30 Jan 18 Kosovo Urges Wartime Rape Survivors to Register

Victims of wartime sexual violence in Kosovo have been invited to apply for official verification that will enable them to receive reparations from the state for their suffering.

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29 Jan 18 Balkan States ‘Expected to Sign Truth Commission Agreement’

A coalition campaigning for the establishment of the RECOM regional fact-finding commission on the 1990s wars said ex-Yugoslav states could sign an agreement committing their support in July.

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23 Nov 17 Srebrenica Survivors ‘Unlikely to Win’ Case Against Serbs

After Ratko Mladic was convicted of genocide, Srebrenica survivors announced a lawsuit against Serbia and Republika Srpska - but legal experts said they have little chance of winning compensation.

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20 Nov 17 War Rape Victim Sues Croatian Ministry

A Serb woman raped in Kuline prison in the town of Sibenik in 1993 is suing the Croatian War Veterans’ Ministry for refusing to grant her the status of a wartime victim of sexual violence, which would give her compensation.

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20 Oct 17 Serbian Activists Rally for Compensation for Murdered Bosniaks

Serbian anti-war group Women in Black commemorated the 25th anniversary of the deaths of 16 Bosniaks from the Serbian town of Sjeverin who were kidnapped and killed by Serb forces in Bosnia.

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02 Oct 17 US Court Dismisses Croatian WWII Victims’ Lawsuit

A court in Chicago dismissed WWII victims’ relatives’ lawsuit against Croatia, a case marred by allegations of identity theft, after the plaintiffs’ lawyer failed to appear in court.

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08 Sep 17 Montenegro Offers Compensation to War Crime Victims

Montenegro will pay around 1.35 million euros in compensation to victims of war crimes committed on its territory in the 1990s as it continues efforts to satisfy EU accession requirements on justice.

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01 Sep 17 Croatian WWII Victims’ Lawsuit Takes Bizarre Turn

Allegations of identity theft, a disappearing lawyer and threats to damage Croatia’s tourism industry have marred a US court case against Croatia claiming compensation for relatives of victims of the WWII fascist Ustasa regime.

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15 Aug 17 Serbia’s Plan for Post-WWII Restitution ‘Flawed’

The Serbian government is to decide on a formula to calculate compensation for property seized after World War II, but the Network for Restitution argues the authorities have no real idea of the cost.

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27 Jun 17 Bosnian Ex-Policeman Sues Serbia for Years in Custody

Ilija Jurisic, a former policeman from Tuzla in Bosnia, filed a suit against Serbia demanding compensation for the three-and-a-half years he spent in detention after his arrest on war crimes charges.

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22 Jun 17 Kosovo Landmine Victims Demand Serbia Pay Compensation

Kosovo’s Association of Mine-Injured Civilians asked Serbia to pay compensation to people injured in landmine blasts during and after the war, and called on the Pristina government to raise the issue in Brussels.

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01 Jun 17 UN Response to Kosovo Lead Poison Claims Condemned

The European Roma Rights Centre and other organisations condemned the UN's refusal to provide compensation for Kosovo Roma victims of lead poisoning.

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09 May 17 Croatia Compensates Serb Family for Killing by Soldier

A Croatian court ordered 106,000 euros in compensation to be paid to the family of Janko Cakic, a Serb civilian killed after Croatia’s military operation ‘Storm’ in August 1995.

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28 Apr 17 Bosnia ‘Needs State Fund’ to Compensate War Victims

In the past two years, six war crimes verdicts ordered compensation payments to victims but none of them received the money, so the state must intervene to help, legal experts said.

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25 Apr 17 Balkan States Rapped over Holocaust Property Restitution

Bosnia and Herzegovina has failed to comply with an international declaration on the restitution of property seized during WWII, while other Balkan countries have not honoured their commitments in full.

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