02 Dec 16 Bosnian Serb Soldier Jailed for Milici Civilians’ Killings

Former Bosnian Serb soldier Dragan Marinkovic was sentenced to eight years in prison for his involvement in the killings of two civilians in Milici in eastern Bosnia in 1992.

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29 Nov 16 Kosovo Mayor Challenges War Crimes Conviction

The lawyer for Sami Lushtaku, a former guerrilla commander who is now mayor of Skenderaj/Srbica, filed a complaint to Kosovo’s Supreme Court against his conviction for war crimes.

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28 Nov 16 Bosnian Serb Jailed for Murdering Bosniak in Prijedor

Dragoje Zmijanjac was sentenced to six years in prison for committing crimes against civilians, convicted of murdering a Bosniak man in Prijedor in 1992.

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25 Nov 16 Bosnian Serb Ex-Soldier Indicted for Wartime Rape

The Bosnian prosecution filed an indictment against former Bosnian Serb soldier Zarko Vukovic, accusing him of raping a Bosniak woman several times during wartime in the Foca area.

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24 Nov 16 ‘Captain Dragan’ Trial: Croatian Troops Admit Using Church

Defence witnesses at the trial of former Serbian paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic, alias ‘Captain Dragan’, admitted that Croatian soldiers used Catholic church premises as a command post.

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24 Nov 16 Bosnian Serb General’s Trial Delayed Again in Belgrade

The trial of Bosnian Serb general Novak Djukic - already convicted in Sarajevo of ordering a deadly artillery strike on Tuzla in Bosnia - was postponed again because of the defendant’s poor health.

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22 Nov 16 Kosovo Serb Leader Ivanovic Claims Trial was Unlawful

Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic, jailed for nine years for war crimes, told Pristina’s appeals court that his trial was unlawful because he had already been investigated over the same offence.

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18 Nov 16 Bosnia Convicts Ex-Soldier of Inciting Witness’s Murder

Bosnian Serb ex-soldier Milenko Krsmanovic was jailed for three years for inciting the killing of a lawyer in an attempt to stop him appearing as a witness in his war crimes trial.

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17 Nov 16 Bosnian Serb Soldier Jailed for Strpci Train Abductions

After striking a plea bargain and admitting guilt, Bosnian Serb ex-soldier Mico Jovicic was jailed for five years for his involvement in the abduction of 20 passengers from a train in Strpci in 1993.

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17 Nov 16 Bosnian Serb Soldier Jailed for Abusing Civilians

Former Bosnian Serb Army serviceman Pero Radisic was sentenced to two years in prison for abusing two civilians in the Teslic area in 1994.

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15 Nov 16 Senior Kosovo Ex-Guerrillas Jailed for War Crimes

Kosovo’s appeals court jailed former senior Kosovo Liberation Army members Sylejman Selimi and Sami Lushtaku for war crimes against civilian prisoners during the 1998-99 conflict, their lawyers said.

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15 Nov 16 Bosnian Serb Policeman Jailed for Shooting Civilian

Former policeman Mladjen Vasiljevic was sentenced to three years in prison for shooting a civilian dead in the Ribnik area in August 1992.

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14 Nov 16 Bosnian Army Officer Tried for Killings of Croats

Former Bosnian Army officer Enver Buza went on trial over the killings of 27 Croat civilians - including a boy aged ten - by his troops during an attack in the Prozor municipality in 1993.

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10 Nov 16 Two Bosnian Serbs Jailed for 1992 Murder in Kljuc

The Cantonal Court in Bihac has sentenced Goran Sovilj and Petar Galic to a total of 17 years in prison for committing crimes in Kljuc, Bosnia.

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09 Nov 16 Bosnia Awards Iraqi War Crimes Convict €36,600

The Bosnian court awarded Abduladhim Maktouf, an Iraqi fighter convicted of war crimes during the 1992-95 conflict, 36,600 euros in compensation because he was in jail for two years longer than his sentence.

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