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Albania Deputy Minister Axed for Not Paying Utility Bill

Prime Minister Edi Rama on Wednesday said he had fired the deputy environment minister, Diana Bejko, for not paying the electricity bill on her summer home.

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Albania Must Come Clean on Torture Claims

Even if no one was tortured in Albania as part of the CIA rendition program, the country assisted in the illegal transfer of at least one person to or from a secret prison.


Illicit Outflows Rob Balkan Economies of $100bn

A study by Global Financial Integrity, GIF, says illicit money outflows robbed Balkan countries of the equivalent of more than 100 billion dollars during the last decade.

Albania Press Review - July 14, 2014

Controversial bill to reform the HCJ revealed, Basha’s favorite looses party elections in Durres, Socialist MP accused of threatening Democratic Party spokesperson.