16 Jan 17 Kosovo Indicts KLA Ex-Guerrilla for War Crimes

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution has filed an indictment against former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrilla Remiz Shala, accusing him of abducting an ethnic Albanian civilian suspected of collaborating with Serbia.

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13 Jan 17 Kosovo MP Fatmir Limaj’s War Crimes Trial Opens

Former guerrilla commander turned Kosovo MP Fatmir Limaj pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial to accusations that he was responsible for the murder of two Kosovo Albanian civilians in October 1998.

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11 Jan 17 Croatia Tries Soldier for Operation Storm Killings

Rajko Krickovic, a retired soldier from the Croatian Army’s 118th Home Guard Regiment, went on trial for war crimes committed after Croatia military’s Operation Storm in August 1995.

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09 Jan 17 Radovan Karadzic’s Ex-Adviser Goes on Trial

Jovan Tintor, a wartime politician and former adviser to Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, went on trial for crimes against humanity against Bosniaks and Croats in the Vogosca area in 1992.

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09 Jan 17 Bosnia Indicts Two for Crimes Against Brcko Serbs

Former Croatian Defence Council fighters Mensur Djakic and Begzad Kajtazi were charged with committing crimes against Serb civilians in the village of Bukvik in the Brcko municipality in 1992.

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30 Dec 16 Nine Bosnian Croats Indicted in Controversial Orasje Case

Nine former Croatian Defence Council fighters have been charged with committing crimes against Serbs in the town of Orasje during wartime - a case that has angered Zagreb and Croats in Bosnia.

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23 Dec 16 Bosnia Acquits Soldier of Abusing Bosniak Prisoners

Ex-soldier Nenad Przulj was found not guilty of crimes against humanity in the Sokolac area in 1992 and 1993, with the court ruling that he did not run a detention centre where Bosniak prisoners were abused.

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16 Dec 16 Female Bosnian Croat Ex-Fighter Charged With Murder

Former Croatian Defence Council member Azra Basic was indicted for the alleged murder and torture of Serb prisoners in Derventa in northern Bosnia in 1992.

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15 Dec 16 Bosnian Army Ex-Soldiers Jailed for Beating Prisoners

Former Bosnian Army soldiers Muhko and Safet Velagic were found guilty of committing war crimes against prisoners of war in the Bugojno area in July 1993.

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15 Dec 16 Bosnian Ex-Policeman Indicted for Torturing Civilians

Former reservist police officer Enes Salkic was indicted for the alleged wartime torture, abuse and inhumane treatment of civilians in the town of Velika Kladusa in August 1995.

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09 Dec 16 Bosnia Jails Two Croat Fighters for Wartime Rape

Two former Croatian Defence Council members were jailed in separate cases for raping women in the Orasje and Odzak areas during the war in 1992.

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02 Dec 16 Bosnian Serb Soldier Jailed for Milici Civilians’ Killings

Former Bosnian Serb soldier Dragan Marinkovic was sentenced to eight years in prison for his involvement in the killings of two civilians in Milici in eastern Bosnia in 1992.

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29 Nov 16 Kosovo Mayor Challenges War Crimes Conviction

The lawyer for Sami Lushtaku, a former guerrilla commander who is now mayor of Skenderaj/Srbica, filed a complaint to Kosovo’s Supreme Court against his conviction for war crimes.

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28 Nov 16 Bosnian Serb Jailed for Murdering Bosniak in Prijedor

Dragoje Zmijanjac was sentenced to six years in prison for committing crimes against civilians, convicted of murdering a Bosniak man in Prijedor in 1992.

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25 Nov 16 Bosnian Serb Ex-Soldier Indicted for Wartime Rape

The Bosnian prosecution filed an indictment against former Bosnian Serb soldier Zarko Vukovic, accusing him of raping a Bosniak woman several times during wartime in the Foca area.

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