homecoming-kosovo-serbs-face-an-uncertain-future-12-11-2017 14 Dec 17 Homecoming Kosovo Serbs Face an Uncertain Future

The secrecy surrounding a newly-built settlement in northern Kosovo highlights the problems facing Serbs who have returned to Kosovo after the war – and how they need security and jobs as well as houses.

the-balkan-villages-that-swapped-populations-08-29-2017 30 Aug 17 The Croats and Serbs Who Swapped Homes

During the 1990s war, people from villages in Croatia and Serbia swapped houses to escape the violence - a forced population exchange that was labelled ‘humane relocation’, as a new BIRN documentary shows.

bosnia-s-displaced-people-await-electricity-12-15-2016 16 Dec 16 Bosnia’s War-Displaced Families Still Waiting for Electricity

Despite a promise to bring power to nearly 2,000 post-war returnees’ homes within six months, the Guta family still has no electricity and their son does his homework by candlelight.

serb-refugee-villagers-dream-of-lost-croatian-homes-08-03-2016 04 Aug 16 Serb Refugee Villagers Dream of Lost Croatian Homes

In the refugee village of Busije, people still cherish the memories of the homes in Croatia that they fled because of the Zagreb military’s Operation Storm in August 1995.

bosnia-s-diaspora-untapped-resource-for-state-building-07-24-2016 25 Jul 16 Bosnia’s Diaspora: Untapped Resource for State-Building

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 1.5-million-strong diaspora is increasingly sending less money back home, but this underused resource could provide the country with expertise as well as investment to boost economic development.

pristina-vows-to-halt-kosovo-serb-refugee-settlement-06-30-2016 01 Jul 16 Kosovo Vows to Halt Serb Refugee Settlement

The Serbian government-funded construction of a housing settlement for Serb refugees in northern Kosovo has angered Kosovo officials, who claim it is an attempt to extend Belgrade’s political influence.

7-000-bosnians-still-live-in-collective-centers-says-bosnian-ngo-12-13-2015 14 Dec 15 7,000 Bosnians Still Homeless after 1990s War

Twenty years after the war ended, more than 7,000 people displaced by the conflict still live in temporary accommodation in ‘collective centres’ throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

belgrade-roma-families-in-fear-of-eviction-08-13-2015 13 Aug 15 Belgrade Roma Families Living in Fear of Eviction

Roma families who fled the Kosovo war in 1999 are waiting nervously for a European Court of Human Rights ruling on whether the Belgrade authorities can legally evict them from their informal settlements.

bosnian-refugees-homeland-holidays-marred-by-tensions-08-11-2015 11 Aug 15 Bosnian Refugees’ Homeland Holidays Marred by Tensions

Some 20,000 Bosniak refugees return to the Serb-dominated town of Prijedor each summer, boosting local businesses - but hopes of economic improvement have been threatened by a flare-up of ethnic tensions.

belgrade-s-last-refugee-camp-endures-another-winter 13 Jan 15 Belgrade’s Last Refugee Camp Endures Another Winter

The New Year has not brought changes for the Serbs who fled the conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo and still live in a rundown refugee centre on the capital’s outskirts.

montenegro-refugees-alerted-over-legal-resdence-deadline 03 Oct 14 Montenegro’s Kosovo Refugees in Legal Deadline Countdown

More than 4,000 Kosovo refugees, mainly Roma, have just three months left to apply for residency in Montenegro or they could be reclassified as illegal immigrants and have to leave.

bosnian-census-highlights-ethnic-cleansing-of-croats 08 Nov 13 Bosnian Census ‘Confirms Ethnic Cleansing of Croats’

The first post-war Bosnian census will show that almost all the Croats have been driven out of the country’s Serb-controlled Republika Srpska entity, claims local bishop Franjo Komarica.

roma-deported-by-eu-face-harsh-reality-in-kosovo 31 Oct 13 Roma Deported by EU Face Harsh Reality in Kosovo

As EU countries deport hundreds of Roma refugees like 15-year-old Leonarda Dibrani, the schoolgirl controversially expelled by France, many are struggling to survive in impoverished Kosovo.

coming-home-to-face-the-past 07 Feb 13 Coming Home to Face the Past

Years after the Bosnian conflict, refugees who have returned to their homes are still trapped between war and peace and suffering the devastating consequences of ethnic divisions.

prospects-darken-for-kosovo-s-roma-refugees 25 Jun 12 Prospects Darken For Kosovo’s Roma Refugees

Thousands of Kosovo Roma are still living as refugees in neighboring Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, where they face the prospect of permanent statelessness, poverty and social exclusion. 

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