22 Sep 17 Paramilitary ‘Captain Dragan’ Slams ‘Fascist’ Trial in Croatia

In his closing statement at his war crimes trial in Croatia, former Serb paramilitary leader Dragan Vasiljkovic, alias Captain Dragan, said he had been subjected to “an oppressive fascist process”.

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20 Sep 17 Yugoslav Army ‘Armed Serb Forces in Croatia’

Former Serbian State Security chief Jovica Stanisic’s defence told the Hague war crimes court that Serb forces in Croatia’s Baranja region in 1991 were controlled by the Yugoslav People’s Army, not the security service.

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20 Sep 17 Vojislav Seselj Rejects Warning From Hague Tribunal

Serbian nationalist politician Vojislav Seselj dismissed the Hague Tribunal’s warning that it will assign him a defence lawyer whether he wants one or not if he fails to turn up for his appeal hearings.

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19 Sep 17 Serbia’s ‘Red Berets’ Accused of Croatia Crimes

A witness told the retrial of former Serbian State Security Service chiefs Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic that the Red Berets unit, allegedly controlled by the defendants, committed crimes against non-Serb civilians in Croatia.

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18 Sep 17 Bosnian Serb Soldier ‘Shot at Roma Villagers in Prijedor’

A prosecution witness at the trial of former Bosnian Serb soldier Boro Milojica said he watched the defendant open fire at around ten Roma civilians in the village of Volarici in 1992.

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15 Sep 17 Bosnian Serb Ex-Fighter Charged With Bosniaks’ Killings

Former Bosnian Serb military police commander Nenad Bubalo was indicted for taking part in the killings of Bosniak men in Hrgar in the north-west of the country in 1992.

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15 Sep 17 Serbian Army Hospitals ‘Obstructing War Crime Trials’

Serbia’s Humanitarian Law Centre accused two hospitals operated by the army of delaying war crime trials by certifying that the defendants cannot attend hearings because of health concerns.

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14 Sep 17 Serbian State Security Chief Denies Controlling Arkan

The lawyer for the former head of the Serbian State Security Service, Jovica Stanisic, told the UN court that a witness’s claim that the security chief was paramilitary leader Arkan’s boss was untrue.

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14 Sep 17 Croatian Serbs Tried for Burning Village Homes

Three former members of Croatian Serb rebel units went on trial in absentia in Zagreb for burning homes in the village of Nova Derencina in central Croatia in 1991.

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13 Sep 17 Serbian Security Chief Stanisic ‘Was Arkan’s Boss’

A prosecution witness told the retrial of former Serbian security service chief Jovica Stanisic and his deputy in The Hague that notorious paramilitary leader Zeljko Raznatovic, alias Arkan, said Stanisic was his boss.

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12 Sep 17 Serbian Security ‘Controlled Serb Fighters in Croatia’

A prosecution witness told the trial of Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic in The Hague that the Serbian State Security Service established, controlled and armed Serb forces that waged war in Croatia.

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12 Sep 17 Bosnia Urged to Acquit Srebrenica Commander Oric

The defence lawyer in the high-profile trial of the Bosnian Army’s former commander in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, urged the court to acquit him of killing three captive Serb soldiers in 1992.

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08 Sep 17 Bosniaks Acquitted of Abusing Serb Prisoners in Kladanj

Eight former Bosniak police officers were cleared of mistreating Bosnian Serb civilian prisoners in the village of Stupari near Kladanj in central Bosnia during the 1990s conflict.

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08 Sep 17 Serb General’s Tuzla Massacre Case Delayed Again

A hearing in Belgrade in the case of former Bosnian Serb general Novak Djukic, accused of ordering a deadly artillery strike on Tuzla in Bosnia, was postponed because he was admitted to hospital.

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04 Sep 17 Kosovo ‘Drenica Group’ Guerrillas’ Convictions Confirmed

Pristina’s Supreme Court upheld the verdict convicting ten ex-members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, including former security chief and ambassador Sylejman Selimi, of crimes against civilians during the 1998-99 conflict.

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