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27 Jul 16

Arms Exports to Middle East: A Question of Legality

Human rights and arms experts believe some of Central and Eastern Europe’s weapons trade with Saudi Arabia, the region’s principal supplier of weapons to Syria, is likely breaking international law. 

22 Jul 16

Albania MPs Finally Adopt Judicial Reform

Parliament on Friday unanimously adopted judicial reforms demanded by the EU and designed to cleanse the justice system of corruption and political influence. 

21 Jul 16

New Demands Delay Albanian Judicial Reform Vote

After the EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn appeared to broker a consensus among Albanian leaders on judicial reform, new demands from the opposition have created a fresh logjam.

20 Jul 16

Albanian Leaders Set to Seal Judicial Reform Deal

EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn has brought Albanian parties together with a draft proposal that smoothes over their divergences on judicial reform - and opens the way for the adoption of vital constitutional changes on Thursday. 

19 Jul 16

Albania Mulls Elections to Break Reform Logjam

Calls are growing for early general elections in Albania, to end the continuing impasse over the judicial reform package sought by the EU and US.

15 Jul 16

Albania Opposition MPs Pressed Over Judicial Reform

As Albania prepares to vote next week on a crucial reform of the judiciary aimed at curbing corruption, EU and US diplomats have stepped up pressure in a bid to ensure the legislation is adopted.

13 Jul 16

Albanian Democrats Reject US-Backed Judicial Reform

The role of international experts in screening the candidates for senior posts in the Albanian justice system continues to divide the ruling and opposition parties, and delay agreement on judicial reform. 

13 Jul 16

Brexit Will Curtail UK’s Engagement in Balkans, Experts

An expert panel at London’s LSE said Britain’s exit from the EU will also lead to its de-facto exit from the Balkans.

12 Jul 16

Albanian Institutions Fail a Transparency Test

A new report by the NGO Mjaft shows Albania's public institutions met their obligations to give public information on request in only 42 per cent of the cases.

11 Jul 16

Nuland Presses Judicial Compromise on Albanian Parties

US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, on a brief stop-over in Tirana, has pushed a compromise proposal designed to end the stalement over judicial reform.

11 Jul 16

Gay Marriage Threat Worries Albanian Conservatives

Right-wing MPs and clerics say proposals to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation will smooth the path towards legalisation of gay marriage.

08 Jul 16

Albania Secret Police Files Stay Under Wraps

More than a year after parliament voted to open up the old communist-era secret police files, former victims of the Albanian regime are wondering if the process is ever going to happen.

07 Jul 16

Albania Prosecutor to Decide if Rama Illegally Financed Obama

Albanian prosecutors by the end of July will have to decide if the criminal complaint lodged by the opposition Democratic Party against Prime Minister Edi Rama merits an investigation.

07 Jul 16

Albania, Serbia, Forming Joint Chamber of Commerce

Serbian ambassador to Albania says months of work on the initiative - which is expected to boost trade between the two countries - is expected to reach fruition this year.

06 Jul 16

Albania MPs Call For Direct Presidential Election

A group of 11 MPs has initiated a call for people to be able to directly elect the country's president - but vested political interests stand in the way of the reform. 


27 Jul 16

Making a Killing: The 1.2 Billion Euro Arms Pipeline to Middle East

An unprecedented flow of weapons from Central and Eastern Europe is flooding the battlefields of the Middle East.

27 Jul 16

Edi Rama: The Artist Who Became PM

05 Jul 16

Eastern Europe Must Grasp Its UN Moment


26 Jul 16

New Power Line to Link Albania to Macedonia

A German bank loan of 50 million euros opens the way for the construction of 126km high voltage 400kV line from Elbasan in Albania to Bitola in Macedonia, designed to integrate the energy trade in the region.

03 May 16

Chinese Investments Raise Eyebrows in Albania

Culture and Lifestyle

28 Jul 16

Craze For Foreign Names Alarms Albanian Patriots

Statistics showing that none of 20 most popular names in Albania for newborn children are Albanian have some experts worried about a steady erosion of the national identity.

02 May 16

Albania Shifts Hopes From Hunting to Tourism