20 May 15 Kosovo Serb Politician ‘Gave Orders During Unrest’

A witness at the trial of the Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic said she saw him in uniform with a weapon and a radio transceiver during deadly unrest in Mitrovica in 2000.

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13 May 15 Croatian Serb Village Chief ‘Didn’t Make Murder List’

Defence witnesses at the trial of five Croatian Serb fighters charged with killing 16 Croat civilians in 1991 said that one of them had no role in plotting the deadly violence.

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12 May 15 Kosovo ‘Drenica Group’ Fighters Urge Not Guilty Verdict

Lawyers for the ‘Drenica Group’ guerrillas, charged with the assault and murder of prisoners during the 1998-99 war, said they should be acquitted because witnesses’ testimony was contradictory.

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11 May 15 Bosnian Serb Fighter Jailed for Visegrad Crimes

Former Bosnian Serb Army serviceman Vitomir Rackovic was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the rape, illegal arrests and abuse of Bosniak civilians near Visegrad in 1992.

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11 May 15 Kosovo Serb Politician Ivanovic ‘Led Armed Mob’

A witness at the trial of Kosovo Serb party leader Oliver Ivanovic alleged he saw the defendant leading a group of armed men during deadly unrest in the town of Mitrovica in 2000.

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07 May 15 Croatian Policeman Jailed After Longest-Ever War Case

Former Croatian policeman Mihajlo Hrastov was jailed for four years for killing 13 unarmed prisoners of war in the town of Karlovac after a judicial process which lasted for 23 years.

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05 May 15 Serbia Acquits KLA Fighter of War Crimes

Former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrilla Mark Kasnjeti was cleared of war crimes against civilians in June 1999 in the town of Prizren after doubts were raised about an allegedly incriminating photograph.

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04 May 15 Bosniak Fighter Convicted of Velika Kladusa Abuse

Former fighter Sakib Dautovic was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison for taking part in the abuse of civilian detainees in the Velika Kladusa municipality during wartime.

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01 May 15 Mladic Witness: Serbs Wanted Srebrenica Revenge

At the trial of Ratko Mladic in The Hague, a defence witness recalled a Bosnian Army attack on the Serb village of Kravica near Srebrenica in 1993 and said he was captured and tortured afterwards.

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30 Apr 15 Bosnian Serb Soldier Cleared of Visegrad Prisoner Abuse

Former Bosnian Serb Army serviceman Goran Popovic was acquitted of taking part in the abuse of Bosniak prisoners who were detained in Visegrad in 1992.

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29 Apr 15 Witnesses ‘Not Credible’ in Kosovo Guerrilla Trial

Lawyers for members of the Kosovo Liberation Army’s ‘Drenica Group’ cell accused of assaulting prisoners during the war said prosecution witnesses gave unconvincing and contradictory testimony.

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28 Apr 15 Bosnian Serb Soldier’s War Rape Sentence Reduced

Former soldier Miodrag Markovic, who was convicted of raping an under-age girl near Doboj during wartime, had his sentence reduced from seven to six years on appeal.

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28 Apr 15 Kosovo ‘Drenica Group’ Guerrillas Call for Acquittal

Defence lawyers at the trial of a Kosovo Liberation Army cell accused of assaulting prisoners during the 1998-99 war said they believed the judges would not convict their clients.

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23 Apr 15 Serbia Urged to Adopt War Crimes Strategy

A Belgrade-based rights group presented its model strategy for the prosecution of war crimes, urging the Serbian authorities to adopt their own official one as soon as possible.

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23 Apr 15 Prosecutor: ‘No Alibis’ for Kosovo ‘Drenica Group’ Guerrillas

In his closing statement at the trial of a Kosovo Liberation Army cell accused of assaulting prisoners during the 1998-99 war, the EU prosecutor said they had no reliable alibis.

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