04 Mar 15 Bosnian Army Soldiers Jailed for Prisoner Abuse

Two former members of the Bosnian Army’s Fifth Corps were sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail each for the abuse of prisoners detained at a barracks in Bihac.

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04 Mar 15 Five Bosnian Serbs Arrested for Rogatica Crimes

Police arrested five former members of the Bosnian Serb Army’s Rogatica Brigade on suspicion that they took part in the killings, rape and illegal detention of civilians in 1992.

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03 Mar 15 Belgrade Indicts Five Serbs for Strpci War Crime

The Belgrade prosecution indicted five former Bosnian Serb fighters for killing 20 passengers who were abducted from a train in Strpci in Bosnia 22 years ago.

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03 Mar 15 Bosnian Croat Fighter Convicted of Prozor Crimes

Former Bosnian Croat fighter Zeljko Jukic was sentenced to 15 years in prison for wartime crimes against Bosniaks including forced disappearances, torture and looting in Prozor in 1993.

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26 Feb 15 Kosovo Serb Politician Ivanovic’s Custody Extended

Oliver Ivanovic, who is on trial for war crimes and ordering the killings of Kosovo Albanians, has been remanded for another two months despite a new plea from the Serbian president.

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26 Feb 15 Female Bosnian Serb Fighters Convicted of Prisoner Torture

Former fighters Bora Kuburic and Radmila Banjac were sentenced to four years in prison each for torturing a captured Bosnian Army nurse in the summer of 1992 in Bosanska Krupa.

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25 Feb 15 Interpol Seeks Arrest of 17 Yugoslav Fighters

Interpol has issued ‘red notices’ for 17 former members of Serbian forces, including a ruling party MP, over allegations that they committed war crimes in Kosovo in April 1999.

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24 Feb 15 Bosnia Camp Guard Apologises to Abused Serbs

The former deputy commander of Croatian Defence Forces’ wartime Dretelj detention camp admitted that he abused Serb prisoners in 1992 and begged for their forgiveness.

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19 Feb 15 Croatia Restarts Kerestinec Prison War Crimes Trial

The trial of five Croatian soldiers accused of torturing and sexually abusing Serb prisoners of war at the Kerestinec military prison has restarted in Zagreb.

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19 Feb 15 Kosovo Serb Politician ‘Seen with Mitrovica Killers’

A prosecution witness said he saw Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic with a group of paramilitary policemen who executed four ethnic Albanians in Mitrovica in April 1999.

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17 Feb 15 Bosnia Arrests Two for War Crimes Against Serbs

Former Croatian Defence Council military policemen Muamir Jasarevic and Sead Velagic are suspected of involvement in the wartime torture, persecution and murders of Serbs in the Livno area.

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16 Feb 15 Bosnia Upholds Convictions for Prijedor Mosque Killings

Three former Bosnian Serb soldiers will serve a total of 63 years in jail over the executions of Bosniak civilians outside a mosque in the village of Carakovo near Prijedor in 1992.

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13 Feb 15 Bosnian Serb Soldier Jailed for Visegrad Rape, Murder

Former Bosnian Serb Army soldier Dragan Sekaric was sentenced to 14 years in prison for rape and murder in the village of Kosovo Polje in the Visegrad municipality in 1992.

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12 Feb 15 Serbs Detained Bosniaks ‘For Their Own Protection’

A defence witness testified at Ratko Mladic’s war crimes trial at the Hague Tribunal that Muslims held in the Trnopolje detention camp near Prijedor in the summer of 1992 were not abused.

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11 Feb 15 Mladic Witness: ‘Disloyal Muslims’ Faced Expulsion

A defence witness told Ratko Mladic’s war crimes trial in The Hague that Serb authorities in the Sanski Most area were planning to expel "extreme" and "disloyal" Bosniaks in the spring of 1992.

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