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Reaction to Article: Macedonian, Greek Nationalists Mobilize Against 'Name' Deal

Dear Sinisa Jakov-Marusic, The League of Macedonian Americans (LOMA) is deeply disturbed by your characterization of Macedonian diaspora groups, such as Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI), that do not support a change of Macedonia’s name as rightist and nationalist organizations. LOMA supports MHRMI’s “Our Name is Macedonia” campaign and we are neither rightists nor leftists. Your recent article highlights the lack of objectivity and research that you employ in preparing and disseminating information.

First, you have made the assumption that someone who is against changing Macedonia’s name is rightist and nationalist. However, people who are against Macedonia’s potential name change actually support internationally and U.N. accepted and adopted principles of self-determination, equality for all countries and ethnic groups, and respect for all peoples’ rights. Why not call these people leftists and internationalists, instead? Do leftists not support internationally agreed principles and values? Or do you assume that because a Macedonian is not willing to compromise on his or her identity and internationally accepted and agreed rights that he must be a nationalist and a rightist? Such thinking is wrong and absurd. Would you call us rightist and nationalist because we don’t believe in compromising on the value of life and liberty? With your line of reasoning, who knows!

Second, most Macedonians diaspora organizations are neither leftist nor rightist; their membership and followers consist of people from all political backgrounds – right, left, center, and a mish-mash of all of the above. These diaspora organizations are not politically affiliated with any political parties or organizations. Thus, to assume that they are “rightist” simply because they don’t capitulate to international pressure to support negotiating Macedonia’s name is ridiculous. Some simple research and investigations into these organizations would have provided you with the requisite information to produce an unbiased and meaningful article.

For Macedonians, this is not a left versus right issue, nor is it a nationalist versus internationalist issue. LOMA welcomes all Macedonian-Americans from all political backgrounds and ideologies into its membership. We don’t see “right” or “left” when it comes to our rights, liberties and identity – basic notions that are to be protected and promoted per several internationally accepted agreements. We see an assault on who we are, and we aim to defend Macedonians’ rights to be who they are without compromise.

The League of Macedonian Americans

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News 08 Jan 18

Macedonian, Greek Nationalists Mobilize Against 'Name' Deal

As optimism grows about a rapid solution to Macedonia's dispute with Greece over its name, nationalists on both sides of the border are rallying against a possible compromise solution.

Sinisa Jakov Marusic