19 Nov 14 Seselj Inflames Croatia With Vukovar Jibe

Croatian politicians have voiced outrage over comments by Vojislav Seselj, mocking the fall of Vukovar in 1991, demanding his speedy return to The Hague.

18 Nov 14 Regional Truth Commision One Step Closer To Establishment

The coalition of groups working to establish a fact-finding commission into the Yugoslav wars, known as RECOM, amended its statute ahead of the hoped-for formation of the commission next year.

18 Nov 14 Seselj Release Alarms Croatian Leaders

President and Foreign Minister say early temporary release of Vojislav Seselj is both worrying and destablising for the region - and represents a setback for the idea of international justice.

15 Nov 14 Thousands Join Seselj's Welcome-Home Rally

Some 3,000 people marched through central Belgrade at the first rally held in 11 years by nationalist leader and recently-released war crimes trial defendant Vojislav Seselj.

13 Nov 14 Seselj Vows to Resist Return to Hague Tribunal

Serbian nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, temporarily freed by the Hague Tribunal for cancer treatment, said he would fight any attempt to send him back for his war crimes verdict.

12 Nov 14 Vojislav Seselj Returns to Serbia After 11 Years

Hundreds of supporters welcomed nationalist leader Seselj, who is on trial for war crimes at the Hague Tribunal, as he arrived in Belgrade after being temporary released for cancer treatment.

10 Nov 14 Vojislav Seselj’s Return Sparks Arguments in Serbia

Serbian politicians traded accusations over the impending arrival in Belgrade of nationalist leader Seselj after his conditional release by the Hague Tribunal for cancer treatment.

07 Nov 14 Three Kosovo Serbs Acquitted of War Crimes

Brothers Slobodan and Srecko Martinovic and Svetlana Stojanovic were acquitted of mistreating two Kosovo Albanians from the town of Novoberda/Novo Brdo during the war in April 1999.

06 Nov 14 Hague Releases Seselj on Health Grounds

The Hague Tribunal is releasing the Serbian ultra-nationalist Vojislav Seselj because he has cancer and his health is deteriorating, although his marathon trial is not yet over.

05 Nov 14 Hague Tribunal Considers Releasing Vojislav Seselj

The Hague Tribunal is considering allowing Serbian Radical Party leader Seselj, who has cancer, to go to his home country for treatment if Belgrade provides security guarantees.

04 Nov 14 Serbia Urged to Speed Up War Crimes Prosecutions

If the Serbian authorities continue prosecutions at the current slow pace, many perpetrators may never be punished for the crimes they committed in the 1990s, Amnesty International warned.

04 Nov 14 Deceased Yugoslav Defence Minister ‘Cheated Justice’

Former Croatian president Stjepan Mesic said Veljko Kadijevic, the wartime commander of the Yugoslav People’s Army, who has died in exile, should have been tried for war crimes.

03 Nov 14 Last Yugoslav Defence Minister Dies in Russia

Veljko Kadijevic, the wartime commander of the Yugoslav People’s Army, who was accused but never convicted of war crimes during the conflict in Croatia, has died in exile.

27 Oct 14 Serbs Urge US to Support Return to Kosovo

Kosovo Serb refugees called for US embassy in Pristina to protect their rights, claiming they are forbidden to return to their houses in Kosovo.

23 Oct 14 Serbia Orders Arrest of Ex-Policeman Fighting in Ukraine

Former Serbian anti-terrorist police spokesperson Radomir Pocuca, on trial for threatening peace campaigners, faces arrest for not appearing in court after he joined pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.



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