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06 Sep 07

Albania's Energy Crisis Raises Costs

Tirana_ Albania’s energy crisis is taking its toll on the economy, according to newly released data by the Institute of Statistics.
13 Aug 07

Albania Miners Go on Strike

Tirana_ Miners in the shanty town of Bulqiza in northern Albanian went on strike on Monday after a union leader died in a mining accident.
07 Aug 07

IMF Fears Energy Crisis in Albania Will Damage Growth

Tirana _ The IMF expressed worries on Monday that the energy crisis that has swept Albania will have adverse effects on economic growth.
27 Jul 07

Energy Crisis Cuts Albanian Working Hours

Tirana_The Albanian cabinet decided Thursday to cut the working hours of public employees to save power in the midst of a national energy shortage.
26 Jul 07

Albania's Electricity Monopoly Seeks Rate Hike

Tirana_ Amidst a severe energy crisis, the Albanian Power Corporation, KESH, announced Wednesday it will request an electricity price hike to recover from the higher cost of imports and low hydropower production due to the country’s drought.
05 Jul 07

Albania Edges Toward Early Elections

Tirana_A political stalemate over picking a new head of state may force Albania toward early elections.
28 Jun 07

Albania's Central Bank Raises Interest Rates

Tirana_ Albania’s central bank raised interest rates by a quarter of a per cent to a new base rate of 5.75 percent to curb the threat of inflation.
20 Jun 07

Albania Sells National Telecom Company for 120 Million Euros

Tirana_The Albanian government has sold a majority stake of the national fixed-line telephone company Albtelekom to a Turkish consortium.
21 May 07

Albania: Pollution Levels Raise Concerns

Tirana_A new study from the Institute of Public Health, IPH, about pollution levels along Albania’s coastline is raising concerns over the impact of the unregulated development, just as the tourist season is about to begin.


08 Nov 17

Resistance Grows in Albania to Rama’s Tax Reforms

Controversial reforms designed to curb the grey economy by forcing small firms to pay VAT, among other things, are coming under increasingly hostile scrutiny.

19 Oct 17

EU Mulls Lower Roaming Charges for Balkans

17 Jan 17

Young Albanians Strike Gold in the Emirates

29 Sep 16

World Bank Upbeat About Western Balkans

25 Jun 15

Balkan Economies Brace for Impact of Grexit

Politics and Society

22 Jan 18

Europe’s New Balkan Strategy Gets Dynamics All Wrong

The Commission’s new enlargement strategy for the Balkans is ambitious - but fundamentally misreads the serious nature of the challenges to democracy in the region.

Culture and Lifestyle

01 Jan 18

Gallery: New Year’s Eve, the Balkan Way

New Year’s Eve was celebrated in true Balkan style across the region, with cities from Zagreb to Tirana putting on extravagant firework displays and open-air events, which saw regional and international stars performing to the swathes of jubilant crowds that came out to mark the beginning of 2018.

27 Dec 17

Balkan Cities to Party Their Way Into 2018