on-the-trail-of-kosovo-s-most-wanted 04 Mar 15 On the Trail of Kosovo’s Most Wanted

Survivors of mass killings in Kosovo villages in the Djakovica/Gjakova area in 1999 say they hope justice is coming closer after Interpol issued warrants for 17 Serbian fighters.

bosnian-court-favours-defendant-over-victim-s-rights 08 Jan 15 Bosnian Court Criticised for Shielding Sex-Case Indictees

Recent decisions to close war crimes trials involving sexual abuse to the public to protect indictees’ family lives have been criticised for putting defendants’ rights before those of victims.

the-long-dark-shadow-of-croatia-s-victorious-campaign 05 Aug 14 The Lost Victims of Croatia’s Victorious Campaign

Nineteen years after Croatian forces seized back swathes of territory from Serb control during ‘Operation Storm’, relatives of those killed are still demanding answers from Zagreb about their loved ones’ fates. 

the-problem-with-the-kosovo-war-rape-petition 23 Jul 14 The Problem with the Kosovo War Rape Petition

A campaign in Kosovo urging the UN to investigate wartime rapes shows the failure of local institutions to do anything themselves, highlights prejudiced attitudes towards victims and cannot bring justice.

bosnia-s-child-soldiers-abandoned-by-the-state 21 May 14 Bosnia’s Child Soldiers Abandoned by the State

An estimated 2,000 children fought in the 1992-95 Bosnian war, sometimes in horrific conditions on the frontlines, but their efforts to win special state benefits have been rejected.

serbia-urged-to-prosecute-commanders-for-kosovo-massacre 16 Oct 13 Seeking Justice in Serbia for Kosovo’s Lost Sons

Rights campaigners in Belgrade say that 14 years after a brutal massacre in a Kosovo village, they’ve identified the Yugoslav units responsible and have demanded prosecution in Serbia.

serbia-still-unaware-of-communist-era-crimes 09 Sep 13 Exposing the Secret Crimes of Communism in Serbia

Communist repression in Serbia saw 52,000 people killed and thousands more locked up, says a historian who is investigating the crimes of the regime after World War II.

ex-prisoners-of-serbian-detention-camp-still-wait-for-justice 25 Jul 13 Prisoners Return to Relive Serbian Jail Camp Memories

Eighteen years after Serbian police jailed hundreds of Bosniaks at the Sljivovica detention camp near the border, some of its former inmates returned to speak about their horrific experiences.

victims-feel-betrayed-by-local-war-crimes-trials 26 Apr 13 Victims Feel Betrayed by Local War Crimes Trials

When the Hague Tribunal closes at the end of 2014, Balkan countries’ own courts will be responsible for all war crimes trials, but prosecutions are dogged by politics and differing interpretations of history.

kosovo-victims-not-ready-to-reconcile-with-serbia 02 Apr 13 Kosovo War Victims Not Ready for Serbia Reconciliation

Kosovo has started work on a reconciliation strategy, but relatives of victims of the war and its violent aftermath are sceptical that justice can be done, 14 years after the conflict ended.

ilijas-war-victims-lament-justice-s-snail-s-pace 07 Dec 12 Ilijas War Victims Lament Justice’s Snail’s Pace

About 200 people from Ilijas were killed in spring 1992 following a Bosnian Serb assault on the town and surrounding villages – and over 50 remain missing. Yet almost no one has yet been held responsible.

simic-no-peace-without-transitional-strategy 12 Nov 12 Simic: No Peace Without Transitional Strategy

The former Yugoslavia is effectively still at war, and will stay that way until the countries of the region deal with the legacy of the past, claims Goran Simic, a Bosnian Transitional Justice expert.

serbian-justice-dismays-lovas-atrocity-survivors 25 Oct 12 Serbian Justice Dismays Lovas Atrocity Survivors

Survivors of a 1991 massacre in Croatia say a recent Belgrade court ruling let the Yugoslav Army off the hook - and hope a forthcoming trial in The Hague will do better.

alma-bravo-mehmedbasic-rehabilitation-or-robots-without-emotions 20 Aug 12 Without Therapy Rape Victims Risk Lasting Trauma

Victims of wartime rape need expert support otherwise, they may live emotionless, robot-like lives, says the neuropsychologist Alma Bravo-Mehmedbasic.

searching-for-buried-truth-at-rts 04 May 12 Searching for Buried Truth at RTS

Delays and “missing” documents damage hopes for an official inquiry into NATO attack on state broadcaster.

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