24 Mar 17 US Holocaust Envoy Warns Croatia About Fascist Symbols

On a visit to Croatia, the US State Department envoy for Holocaust issues warned the authorities that symbols of the WWII fascist Ustasa movement are offensive to victims and their families.

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20 Mar 17 Croatia Threatened with Lawsuit by WWII Victims

Croatia has been threatened with a lawsuit if it doesn’t support victims of the WWII fascist Ustasa movement in their claims for reparations - although one expert doubted Zagreb would back the case.

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13 Mar 17 WWII Compensation Lawsuit Against Croatia ‘Likely to Fail’

A 3.2 billion euro lawsuit filed against Croatia by American descendants of Serbs, Jews and Roma seeking compensation for property seized by the Nazi-allied WWII regime will probably fail, experts said.

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10 Feb 17 Amnesty Seeks Justice for Killed Kosovo Protesters

Amnesty International has called on the United Nations to deliver justice to the families of two Kosovo Albanians shot dead by UN police in a demonstration a decade ago in Pristina.

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09 Feb 17 Council of Europe Says Kosovo War Victims ‘Ignored’

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks said the plight of Kosovo war victims is being ignored amid the ongoing political discussions about the country’s future.

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23 Dec 16 Serbian Officers Accused of Detaining, Torturing Bosniaks

Belgrade’s Humanitarian Law Centre claimed in a new report that Serbian army and police officers were responsible for detaining Bosniaks and torturing them at prison camps in Serbia in 1995.

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27 Oct 16 Strasbourg Rejects Bosnians’ Torture Claim Against Serbia

The European Court of Human Rights rejected a complaint from 67 Bosnians who accused Belgrade of not properly investigating their alleged torture in detention camps in Serbia during and after the Bosnian war.

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15 Aug 16 Biden to Push Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue on Farewell Tour

Joe Biden’s visit to Serbia and Kosovo on his last Balkan tour as US Vice President is expected to focus on re-booting the stalled dialogue between the two countries.

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18 Jul 16 Pristina ‘War Grave’ Excavation Distresses Relatives

Relatives of a man still missing from the Kosovo war said they were waiting with hope and fear for the outcome of an excavation of a suspected mass grave at Pristina University.

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14 Jul 16 UN Kosovo Mission ‘Violated Human Rights’, Says Probe

A United Nations advisory panel set up to examine complaints against the UN’s Kosovo mission, UNMIK, said the mission violated human rights and did not properly investigate serious allegations of wrongdoing.

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08 Jul 16 Serbia Under Fire Over US Albanians’ Murders

Human rights campaigners, lawyers and academics called on the US and EU to pressurise Belgrade to solve the murder of three US citizens of Albanian origin killed in Serbia in 1999.

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30 Jun 16 Kosovo War Rape Verifications Hit by Delays

The Kosovo authorities have promised to set up a commission to verify the claims of rape victims from the 1998-99 war soon, but human rights campaigners accused them of acting too slowly.

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26 May 16 Kosovo Families Accuse Serbian Army Chief of Massacre

Families of victims from the village of Rezala accuse Serbian army chief Ljubisa Dikovic of killing 41 villagers during the war of the 1990s – and demand that Kosovo’s judicial organs investigate.

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18 Apr 16 Bosnia's Federation to Establish Commission on War Rapes

Bosnia's Federation entity plans to create a new commission to assess whether victims of wartime rape are entitled to compensation - but victims' associations remain sceptical about the outcome.

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08 Apr 16 Kosovo Victims’ Families Appeal to Serbian Court

Families of 14 women and children killed by Belgrade’s forces in the Kosovo town of Podujevo/Podujeves in March 1999 will appeal to a Serbian court, asking for more compensation.

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