13 Dec 17 Kosovo Urged to Increase Aid to Wartime Rape Victims

Kosovo will offer reparations to survivors of wartime sexual violence, but an Amnesty International report warns that the law doesn’t do enough to help them and that access to justice remains limited.

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04 Dec 17 Bosnian Serbs Oppose New Torture Victims Law

Bosnian Serb politicians and war victims’ groups said they will not support the adoption of a new state-level law on wartime victims of torture, claiming it would discriminate against Serbs.

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20 Nov 17 War Rape Victim Sues Croatian Ministry

A Serb woman raped in Kuline prison in the town of Sibenik in 1993 is suing the Croatian War Veterans’ Ministry for refusing to grant her the status of a wartime victim of sexual violence, which would give her compensation.

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07 Nov 17 Bosnia to Step Up Dealing With Legacy of War, CoE Says

Bosnia and Herzegovina should step up the prosecution of wartime crimes and uphold the human rights of all civilian war victims, a new Council of Europe report says.

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04 Oct 17 Hague Court Exhibit Shows Children’s Wartime Suffering

The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals launched an online multimedia exhibition giving insights into the suffering of children during the former Yugoslav wars and the Rwanda genocide.

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02 Oct 17 US Court Dismisses Croatian WWII Victims’ Lawsuit

A court in Chicago dismissed WWII victims’ relatives’ lawsuit against Croatia, a case marred by allegations of identity theft, after the plaintiffs’ lawyer failed to appear in court.

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07 Sep 17 UN ‘Must Compensate All Kosovo Lead Poison Victims’

The UN’s failure to compensate victims of lead poisoning at UN-run camps for people displaced by the Kosovo war left families struggling to care for sick relatives, says a Human Rights Watch report.

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20 Jul 17 Vucic Named Bytyqi Murder Suspect, Alleges Family

Three sources told BIRN that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that former high-ranking police officer Goran ‘Guri’ Radosavljevic was responsible for the killings of the Albanian-American Bytyqi brothers in 1999.

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01 Jun 17 UN Response to Kosovo Lead Poison Claims Condemned

The European Roma Rights Centre and other organisations condemned the UN's refusal to provide compensation for Kosovo Roma victims of lead poisoning.

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27 May 17 UN Fails to Compensate Poisoned Kosovo Roma

UN plans to finance community projects instead of compensating Kosovo Roma, are incurring criticism from human rights organisations.

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18 May 17 Wartime Rapes of Men Remains Taboo in Bosnia

Some 3,000 men and boys were raped during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s, but their stories remain untold in Bosnia's macho culture, the Williams Institute reports.

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09 May 17 Croatia Compensates Serb Family for Killing by Soldier

A Croatian court ordered 106,000 euros in compensation to be paid to the family of Janko Cakic, a Serb civilian killed after Croatia’s military operation ‘Storm’ in August 1995.

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25 Apr 17 Balkan States Rapped over Holocaust Property Restitution

Bosnia and Herzegovina has failed to comply with an international declaration on the restitution of property seized during WWII, while other Balkan countries have not honoured their commitments in full.

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10 Apr 17 Council of Europe: Kosovo War Victims ‘Denied Justice’

The weakness of Kosovo’s witness protection system means that some war crimes perpetrators are not being sanctioned and victims are being denied justice, the Council of Europe’s rights commissioner warned.

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04 Apr 17 Bosnia ‘Failing to Meet Landmine Removal Target’

Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be landmine-free by 2019 as previously promised because of a lack of funds, campaigners warned on International Mine Awareness Day.

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