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20 Oct 16

Albanian Asylum-Seeker Numbers in Germany Rise Again

More Albanians are again seeking aslyum in Germany, a year after Berlin listed Albania as a 'safe country of origin', though overall numbers have fallen since 2015.

18 Oct 16

Albanian Investigative TV Show Shutdown Criticised

The South East Europe Media Organisation watchdog condemned the cancellation of Albanian investigative television show ‘Publicus’ after an episode probing the mayor of Tirana caused controversy.

18 Oct 16

Croatian Town Launches Classes to Keep 'Arbanasi' Alive

The Croatian coastal town of Zadar is starting Albanian classes in a high school, designed in part to keep the tiny Arbanasi community aware of their distant Albanian origins.

10 Oct 16

Mayor Accused of Censoring Albania TV Report

The producer of an investigative TV show claims it was pulled on Sunday because it probed the Mayor of Tirana’s links to a controversial recycling plant, though the TV station denies the show's content was the issue.

07 Oct 16

Kosovo-Croatia Match Marred by Anti-Serbian Chants

Croatian and Kosovo fans have been condemned for chanting murderous slogans together against Serbs at a World Cup qualifying match in Albania.

07 Oct 16

Jazz Singers Add Voices to Albania's Green Protests

Two well known jazz singers have scheduled free concerts in Albania on two hot environmental issues - adding a powerful boost to the green campaigns.

06 Oct 16

Albania Forms Commission on Mystery Spy Device

After claims broke in May that police had got hold of a mysterious device that could intercept communications, opposition MPs have won their demand for a parliamentary commission of inquiry.

06 Oct 16

Asylum Requests in Albania Used 'To Buy Time'

Interior ministry data show that few of the people who sought asylum in Albania remained in the country to complete the procedure - suggesting that most used the process to buy time before continuing their journeys westwards.

03 Oct 16

Albania Fears Joining New Refugee Route

With the old 'Balkan route' all but closed to migrants and refugees, there are concerns that Albania might become part of the new, preferred route leading into the EU.

30 Sep 16

Key Rama Critic Quits Albania's Ruling Party

Ben Blushi, a long-time critic of Albanian PM Edi Rama, has left Rama's governing Socialist Party while lining up with those who oppose the controversial new law on imported waste.

29 Sep 16

Greece Accuses Hahn of Backing Albania Over Chams

Greece's Foreign Ministry has accused the Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn of taking Albania's side over the Cham issue - by mentioning it in his reply to a Greek MEP.

29 Sep 16

Albania MPs Urged Not to 'Politicise' Threats to Prosecutor

Following unconfirmed reports that the General Prosecutor and his family have been targeted with threats, an expert has urged MPs not to turn the issue into a political football.

26 Sep 16

Albania Greens Brace For New Showdown Over Waste

Environmentalists are mobilising their supporters after parliament on Thursday passed a draft law that would re-start the controversial industry of importing and recycling waste.

23 Sep 16

Tony Blair Winds up Operations in Albania

After the former UK Prime Minister said he was closing down his business empire, his office confirmed to BIRN that his dealings with Albania, which were never made public, are also complete.

21 Sep 16

Kosovo's Vetevendosje Rallies Supporters in Albania

Leaders of Kosovo's Vetevendosje party rallied supporters in Albania - declaring that the campaign against ratification of the Kosovo-Montenegro border deal would continue.


24 Oct 16

Albania’s Caged Bears Enjoy Freer Life in Kosovo

Bears once held in grim captivity in Albania are adapting to a new life in a sanctuary in Kosovo, encouraging many in Albania to create their own safe haven.


17 Oct 16

Albania-Serbia Trade Grows From Modest Base

Trade between Albania and Serbia is growing steadily, albeit from a low base - and the disparity between what Serbia sells to Albania, and what Albania sells to Serbia, remains huge.

29 Sep 16

World Bank Upbeat About Western Balkans

Culture and Lifestyle

13 Oct 16

Albania's Edi Rama to Promote Book in Belgrade

The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is coming to Serbia on an official visit - where he will also promote his book, 'Sacrifice', to a Belgrade audience.

05 Oct 16

Albania Prepares for Historic Royal Wedding

15 Sep 16

Rapper Wounded in Albania-Kosovo Hip Hop Feud