03 Apr 17 Kosovo Condemns Attack on Serb Returnees’ House

Officials condemned an arson attack on a Serb returnee family’s house and criticised an anti-returnee protest, saying they made it harder for conflict-displaced Serbs to go back to live in Kosovo.

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10 Mar 17 Kosovo Official Charged With Anti-Serb Hate Speech

Prosecutors filed charges against a municipal officer in Decan/Decani who is accused of using hate speech during a meeting with war-displaced Serbs and Montenegrins from the municipality.

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01 Nov 16 Kosovo Council Tells Serbs Not to Come Back

The Suhareka/Suva Reka municipal assembly declared that Serb families should not return to the village of Mushtisht/Mustiste, the focus of recent protests about wartime crimes.

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09 Sep 16 Serbia Builds 235 Apartments for War Refugees

Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic laid the foundation stone for the construction of 235 apartments for refugee families who fled Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1990s wars.

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29 Aug 16 Violent Protest Against Kosovo Serbs Condemned

Pristina and Belgrade officials condemned violent protests by Albanians who prevented Kosovo Serbs from visiting an Orthodox church in the western Kosovo village of Mushtisht/Mustiste.

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22 Aug 16 Serbia Protests Over Kosovo War Crimes Billboard

Belgrade urged Pristina to remove a billboard about Serbian war crimes, saying it will intimidate Serbs who fled after the war and stop them returning to their homes in the former province.

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26 Jan 16 Bosnia to Build Houses for 438 Refugee Families

The Bosnian state ministry for refugees launched a project worth more than 15 million euros to ensure housing for 438 families left without a permanent home since the 1990s conflict.

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13 Jan 16 Bosniak Parents Threaten Srebrenica School Boycott

Bosniak parents in Srebrenica have threatened to boycott the local primary school in the latest row over language and education in the country’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska.

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06 Jan 16 Serb Pilgrims Pelted With Eggs in Kosovo

A small group of protesters hurled eggs and ice at a bus carrying Serb pilgrims who came to visit a church in Gjakova/Djakovica in western Kosovo to celebrate Orthodox Christmas.

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06 Jan 16 Serbian Church Call for Refugee Return ‘Unrealistic’

Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej’s call for Serbs to return to their former homes in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo is not likely to be answered, said refugees who fled the conflicts there.

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25 Nov 15 Serbs Sceptical About Patriarch’s ‘Return to Kosovo’ Call

Serbia’s Patriarch Irinej called for Serbs to return to their homes in Kosovo, but those who fled after the war said Belgrade and Pristina must guarantee their safety first.

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09 Oct 15 Returnee Homes Ravaged as Bosnia's Tensions Rise

Recent savage attack on Bosniak returnees' homes in a village in southern Bosnia forms part of a disturbing trend in the divided country.

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31 Aug 15 Bosniak Parents Reject School Boycott Compromise

Parents planning to boycott schools in protest at the Bosnian Serb government’s renaming of the Bosnian language as ‘Bosniak’ said that a compromise offered by officials was unacceptable.

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28 Aug 15 Renaming of Bosnian Language Sparks School Boycott

Dozens of Bosniak parents will send their children to a temporary educational establishment instead of regular schools in protest at the Bosnian Serb government’s renaming of the Bosnian language as ‘Bosniak’.

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31 Jul 15 Serbia’s Plan for Refugees ‘Likely to Fail’

The new Serbian national strategy on refugees and displaced people will not help them resolve their problems, a refugee association warned.

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