24 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Military Police Chief Challenges Conviction

The wartime commander of the Bosniak Croat military police force, Valentin Coric, jailed by the Hague Tribunal for 16 years for war crimes against Bosniaks, appealed against his conviction.

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24 Mar 17 Kosovo Serb Leader Asserts Innocence as Retrial Begins

The retrial of Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic began with the defendant again insisting he is not guilty of ordering the killings of nine ethnic Albanians in 1999.

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24 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Fighter Acquitted of Livno Killings

Former Croatian Defence Council military policeman Zdenko Andabak was cleared of committing war crimes during an attack on the village of Grborezi in the Livno municipality in 1993.

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23 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Deputy Commander Denies Ethnic Cleansing

Former Croatian Defence Council deputy commander Milivoje Petkovic appealed at the Hague Tribunal against his 20-year prison sentence for wartime crimes against Bosniaks.

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23 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Fighter Indicted for Persecution of Orasje Serbs

Former Croatian Defence Council fighter Mirko Juric was charged with participating in the persecution and killing of Serb civilians and the torture of prisoners of war in Orasje in 1992 and 1993.

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23 Mar 17 Bosnia, Croatia Asked to Help With Payment of Hague Defendant’s €2.8m Debt

The Hague Tribunal asked Bosnia and Croatia to help with payment of the 2.8 million euro defence debt of Bosnian Croat ex-military chief Slobodan Praljak, who is currently appealing against his war crimes conviction.

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22 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Ex-Military Chief Appeals for Acquittal

Slobodan Praljak, the former chief of the Croatian Defence Council’s Main Headquarters, appealed against his conviction for war crimes against Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993 and 1994.

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21 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Ex-Defence Chief Appeals Against Conviction

Bruno Stojic, former defence minister of the unrecognised Bosnian Croat wartime statelet of Herzeg-Bosna, denied involvement in a joint criminal enterprise to create a greater Croatian state in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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21 Mar 17 Bosnian Police Officials’ War Crimes Trial Opens

Dragan Vikic, the wartime commander of interior ministry police units in Sarajevo, and Jusuf Pusina, a former Bosnian interior ministry official, went on trial over the killing of eight prisoners of war in 1992.

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20 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Wartime Leader Denies Criminal Enterprise

Jadranko Prlic, the former premier of the unrecognised wartime Herzeg-Bosna statelet, appealed against his war crimes conviction, denying involvement in a joint criminal enterprise with Croatian officials.

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20 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Wartime Leaders Appeal Against Convictions

Six former high-ranking officials from the Bosnian Croat wartime statelet of Herzeg-Bosna are appealing against war crimes convictions in a Hague Tribunal case which also has implications for Croatia.

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10 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Fighter Jailed for Serbs’ Murders

Former Croatian Defence Council fighter Edin Sakoc was sentenced to seven years in prison for participating in the murder of two Serb civilians in Pocitelj in the Capljina municipality in 1992.

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07 Mar 17 Bosnian Soldier Jailed for Murder, Torture, Mutilation

Former Bosnian Army serviceman Emir Drakovac was sentenced to 14 years in prison for participating in the murder and mutilation of a civilian and the torture of a Serb soldier in 1992.

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07 Mar 17 Bosnian Croat Wartime Leaders’ Appeal Opens This Month

Appeals hearings will be held this month in the case of six former six Bosnian Croat leaders convicted by the Hague Tribunal of committing war crimes in the short-lived unrecognised statelet of Herzeg-Bosna.

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03 Mar 17 Bosniak Deputy Commander Faces Prisoner Abuse Retrial

Nihad Bojadzic, the former deputy commander of the Bosnian Army’s Zulfikar Squad, will be retried for the abuse of Croat prisoners of war in the Jablanica area in 1993.

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