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18 Aug 17

Balkan Leaders Express Sympathy Over Barcelona Attack

Balkan leaders joined those of other countries in condemning the terrorist attacks in Spain on Thursday that left at least 14 people dead and expressing their condolences to the victims.

16 Aug 17

Balkan Religious Minorities Still Feel Excluded, US Says

Religious minorities in the Balkans still struggle with a degree of discrimination and with a lack of official cooperation in regaining assets confiscated by the communist regimes, a US State Department report says. 

15 Aug 17

Albanian PM Rama Praises Vucic’s Kosovo Initiative

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said he was "moved" by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s resolve to launch an 'internal dialogue' in Serbia about Kosovo.

10 Aug 17

Croatia to Revoke Disputed Import Fees

The Croatian government decided to revoke its decision to raise fees on imports of fruit and vegetables after being threatened with counter-measures by other countries in the region.

09 Aug 17

Albanian Work-Life Balance a Big Draw for Expats

Several foreigners living and working in Albania never intended to remain for very long…

07 Aug 17

Croatia’s Neighbours Issue Ultimatum Over Import Fees

Four Balkan countries have threatened to relatiate with counter-measures if Croatia does not revoke its decision within a week to raise fees on imports of fruit and vegetables.

03 Aug 17

Fires Spread Through Albanian Mountain Areas

Troops have been deployed to fight fires that are reported to be burning at 24 different locations in Albania on Thursday.

03 Aug 17

Serbia Pledges to Respect Albanian Drone Suspect’s Rights

Serbia’s Justice Ministry promised to respect the rights of Ismail Morina, accused of flying a drone with a Greater Albania flag at a football match in Belgrade, if he is extradited from Croatia.

01 Aug 17

Flow of Albanians Seeking Asylum Worries France

Since last November, the number of Albanians seeking asylum in France has exceeded that seeking asylum in Germany, prompting worried French authorities to urge Albania to halt the flow.

31 Jul 17

Albanian Drone Flyer Seeks Political Asylum in Croatia

Albanian Ismail Morina – who Serbia wants to try for flying a drone bearing a flag of Greater Albania in Belgrade – is seeking political asylum in Croatia to avoid extradition.

31 Jul 17

Hungary's 'Slavic-Looking' Skanderbeg Shocks Albanians

The first display of a statue of Skanderbeg that is expected to be erected in Budapest has upset artists in Albania who say it mixes Albanian and Slavic features.

30 Jul 17

Albanians Oppose Drone Flyer's Extradition to Serbia

Albanian diplomats, politicians and football fans are uniting in opposition to a Croatian court ruling, which backed Serbia's request to extradite the man who flew a drone bearing a flag of Greater Albania at a match in Belgrade. 

28 Jul 17

Restaurant Blast Shakes Northern Albanian Resort

A number of people were badly hurt after a restaurant near a beach in an area popular with tourists in northern Albania exploded into flames.

20 Jul 17

US Report: Balkans Need Resources to Fight Terror

US State Department report say that while most Balkan states cooperate well with international partners to improve counterterrorism policies, they still have problems in terms of cooperation between institutions and in terms of limited resources. 

17 Jul 17

Macedonian Police to Help Patrol Albanian Resorts

As the number of Macedonian citizens taking summer holidays in southern Albania grows, Macedonian police are to be deployed for the first time in the coastal resort of Saranda. 


10 Aug 17

Balkan Parents Dream of Finnish Baby Boxes

Finland famously hands out ‘baby boxes’ packed with useful products for infants, but the ones given to new mothers in the Balkans tend to be be less generous, if they exist at all.

11 Jul 17

Migrants to Greece Strike Gold Back in Albania

24 Jun 17

Albania's Election Escapades


02 Aug 17

Croatia's Raised Import Tax Angers Neighbours

Western Balkan countries have united in condemning Croatia's tax increase on imports of fruit and vegetables, with some hinting at possible counter-measures in response.

21 Jul 17

Kosovars Warned About Using First Bitcoin ATM

18 Jul 17

Albania Hopes Japanese Embassy Will Boost Ties

Culture and Lifestyle

17 Aug 17

VIDEO: Albanian "Thailand" Attracts Hundreds of Tourists

Unexplored nature, azure waterways and the many opportunities for adventure have recently turned the Shala river valley into one of the tourist hotspots in the Albanian Alps.

01 Aug 17

Best Balkan Films to Watch This Summer