deaths-spotlight-hague-tribunal-s-ageing-defendants-02-10-2016 10 Feb 16 Deaths Spotlight Hague Tribunal’s Ageing Defendants

The death in custody of Bosnian Serb war criminal Zdravko Tolimir means that 12 defendants at the UN war crimes court in The Hague have now died while on trial or waiting to serve their sentences.

belgrade-zagreb-tvs-restore-broken-links-02-01-2016 02 Feb 16 Belgrade, Zagreb TV Stations Restore Broken Links

Serbia’s RTS and Croatia’s HRT public broadcasters, both accused of warmongering propaganda during the 1990s, are now making a new series together, reviving their Yugoslav-era links.

serbian-activist-faces-trial-for-commemorating-srebrenica-01-28-2016 29 Jan 16 Serbian Activist Faces Court for Commemorating Srebrenica

Anita Mitic, a rights activist who was charged with breaking Serbia’s public gatherings law, claims the case against her is another example of the authorities’ policy of Srebrenica genocide denial.

childhood-conflict-drama-takes-kosovo-to-hollywood-01-26-2016 27 Jan 16 Childhood Conflict Drama Takes Kosovo to Hollywood

‘Shok’ (‘Friend’), the first Kosovo-made film ever to be nominated for an Oscar, draws on some of its actors’ real-life experiences of intimidation by Serbian forces in the late 1990s.

don-t-give-serbia-a-war-crimes-pass-01-21-2016 22 Jan 16 Don’t Give Serbia a War Crimes Pass

During EU accession talks with Serbia, Brussels must press Belgrade to take genuine action to resolve war crimes cases, prosecute senior officials and stop shielding suspects.

oliver-ivanovic-karate-master-defeated-in-court-01-21-2016 21 Jan 16 Oliver Ivanovic: Karate Master Defeated in Court

Kosovo Serb leader Ivanovic’s martial arts skills brought him to politics, and he was once seen as a key figure in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue - but he now faces jail for war crimes against Albanians.

can-the-new-kosovo-court-keep-witnesses-safe--01-20-2016 20 Jan 16 Can the New Kosovo Court Keep Witnesses Safe?

Courts have repeatedly failed to safeguard Kosovo war crimes witnesses from threats and violence - now the new Hague-based special court must protect those who testify against powerful defendants.

tribute-to-ottoman-sultan-divides-kosovo-town-01-18-2016 19 Jan 16 Tribute to Ottoman Sultan Divides Kosovo Town

A row has erupted in the Kosovo town named after 14th century Serbian knight Milos Obilic, the alleged killer of invader Sultan Murad I, over whether to name a cultural centre after the Ottoman potentate.

the-forgotten-heroes-of-serb-albanian-comradeship-01-14-2016 15 Jan 16 The Forgotten Heroes of Serb-Albanian Comradeship

Boro Vukmirovic, a Serb, and Ramiz Sadiku, a Kosovo Albanian, became Yugoslav icons after dying together while fighting fascism - can reviving their memory promote tolerance in today’s divided ex-Yugoslavia?

croatia-s-serbs-nervously-await-new-govt-s-plans-01-05-2016 06 Jan 16 Croatia’s Serbs Nervously Await New Govt’s Plans

The incoming Zagreb government is promising to improve relations with Serbia, but questions remain about whether the situation will improve Croatia’s Serb minority.

operation-storm-causes-turbulence-for-croatia-12-24-2015 31 Dec 15 Operation Storm Causes Turbulence for Croatia

2015 was marred by arguments with Serbia over celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Croatia’s victorious Operation Storm, while protesting war veterans caused problems domestically.

kosovo-feels-the-pressure-over-new-war-court-12-23-2015 28 Dec 15 Kosovo Feels the Pressure Over New War Court

The EU-backed plan to set up a special court to try senior Kosovo Liberation Army officials for war crimes continued to spark angry reactions from its opponents throughout 2015.

serbia-takes-its-case-to-the-global-stage-12-23-2015 25 Dec 15 Serbia Takes Its Case to the Global Stage

Serbia flexed its diplomatic muscles in 2015 as it took on Croatia in The Hague, sought to block a UN resolution on Srebrenica and lobbied against Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO.

bosnia-and-serbia-one-step-forward-two-steps-back-12-23-2015 23 Dec 15 Bosnia and Serbia: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

After relations improved this year between the two neighbouring countries, the Serbian PM has created new problems by ignoring a ruling made by Bosnia’s Constitutional Court.

serbian-judge-s-removal-threatens-judicial-independence--12-21-2015 21 Dec 15 Serbian Judge’s Removal ‘Threatens Judicial Independence’

The removal of judge Vladimir Vucinic from Belgrade’s Special Court was a political move aimed at curbing judicial independence and will set back an important case against interior ministry officers, experts alleged.

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