kosovo-serb-minister-learning-albanian-is-necessary-12-14-2017 15 Dec 17 Kosovo Serb Minister: Learning Albanian is Necessary

Kosovo government minister Dalibor Jevtic says Serbs and Albanians need to build trust - and that Kosovo Serb children should learn the Albanian language to ensure better communication for the future.

homecoming-kosovo-serbs-face-an-uncertain-future-12-11-2017 14 Dec 17 Homecoming Kosovo Serbs Face an Uncertain Future

The secrecy surrounding a newly-built settlement in northern Kosovo highlights the problems facing Serbs who have returned to Kosovo after the war – and how they need security and jobs as well as houses.

secret-serbian-indictment-claims-army-helped-mladic-12-01-2017 05 Dec 17 ‘Secret’ Serbian Indictment Claims Army Helped Mladic

The indictment of Ratko Mladic’s aides, which the Serbian prosecution has released to BIRN after initially declaring it a state secret, says the Bosnian Serb military chief had Yugoslav Army assistance while hiding in Belgrade.

a-poisonous-week-at-the-hague-tribunal-11-30-2017 30 Nov 17 A Poisonous Week at the Hague Tribunal

The nationalistic reactions to the death of Slobodan Praljak and the conviction of Ratko Mladic show that bitterly hostile disagreements persist over the reasons for the 1990s wars and the crimes that were committed.

after-mladic-s-conviction-can-serbia-face-its-past--11-22-2017 23 Nov 17 After Mladic’s Conviction, Can Serbia Face Its Past?

The conviction of Ratko Mladic was overdue justice, but the full reckoning with the Serbian political project that he took to its genocidal extreme is still nowhere to be found.

serbia-fostered-culture-of-denial-by-hiding-mladic-11-16-2017 18 Nov 17 Serbia ‘Fostered Culture of Denial’ by Hiding Mladic

Author and journalist Julian Borger argues that because Serbia was not penalised for shielding Ratko Mladic while he was on the run, it helped foster a culture of denial of war crimes and genocide.

hague-tribunal-and-serbs-spend-2m-on-mladic-trial-11-15-2017 17 Nov 17 Hague Tribunal and Serbs Spent €2m on Mladic Trial

Former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic’s defence team, plus his relatives’ visits to the detention unit and financial aid to him personally, have cost the Hague Tribunal, the Bosnian Serbs and Serbia over two million euros.

justice-hopes-fade-for-victims-of-devastated-vukovar-11-15-2017 17 Nov 17 Justice Hopes Fade for Victims of Devastated Vukovar

Lack of political will, inefficient prosecutors and poor cooperation between Belgrade and Zagreb means some families of people killed in and around the Croatian town of Vukovar in 1991 may never get justice.

ratko-mladic-s-fugitive-years-cloaked-in-secrets-and-lies-11-15-2017 16 Nov 17 Ratko Mladic’s Fugitive Years Cloaked in Secrets and Lies

During 16 years on the run, Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic was aided by Serbian officers, his Bosnian comrades and his family - but Serbia seems determined to keep the facts secret.

special-court-must-bring-kosovo-s-criminals-to-justice-11-13-2017 14 Nov 17 Special Court Must Bring Kosovo’s Criminals to Justice

The new Special Court to try former Kosovo Liberation Army members for wartime and post-war crimes is not an attack on the struggle for independence, but an attempt to prosecute criminals.

ratko-mladic-europe-s-most-wanted-faces-judgment-11-13-2017 14 Nov 17 Ratko Mladic: Europe’s Most Wanted Faces Judgment

He was a devoted Yugoslav soldier, then a war crimes suspect on the run - now former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic awaits his verdict for the worst atrocities in Europe since WWII.

war-crimes-denial-is-a-psychological-defence-mechanism-10-30-2017 31 Oct 17 War Crimes Denial is a Psychological Defence Mechanism

States and ethnic groups in the Balkans are still denying that their troops committed war crimes in an attempt to evade moral responsibility by blaming the other side, thwarting the possibility of reconciliation.

how-did-war-criminals-become-serbia-s-heroes--10-09-2017 09 Oct 17 How Did War Criminals Become Serbia’s Heroes?

War criminals who have served their sentences have become active participants in political life in Serbia thanks to the government and media, which have decided to forget what they did and promote them as heroes.

kosovo-opens-a-war-crime-documentation-center-09-25-2017 27 Sep 17 War Crimes Documentation Centre Opens in Kosovo

The Humanitarian Law Centre has opened a war crimes documentation centre in Pristina with information from five Kosovo-related trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

serbian-paramilitary-commander-captain-dragan-croatia-conviction-profile-09-26-2017 26 Sep 17 Captain Dragan: Notorious Commander Loses Courtroom Battle

After leading rebel fighters in Croatia and starring in his own TV show in Serbia, Dragan Vasiljkovic eventually lost his bitter struggle against extradition from his adopted homeland Australia and was convicted of war crimes.

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