27 Jan 15 Croatian Policemen Indicted for Operation Storm War Crimes

The former deputy commander of the Croatian special police, Zeljko Sacic, and a member of a special police unit, Franjo Drljo, were charged with war crimes against Serb civilians in August 1995.

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23 Jan 15 Fighters Charged with Massacre of 67 Bosniaks

Ten former high-ranking members of Bosnian Serb police and military units were indicted for the persecution and murder of at least 67 Bosniaks in July 1992 in the Zvornik area.

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22 Jan 15 Murder Testimony Against Kosovo Serb Leader ‘Unconvincing’

The defence of Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, accused of ordering paramilitary police to kill several ethnic Albanians in April 1999, said an alleged eyewitness had failed to prove his guilt.

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21 Jan 15 Kosovo Serb Politician ‘Led Deadly Police Squad’

A witness at the trial of Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic said he saw him with a paramilitary police group that killed several ethnic Albanians in April 1999.

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21 Jan 15 Hague Prosecutors Appeal Again for Seselj’s Detention

Prosecutors at the international war crimes court have again asked for Serbian nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, who was released for cancer treatment, to be returned to custody.

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20 Jan 15 Bosnia Charges Six Soldiers With Wartime Sexual Violence

The Bosnian prosecution raised three indictments against six former Bosnian Serb and Croat soldiers for wartime sexual violence and other crimes in Srebrenica, Odzak and Sanski Most.

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13 Jan 15 Hague Tribunal Refuses to Return Seselj to Jail

The Hague Tribunal rejected a prosecution request to put Serbian nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, who was temporarily released from his war crimes trial for cancer treatment, back in custody.

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13 Jan 15 Croatia Quashes Branimir Glavas War Crimes Sentence

Croatia’s constitutional court overturned a supreme court ruling that found wartime general and former politician Glavas guilty of war crimes and sentenced him to eight years in jail.

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08 Jan 15 Bosnian Croat Fighter’s War Rape Sentence Reduced

The appeals court reduced the prison sentence given to former Bosnian Croat fighter Ante Kovac, convicted of illegal detentions and rape in Vitez in 1993, from nine to eight years.

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06 Jan 15 Five Bosnia Train Massacre Suspects Remanded

The Bosnian state court extended the custody of five former Bosnian Serb fighters suspected of seizing 20 passengers from a train in Strpci in 1993 and then killing them.

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05 Jan 15 Bosnian Serb Soldiers Deny Cajnice Village Murders

Four former Bosnian Serb soldiers denied that they were responsible for the murders of six Bosniak civilians including two children as well as other crimes in eastern Bosnia in 1992.

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05 Jan 15 Bosnia Urges Custody for Strpci Massacre Suspects

The state prosecution asked for seven Bosnian Serb ex-fighters suspected of seizing 20 passengers from a train in 1993 and killing them to be remanded in custody.

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24 Dec 14 Bosnia Indicts Four Fighters for War Crimes

The prosecution filed three new war crimes indictments, charging former Bosnian Serb and Croat military and police officials with violence in Sanski Most, Odzak, Bosanski Brod and Osmaci.

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23 Dec 14 Serbia Increases Sentence for Bihac Killings

Former Bosnian Serb soldier Djuro Tadic, convicted of participating in the killings of 18 people including a teenage girl in 1992, had his sentence increased from 10 to 13 years.

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23 Dec 14 Bosnia Arrests Four Over Sanski Most Violence

Four former Bosnian Serb soldiers were detained on suspicion of participating in the killings and rapes of Bosniaks and other inhuman acts in the Sanski Most area.

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