20 Jun 16 / 14:47:28

Serbian News Agency Denies BIRN Article on Protest Coverage


„News agency Tanjug wishes to draws public attention to the fact that the Saša Dragojlo, author of the article „Serbia’s Controlled Media Are Ignoring Waterfront Protests“ published on a Balkan Insight news portal, presented two false claims in his article. 

Contrary to what author stated in his text, News Agency Tanjug did report about the protest held in Belgrade on 25.05.2016., covering the event not only by reporting, but with appropriate video and photo materials. Tanjug’s report, video and photo materials where published in the agency news service, other Serbian media, as well as broadcasted by various television stations. Additionally the article recycles previously published false claims about budget financing of the agency, to which Tanjug management already publicly responded, explaining in detail why are such claims completely untrue.“

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Comment 26 May 16

Serbia's Controlled Media Are Ignoring Waterfront Protests

It is not surprising that most Serbian mainstream media either ignored or only selectively reported on a rally in which more than 10,000 marchers demanded resignations over the controversial demolitions in the Waterfront area.

Sasa Dragojlo