19 Sep 16 / 15:33:34

Corrections to BIRN Articles on Zetra, EXIT

It has been brought to BIRN’s attention that two stories published on Balkan Insight in recent months, ‘Yugoslav Rock Music’s Doomed Concert for Peace’ (September 12, 2016) and ‘Locals Fear Hidden Cost of Serbia’s EXIT Festival’ (July 24, 2016), contained material that was quoted from other media sources without attribution.

BIRN takes this issue very seriously and has conducted an internal investigation.

Our investigation concluded that while the article ‘Yugoslav Rock Music’s Doomed Concert for Peace’, originally pitched in late May, was based on original research and contained interviews conducted by a BIRN staff reporter, five sentences of background information were adapted from the Balkanist website without attribution. A sixth sentence was adapted from Balkanist and a Deutsche Welle interview.

Before BIRN published its article, the topic was covered by Spiegel Online (July 4, 2016), Deutsche Welle (July 27, 2016) and Balkanist (July 29, 2016).

These errors have now been rectified in the stories and the BIRN staff reporter has been disciplined.

Our investigation also concluded that one quote from the Balkanist website was used without attribution in the article ‘Locals Fear Hidden Cost of Serbia’s EXIT Festival’, which was written by a non-staff reporter.

This quote has now been properly attributed.

BIRN reporters have been officially reminded of their duty under the company’s editorial guidelines to properly attribute all material quoted from other media sources.

BIRN seeks to uphold the highest journalistic standards and any complaints made to our editors will be fully investigated.

Reaction to:

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Yugoslav Rock Music’s Doomed Concert for Peace

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Locals Fear Hidden Cost of Serbia’s EXIT Festival

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