belgrade-s-last-refugee-camp-endures-another-winter 13 Jan 15 Belgrade’s Last Refugee Camp Endures Another Winter

The New Year has not brought changes for the Serbs who fled the conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo and still live in a rundown refugee centre on the capital’s outskirts.

montenegro-refugees-alerted-over-legal-resdence-deadline 03 Oct 14 Montenegro’s Kosovo Refugees in Legal Deadline Countdown

More than 4,000 Kosovo refugees, mainly Roma, have just three months left to apply for residency in Montenegro or they could be reclassified as illegal immigrants and have to leave.

bosnian-census-highlights-ethnic-cleansing-of-croats 08 Nov 13 Bosnian Census ‘Confirms Ethnic Cleansing of Croats’

The first post-war Bosnian census will show that almost all the Croats have been driven out of the country’s Serb-controlled Republika Srpska entity, claims local bishop Franjo Komarica.

roma-deported-by-eu-face-harsh-reality-in-kosovo 31 Oct 13 Roma Deported by EU Face Harsh Reality in Kosovo

As EU countries deport hundreds of Roma refugees like 15-year-old Leonarda Dibrani, the schoolgirl controversially expelled by France, many are struggling to survive in impoverished Kosovo.

coming-home-to-face-the-past 07 Feb 13 Coming Home to Face the Past

Years after the Bosnian conflict, refugees who have returned to their homes are still trapped between war and peace and suffering the devastating consequences of ethnic divisions.

prospects-darken-for-kosovo-s-roma-refugees 25 Jun 12 Prospects Darken For Kosovo’s Roma Refugees

Thousands of Kosovo Roma are still living as refugees in neighboring Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, where they face the prospect of permanent statelessness, poverty and social exclusion. 

montenegro-needs-donors-for-roma-refugees 16 Apr 12 Montenegro Looks for Donors For Roma Refugees

At the upcoming donors conference, Montenegro will try to obtain funds for its most vulnerable refugees, says Zeljko Sofranac, director of the Bureau for the Care of Refugees.

belgrade-shuns-plight-of-kosovo-roma-refugees 09 Apr 12 Belgrade Shuns Plight of Kosovo Roma Refugees

As the world marks International Roma Day on April 8, the issue of Roma who fled from Kosovo to the Serbian capital remains a source of controversy.

justice-and-reconciliation-cannot-be-delayed 19 Mar 12 Justice and Reconciliation Cannot be Delayed

Justice and reconciliation must not be delayed further in the region of the former Yugoslavia, and it is up to national governments to increase their efforts.

serbia-and-croatia-move-closer-to-genocide-deal 03 Feb 12 Serbia and Croatia Move Closer to Genocide Deal

With both governments in principle in favor of a bilateral agreement to withdraw mutual genocide claims, prospects for an out-of-court settlement are improving.

croatian-serb-refugees-still-struggle-to-regain-homes 24 Nov 11 Croatian Serb Refugees Still Struggle to Regain Homes

Some 70,000 Serb refugees who were tenants rather than owners of properties in Croatia are locked in a protracted legal battle to regain their homes.

10 Dec 07 No Consensus on Srebrenica Aid Bid

Bosniaks and Serbs divided over plans to revive the war-shattered municipality.

ten-years-on-refugees-remain-on-the-outside 22 Aug 05 Ten Years On, Refugees Remain On the Outside

Serbs from Croatia and Bosnia who arrived in the 1990s say they are still victims of local hostility.

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