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28 Aug 17

Want a Pure White Country? Try Croatia!

Borna Sor

All-white Croatia is everything the modern racists dreamed of – so why are so many people leaving?

White supermacists clash with counter protesters in Charlottesville. Photo: Beta/Steve Helber

You can’t ignore the rise of white nationalism across the West. From Charlottesville Nazis to European fascists.

And I’m not trying to abuse those words and just call anyone racist or Hitler-loving, but here we have cases of people who openly carry swastika flags and chant white supremacy slogans.

If you ask them, they have no problem professing their belief in racially segregated societies, ethnically pure nations and the biological superiority of the White Man.  They have facts on their side, they say.

For them, everything was created by the White Man. Immigrants bring different cultures, always inferior – or why would they come here?

If different races and cultures were equal, then why does the world use the Latin alphabet and English as the lingua franca? Or the Western calendar for dates? And we are richer than the rest of the planet and have more nukes. If nukes are not the proof, then I don’t know what is. And all that other races do is leech on us.

And so the Nazis march. Marching in the US, the UK, the EU. Marching and spreading the message that pure white nations are the best solution for all of our problems.

They are starting political parties, first winning local seats, then moving up to parliaments, pushing the idea that there is a foreign biological invasion against the White Man.  

And the real problem is not the enemy outside but within. This “diluted blood”. If we could just try being pure white, one nation, under the same God, for one week, you would all see the reason, this wise, weiss utopia unfolding in front of your eyes.

But we tried. Not just tried. We are living it. Here in Croatia, the population is 99 per cent white, 90 per cent Croatian, and 90 per cent Christian. Imagine! It’s everything they dreamed.

And not just that, but immigration is nonexistent! Can you believe that?!

And the strong national spirit is everywhere. Our national leader always reminds us that we got rid of other ethnic elements so we can finally be free, after a thousand years!

Also, everything has to be named “Croatian” and everything “Croatian” is better. Croatian neckties. Croatian Tesla. Croatian wine. Croatian food. Croatian Football Club Croatia.

So, are we living the high life? Are we doing great? Is this Pure White Country working out for us? Not really. Actually, it's working very badly. Some would say, not really working at all. 

We are sharing the last place in the EU when it comes to GDP and rank second when it comes to political corruption index and youth unemployment.

People are very disillusioned about the country and the way it’s heading. Some 60 per cent of them don’t even vote, and tens of thousands are leaving the country every year. To be immigrants in some other cultures. To “steal their jobs”. Nobody wants to come and live here. Even refugees running from war-torn countries. Nobody!

You see, after years and years we slowly realised – it doesn’t work. This pursuit of an ethnically pure nation has two main flaws.

First, it has no real value but the creation of division and chaos. There is no way but violence and oppression to stop the mixing of different people. To change, to unite, to create something new is as natural as the ocean. And people who fight for pure nations are like maniacs whipping the waves. And when they involve the entire nations in such an unnatural folly, whole countries are isolated, stagnate and perish.

This need for an “outside” cause of our misery becomes a pathological necessity. So after we “expel the others”; it is the foreign spies that are the problem, the domestic traitors and people who publicly denounce the system. So the fight never really stops.

There is always a new enemy behind the corner. And the reason for all of that is the second flaw. Every  “ethnic utopia” is led by corrupt men who use “racial rhetorics” for populistic purposes. Their ultimate goal is just greed.

There is no innovation in racism, no free market in fascism. There is no exchange of ideas in the uniformed society and no development in fear-mongering.

Interest rates and stock markets don’t care about your ethnic purity. Trade is not impressed with how much you “love your country” and your own population will quickly realise that “being one of our own” doesn’t make anybody less corrupt. Quite the opposite. The worst crooks hide behind “heritage” and “old rights”, with their flags and crosses.

So, every time you meet someone who wants to segregate and keep things “pure”, you can tell them – it’s been tried. And it doesn’t work.

Talk about it!

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