09 Feb 16 Bosnian Croat Fighter Jailed for Killing Detainees

Former Croatian Defence Council fighter Damir Lipovac was jailed for seven years after admitting he inhumanely treated, robbed and killed Serb civilians in the Derventa area of northern Bosnia in 1992.

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09 Feb 16 Radovan Karadzic’s Former Adviser Arrested

Jovan Tintor, a high-ranking wartime politician and former adviser to Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic was arrested on suspicion of taking part in war crimes in Vogosca near Sarajevo.

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04 Feb 16 Bosniak Ex-Fighter Jailed for Serdari Village Massacre

Former Territorial Defence fighter Fikret Planincic’s 11-year prison sentence for taking part in the 1992 killings of nine Serb civilians, including two children, has been upheld on appeal.

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03 Feb 16 Croatian War Criminal Vows to Prove Mercep Innocent

Jailed war criminal Igor Mikola, a former member of the ‘Mercepovci’ police unit, claimed he can prove its alleged commander Tomislav Mercep is innocent and reveal information about other crimes.

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29 Jan 16 Bosnian War Crimes Case Strategy ‘Failing’

A new analysis shows that the Bosnian strategy for war crimes cases has failed to meet its targets because hundreds of complex cases remain unfinished and the others will not be completed on time.

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29 Jan 16 Kosovo Serbs Rally for Jailed Politician Ivanovic

Several hundred Serbs took to the streets of the Kosovo town of Mitrovica to support politician Oliver Ivanovic, who was jailed for ordering the murder of ethnic Albanians in April 1999.

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28 Jan 16 Kosovo Serb Leader Ivanovic Back Behind Bars

Kosovo Serb political party chief Ivanovic, who was under house arrest pending his appeal against his recent war crimes conviction for ordering ethnic Albanians’ murders, was ordered back into custody.

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28 Jan 16 Bosnian Serb Policemen Charged with Janja Persecution

The Bosnian state prosecution filed an indictment against seven former policemen from Janja, charging them with crimes against humanity in the north-eastern town from 1992 to 1994.

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26 Jan 16 Serbian Fighters Deny Killing 118 Kosovo Civilians

Eleven Serbian ex-fighters pleaded not guilty to war crimes in the Kosovo villages of Ljubenic, Cuska, Pavlan and Zahac in 1999, but anger erupted in the courtroom after the prosecution changed the indictment again.

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25 Jan 16 Report Probes Mujahideen Killings During Bosnian War

A new video report from BIRN Bosnia and Herzegovina highlights a brutal unpunished massacre of Serb civilians and soldiers by Islamic volunteer forces that fought alongside the Bosnian Army.

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25 Jan 16 Jailed Kosovo Commander Hospitalised After Hunger Strike

Former Kosovo Liberation Army commander Sami Lushtaku, who is in jail for murder, ended his hunger strike after a judge finally allowed him to get hospital treatment.

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25 Jan 16 Bosnian Serb Fighter Acquitted of Wartime Rape

Bosnian Serb ex-fighter Radosav Milovanovic was cleared of committing a war crime in the village of Sase near Srebrenica because the court ruled there was no fighting in the area at the time.

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22 Jan 16 Belgrade Slams Kosovo Serb Leader’s ‘Political’ Conviction

Serbian officials alleged the war crimes conviction of Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic was an attempt to calm anger in Kosovo about a new tribunal that will try KLA guerrilla leaders.

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21 Jan 16 Bosnian Presidency Ex-Member Faces War Crimes Trial

The state court confirmed the indictment of Borislav Paravac, a Serb former member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency, for taking part a wartime attack that killed several hundred Bosniaks and Croats.

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21 Jan 16 Bosniak Soldier Jailed for Mutilating Prisoner’s Ear

Former Bosnian Army serviceman Dzevad Salcin was sentenced to two years in prison for cutting off part of a Serb prisoner of war’s ear on Mount Igman above Sarajevo in 1993.

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