fear-on-the-run-a-srebrenica-survivor-s-tale 07 Jul 15 Fear on the Run: A Srebrenica Survivor’s Tale

Fatima Ahmic spent 13 days fleeing through woodlands, almost entirely without food and water, dodging ambushes and shellfire as she escaped the Srebrenica massacres 20 years ago.

srebrenica-how-to-prove-a-genocide 06 Jul 15 Srebrenica: How to Prove a Genocide

Starting with no more than rumours of a colossal atrocity, investigators and prosecutors recall how they put together a convincing case that the Bosniaks of Srebrenica were the victims of genocide 20 years ago.

srebrenica-flashbacks-to-an-atrocity 19 Mar 15 Srebrenica: Flashbacks to an Atrocity

Northern Irish artist Anthony Haughey is marking the 20th anniversary of the 1995 Srebrenica massacres with a film about the conflicting ideologies and contested views of history surrounding the killings.

srebrenica-survivor-seeks-dutch-peacekeepers-prosecution 18 Aug 14 Srebrenica Survivor Seeks Dutch Peacekeepers’ Prosecution

After the Netherlands was found guilty of failing to prevent his father and brother’s killings in 1995, a Srebrenica survivor wants Dutch commanders who were supposed to protect them to be prosecuted.

living-with-the-tragic-legacy-of-srebrenica 15 Jul 14 Living With the Tragic Legacy of Srebrenica

A new book, ‘Srebrenica in the Aftermath of Genocide’, examines the devastating impact that the 1995 massacres had on Bosnian society as well as the people who lived through it.

srebrenica-s-forgotten-legacy-war-criminals-in-the-us 11 Jul 14 Srebrenica’s Forgotten Legacy - War Criminals in the US

As Bosnians the world over mark the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, survivors deserve to know why so many Bosnian Serb fighters involved in the slaughter have since found sanctuary in America.

srebrenica-anniversary-genocide-convicts-serving-500-years 11 Jul 14 Srebrenica Anniversary: Genocide Convicts Serving 500 Years

As the 19th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacres is commemorated, 30 Bosnian Serbs have so far been jailed for a total of 568 years for genocide and other crimes in July 1995.

srebrenica-anniversary-the-rape-victims-testimonies 11 Jul 14 Srebrenica Anniversary: The Rape Victims’ Testimonies

Some of the women who were raped by Bosnian Serb soldiers at the time of the Srebrenica massacres in July 1995 have found the courage to conquer their fears and speak out.

srebrenica-anniversary-the-netherlands-on-trial 10 Jul 14 Srebrenica Anniversary: The Netherlands on Trial

Srebrenica victims’ families are awaiting a landmark judgement in their lawsuit against the Netherlands over accusations that Dutch peacekeepers failed to prevent their relatives’ deaths in 1995.

escaping-death-on-the-flight-from-srebrenica 11 Jul 13 Escaping Death on the Flight From Srebrenica

Hasan Hasanovic recalls his near-death experience escaping from Srebrenica, when he managed to evade the mass killings but never saw his father or brother again.

interview-tribunal-delays-return-of-srebrenica-victims-belongings 11 Jul 13 Hague Delays Return of Srebrenica Victims’ Belongings

The Hague Tribunal seems reluctant to return the possessions of massacre victims to their relatives in Bosnia, causing some to seek the prosecution of the UN court's former prosecutor.

more-than-550-years-for-srebrenica-crimes 11 Jul 13 Srebrenica Killers Jailed For 553 Years So Far

By the 18th anniversary of the Srebrenica atrocities in July 1995, the Hague Tribunal and Bosnia’s state court had convicted a total 27 people for their involvement in the killings.

srebrenica-aaåth-sabotage-unit-taking-breaks-amid-cold-blooded-murder 13 Jul 12 Srebrenica - 10th Sabotage Unit: ‘Taking Breaks Amid Cold-blooded Murder’

Six members of unit believed to have killed around 800 people from Srebrenica in 1995 have been jailed so far to 157 years.

making-a-better-future-by-resolving-the-past 11 Jul 12 'Making a Better Future by Resolving the Past'

In four years working as a forensic anthropologist, Esma Alicehajic has taken part in dozens of Srebrenica exhumations, and says she never allows herself to feel emotional while working on a mass grave.

zvornik-brigade-guilty-for-2-500-plus-deaths 11 Jul 12 Zvornik Brigade, Guilty For 2,500-Plus Deaths

Verdicts on seven members say VRS brigade played key role in slaughter after fall of Srebrenica - executing victims and transporting the bodies to mass graves.

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