09 Oct 15 Bosnia Camp Survivors Seek End to Court Fees

Former Bosnian camp inmates who have filed lawsuits for damages for their suffering say they are being made victims again by being made to pay judicial fees.

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14 Aug 15 Bosnia Struggles with War Rape Compensation

Landmark verdicts from the Bosnian state court ordering wartime rapists to compensate their victims have run into trouble because the convicted men might be too poor to pay.

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26 Jun 15 Bosnia to Adopt Torture Victim Law This Year

Bosnia’s human rights minister announced that a law on torture victims which would ensure the rights of hundreds of thousands of former detainees will be sent to parliament by the year’s end.

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10 Jun 15 Pope’s Justice Message Greeted Sceptically in Bosnia

Pope Francis’s message that Bosnia and Herzegovina can only achieve lasting peace through justice was supported by war victims’ groups and rights advocates - but they doubt if it’s actually possible.

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08 Jun 15 Bosniak Survivors Mark Zvornik Massacres Anniversary

Twenty-three years after the killings of hundreds of men by Bosnian Serb forces and paramilitaries around the town of Zvornik, only a handful of people have been convicted of war crimes.

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05 May 15 Bosnian Ex-Detainees Demand State Torture Law

Former detainees in wartime camps launched a week commemorating their suffering by issuing a plea to politicians to finally adopt a state-wide law on torture victims to ensure their rights.

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16 Apr 15 Murdered US Albanians’ Brother Warns Serbian PM

The brother of three Albanian-Americans killed in Kosovo just after the war urged the Serbian prime minister to make progress to resolve the murder before his planned visit to the US.

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06 Apr 15 Kosovo Buries 28 Bodies from Mass Grave

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Isa Mustafa joined mourners in the village of Rezalle at a burial ceremony for 28 war victims exhumed last year from a mass grave in southern Serbia.

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20 Mar 15 Kosovo President Says Rape Victims Still Stigmatised

President Atifete Jahjaga has demanded more institutional support for wartime rape victims, saying too many people in Kosovo still regard the issue as a taboo subject.

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18 Feb 15 Serbia Village Attackers Unpunished, 22 Years On

Twenty-two years after the Yugoslav Army attacked Bosniaks in the Serbian village of Kukurovici, no one has been prosecuted for the murders of three people who were killed there.

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11 Feb 15 Bosnia’s ‘Politicians with War Baggage’ Under Fire

Victims’ associations and human rights advocates have condemned the appointment of two elected officials who have been accused of having connections with war crimes during the 1990s.

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04 Feb 15 Experts Greet HLC's 'Kosovo Memory Book'

International experts have praised the Humanitarian Law Centre's database on victims of the Kosovo conflict, the Kosovo Memory Book, which was presented on Wednesday in Pristina.

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28 Jan 15 War Traumas Influence Bosnia Suicide Rate

Over 450 people committed suicide in 2014 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder linked to the 1990s conflict cited as some of the causes.

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13 Jan 15 Kosovo Minister Urged to Quit for ‘Savages’ Statement

Calls have increased for the resignation of Kosovo minister Aleksandar Jablanovic after he described Albanian protesters who rallied against Serb pilgrims at Orthodox Christmas as ‘savages’.

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11 Dec 14 Croatian Veterans Protest Post-War Suicides

Some 3,000 former soldiers marched through the centre of Zagreb, demanding that the government take action after the suicides of numerous 1990s war veterans.

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