22 Dec 14 Seselj: Srebrenica a ‘Black Spot’ for Serbs

Serbian nationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, freed by the Hague Tribunal for cancer treatment, said the Srebrenica massacres were a crime but did not amount to genocide.

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19 Dec 14 Serbian MPs Claim Prosecutor Unlawfully Appointed

A group of Serbian MPs filed criminal charges against members of the State Council of Prosecutors for the alleged illegal appointment of deputy war crimes prosecutor Bruno Vekaric.

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18 Dec 14 Ivanovic Pleads Not Guilty to War Crimes

Oliver Ivanovic and four other defendants pleaded not guilty to war crimes in a trial that has opened in Mitrovica, northern Kosovo.

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15 Dec 14 Kosovo Officials Vow Serb ‘Peace Park’ Removal

Kosovo Albanian officials have again promised to get rid of a ‘peace park’ created by Serbs to replace a barricade on the bridge that divides the town of Mitrovica.

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12 Dec 14 Serb Paramilitary ‘Captain Dragan’ Closer to Extradition

Former Serb paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic’s court plea to stop his extradition from Australia to Croatia, where he is wanted for alleged war crimes, was turned down.

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11 Dec 14 EU Names New Kosovo Tribunal Chief Prosecutor

US lawyer David Schwendiman will be the chief prosecutor of the new special war crimes court that is expected to prosecute senior Kosovo Liberation Army figures, BIRN has learned.

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11 Dec 14 Kosovo Political Crisis Delays UN War Rape Appeal

The delivery of a petition urging the United Nations to produce a report on wartime rape in Kosovo, signed by over 115,000 people, has been delayed by the country’s recent political crisis.

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11 Dec 14 Hague Defendants’ Health Problems Threaten Trials

The Hague Tribunal’s president warned that long-awaited verdicts in the war crimes trials of Ratko Mladic, Goran Hadzic and Vojislav Seselj are being delayed because of their poor health.

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10 Dec 14 List of Kosovo War Victims Published

A wide-ranging list of more than 13,000 people of all nationalities who died or disappeared during the Kosovo conflict was published online to mark Human Rights Day.

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09 Dec 14 Seselj’s Plea for a Bosnian Pension Rejected

The Bosnian Federation’s pensions department said it will refuse to grant a disability pension to Serbian war crimes defendant Vojislav Seselj, who worked at Sarajevo University before the war.

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08 Dec 14 Bosnian Serb Train Massacre Suspects Remanded

Fifteen Bosnian Serbs arrested on suspicion of seizing 20 passengers from a train in the Bosnian town of Strpci in 1993 and killing them have been remanded in custody for a month.

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05 Dec 14 Serbia, Bosnia Arrest 15 in War Crimes Swoop

In a joint operation, Serbia and Bosnia arrested 15 people suspected of seizing 20 passengers from a train in the Bosnian town of Strpci during wartime in 1993 and killing them.

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04 Dec 14 Seselj Launches Petition to Impeach Serbian President

Serbian war crimes defendant Vojislav Seselj, temporary released by the Hague Tribunal for cancer treatment, said his party will mount a public campaign to oust President Tomislav Nikolic.

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04 Dec 14 Croatian Serb Refugees Demand Belgrade Monument

Refugees who fled Croatia during the 1990s war asked the Belgrade authorities to erect a monument dedicated to Serb victims who died during the conflict.

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02 Dec 14 Kosovo Ex-Mayor Quizzed Over Policeman’s Killing

The Serb former mayor of the Zubin Potok municipality, Slavisa Ristic, was questioned by EU rule-of-law mission prosecutors over the murder of a Kosovo police officer in 2011.

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