13 Oct 14 Violent Clashes Erupt at Montenegro Refugee Camp

At least 20 people were arrested after a fight broke out between refugees from Kosovo and Bosnia and shots were fired at Montenegro’s largest refugee camp in the capital.

08 Oct 14 Montenegro Gets 10 Million Euro to House Refugees

The Council of Europe Development Bank will provide funds to help Montenegro build houses for wartime refugees who have been in temporary accommodation for over 15 years.

24 Jun 14 Montenegro Urged to End Impunity for War Crimes

The Council of Europe called on the Montenegrin authorities to prosecute suspects effectively after a series of much-criticised acquittals and lenient sentences for convicted war criminals.

13 Jun 14 UN Urges Kosovo to Help Refugees Return

The UN refugee agency called on the authorities to ensure that people who fled Kosovo during the 1998-99 war have places to live and security if they choose to return home.

10 Jun 14 Montenegro Refugees Risk Being Declared Illegal

Around a third of the refugees in Montenegro, mostly Roma who fled Kosovo, have not applied for residency and could be reclassified as illegal immigrants and lose benefits.

03 Jun 14 Montenegro to Build Homes for Kosovo Refugees

At least 900 housing units are to be built over the next three years for the most vulnerable refugees, mostly Roma displaced from Kosovo in the war of the late 1990s.

06 May 14 Croatian Courts Accused of ‘Nationalist’ Anti-Serb Justice

The head of the Serb National Council in Croatia accused the country’s courts of handing down ethnically-biased justice after a decision to auction a Serb wartime refugee’s house.

07 Apr 14 UN: Croatia Refugees No Longer Need Protection

The United Nations has recommended that people who fled the 1991-95 war in Croatia should no longer have refugee status now the country has joined the EU.

14 Mar 14 Refugees in Montenegro Seek Return to Kosovo

Scores of refugee families from Kosovo now living in Montenegro are ready to go home if the Montenegrin and Kosovo authorities can help them to do so, a minister announced.

20 Jan 14 Montenegro Refugees to Sue State in Strasbourg

Refugees alleging discrimination will take Montenegro to the European Court of Human Rights, demanding to be granted citizenship of the country in which they have lived for years.

09 Jan 14 Kosovo Criticised Over Refugee Confusion

The OSCE said the Kosovo authorities have no accurate data about how many asylum-seekers have been sent back from the West or whether they are being treated properly.

25 Oct 13 Serbia Signs Up to Build 17,000 Refugee Homes

Belgrade has formally agreed to join a cross-Balkans housing project which intends to provide homes for thousands of refugee families in Serbia who were displaced by conflict.

18 Oct 13 Montenegro Refugees Warned Over Legal Residence Deadline

The Montenegrin authorities and the UN warned that 4,800 refugees must apply for permanent residence status before the end of the year or risk being classed as illegal immigrants.

08 Oct 13 Montenegro Refugees ‘Suffering Without ID Papers’

The Council of Europe has expressed concern that some refugees in Montenegro have not yet been given identity documents to enable them to get work, healthcare and education.

19 Sep 13 Montenegro To Launch Refugee Camp Clean-Up

The clean-up of the Konik camp in Podgorica, inhabited by over 1,500 Roma refugees who fled the Kosovo war, marks the anniversary of Montenegro declaring itself an ‘ecological state’.


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