26 May 17 Serbian Court Rehabilitates Chetnik Wartime Commander

A Serbian court in Valjevo has rehabilitated the former Chetnik commander Nikola Kalabic, who was declared a war criminal by the Yugoslav Communist authorities and died in mysterious circumstances shortly after World War II ended.

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24 May 17 Mladic Lawyers Mull Street Protests Seeking his Release

Ratko Mladic’s lawyer said they may urge people in Serbia to take to the streets and protest in support of their demand for the temporary release of the Bosnian Serb leader.

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24 May 17 US Deports Serb Wanted Over Srebrenica Killings

The US on Monday deported Srdjan Bilic to Serbia, where he is wanted in connection with war crimes committed in 1995 in Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia.

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23 May 17 Mladic Appeals ICTY Denial of Temporary Release

Former Bosnian Serb military leader, Ratko Mladic’s defence has appealed The Hague Tribunal decision not to grant him temporary release for medical treatment in Russia.

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18 May 17 Serbia Failing to Prosecute War Crimes, HLC Says

New report by leading NGO says if Serbia maintains its current slow pace in prosecuting war crimes, less than 10 per cent of alleged culprits will face due process in the next 10 years.

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17 May 17 Trial of Stanisic and Simatovic Begins on June 13

The trial of Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic, also known as Frenki, before the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, is due to begin on June 13, the Trial Chamber has announced.

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17 May 17 Russia Slams ICTY Decision Not To Release Mladic

Moscow said it was ‘confused’ by the Hague Tribunal’s refusal to temporarily release the former Bosnian Serb leader Ratko Mladic and allow him to go to Russia for health reasons.

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16 May 17 Court Upholds Custody for Curuvija Murder Case Defendants

A Serbian court has upheld custody for two suspects charged with participating in the 1999 murder of journalist Slavko Curuvija for the duration of their trial.

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16 May 17 Council of Europe Calls for Serbia to Acknowledge Genocide

The Council of Europe’s anti-discrimination commission said that political leaders in Serbia should officially recognise that massacres committed in Srebrenica in 1995 constituted genocide.

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15 May 17 Curuvija Trial Murder Continues in Serbia

A former Socialist Party official, Milorad Vucelic, said the only connection between him and the murder of the journalist Slavko Curuvija was a phone number that was located near the place of murder.

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15 May 17 Serbia Selects New Chief War Crimes Prosecutor

Serbia's new chief war crimes prosecutor, Snezana Stanojkovic, looks likely to make crimes committed against Serbs - rather than by them - her priority in the post.

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12 May 17 Serbian State Surveillance ‘Used for Journalist’s Murder’

Serbian State Security surveillance operatives were misused so opposition journalist Slavko Curuvija could be killed in 1999, former head of National Security Goran Petrovic told Belgrade Special Court.

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12 May 17 Serb Fighters Deny Ordering Croats into Minefield

Defence lawyers said in closing arguments at Belgrade Special Court that five former Serb fighters weren’t involved in using civilians from the Croatian village of Lovas as human mine-detectors in 1991.

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12 May 17 Serbian Royal Academy to Sue NATO over Bombing

The Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists has formed a legal team and says it will file charges against NATO for using depleted uranium during the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia.

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11 May 17 Serb Fighters ‘Didn’t Order Croats’ Killings in Lovas’

In closing arguments at Belgrade Special Court, lawyers for three former Serb fighters said they didn’t have command responsibility for killing 40 unarmed civilians in the Croatian village of Lovas in 1991.

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