police wiretaps, but he has denied any involvement in criminal activity.

17 Oct 17

Albanian Opposition Accuses Ex-Minister of Drug Crime

The leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, accused former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri of aiding a marijuana-smuggling ring - a claim that he strongly denies.

13 Oct 17

Turkey Presses Albania To Extradite Key 'Gulenist' Suspect

Albania is under pressure to deport a 39-year-old detained in Durres, who Turkish media link with a Twitter account that infuriated Ankara with its leaks of state secrets.

10 Oct 17

Albania Commemorates Communist Killing of MPs

Albania's parliament commemorated the 70th anniversary of the death of 15 MPs who were deemed opponents of the past Communist regime, despite ongoing accusations that politicians have ties to the Communist past.

10 Oct 17

Rama Hires Kosovo Ministers to Boost Albania’s Status

Albania's Edi Rama has given four of the 33 new vice-ministerial posts in his government to Kosovars, in what some experts call a move to reinforce his regional ambitions.

10 Oct 17

Rama Hires Kosovo Ministers to Boost Albania’s Status

Albania's Edi Rama has given four of the 33 new vice-ministerial posts in his government to Kosovars, in what some experts call a move to reinforce his regional ambitions.

09 Oct 17

Albanians Demand Animal Rights Law After Seeing Cruel Video

Disgusted by footage of a dog being beaten to death, Albanian animal rights activists are demanding a new law against animal cruelty – after Croatia changed its laws on Wednesday.

28 Sep 17

Albania To Adopt Law Boosting Minorities' Rights

A new law boosts the status and rights of minorities in Albania and names two more recognised minorities - Bosnians and Egyptians – although Bulgaria is unhappy that their minority has been left off the list.

27 Sep 17

Albania, Kosovo PMs Plot Joint Path Towards Europe

The prime ministers of Kosovo and Albania met in Tirana to discuss ways to strengthen their cooperation and work together towards EU integration.

26 Sep 17

Albania Updates Broadcast Code to Protect Children's Rights

Abania is making changes to its broadcasting code to ensure that the media do not abuse children's rights in the name of keeping the public informed.

25 Sep 17

Albania's Democrats Meet To Ponder Election Disaster

Members of the Democratic Party have gathered for their first party assembly since their shock defeat in the June general election, amid fierce arguments over the way head.

21 Sep 17

Albania Opposition Demand Referendum on Waste Imports

Opposition parties say only a national referendum can end years of arguments over whether the country should permit waste imports in order to aid the recycling industry.

19 Sep 17

Montenegro Asks Libya to Return Detained Sailors

After the seizure in Libya of a cargo ship with Montenegrin sailors aboard, Podgorica asked Tripoli to ensure the safe return of the crew of the vessel, which is suspected of involvement in smuggling.

19 Sep 17

Albania Police Seek Vetting Process That is 'Fair'

After the new Interior Minister announced ambitious plans to vet the whole police force next year, police organisations have urged PM Rama not to turn the process into a show.

18 Sep 17

Albanian Opposition Seeks to Outlaw Communism Symbols

After children were seen waving pictures of the late Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha, Albania's main opposition party said it will submit a draft law outlawing the displays of such symbols.


28 Sep 17

Montenegro’s Open Secret: Illegal Gender-Tests for Unborns

Genetic testing to find out the sex of an unborn baby is illegal in Montenegro, but it is not unusual in a society that values boys over girls - and for clinics, it’s a profitable business.

10 Aug 17

Balkan Parents Dream of Finnish Baby Boxes

11 Jul 17

Migrants to Greece Strike Gold Back in Albania


12 Oct 17

Pledge to Extend VAT Worries Albania’s Small Businesses

Government plans to extend VAT to small businesses – to curb the informal economy – have left many of them fearful about the future. 

27 Sep 17

Albania Unions Demand Hike in Minimum Wage

29 Aug 17

Albanian Business Welcomes Joint Balkan Market

Culture and Lifestyle

09 Oct 17

Controversial Drone Stars in Albanian Football Doc

The notorious drone that flew over a sports stadium in Belgrade bearing a map of greater Albania in 2014 takes centre stage in a new documentary on the Albanian football team that will be premiered in Warsaw.