24 Mar 17 US Holocaust Envoy Warns Croatia About Fascist Symbols

On a visit to Croatia, the US State Department envoy for Holocaust issues warned the authorities that symbols of the WWII fascist Ustasa movement are offensive to victims and their families.

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20 Mar 17 Croatia Threatened with Lawsuit by WWII Victims

Croatia has been threatened with a lawsuit if it doesn’t support victims of the WWII fascist Ustasa movement in their claims for reparations - although one expert doubted Zagreb would back the case.

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16 Mar 17 US Lawyer: WWII Lawsuit Against Croatia ‘Invalid’

A US lawyer told BIRN that a 3.2 billion euro lawsuit against Croatia for property seized by its Nazi-allied WWII regime is ‘invalid’ because it was filed without the consent of the plaintiffs.

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15 Mar 17 ‘Compensation Unlikely’ for Bosnian Jews’ Seized Property

The restitution of Jewish property seized in occupied Bosnia during WWII is too complex to implement, said the chairman of the country’s presidency, Mladen Ivanic.

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13 Mar 17 WWII Compensation Lawsuit Against Croatia ‘Likely to Fail’

A 3.2 billion euro lawsuit filed against Croatia by American descendants of Serbs, Jews and Roma seeking compensation for property seized by the Nazi-allied WWII regime will probably fail, experts said.

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08 Feb 17 Croatia Told to Compensate 1990s Prisoner of War

A Croatian court ordered the state to pay compensation to former Yugoslav pilot Tomislav Bozovic for his suffering in the Kerestinec military prison near Zagreb during the 1990s war.

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23 Nov 16 Albania PM Highlights Cham Plight on Greek TV

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has told Greek TV that Greece maintains a theoretical state of war with Albania to block the restitution claims of the exiled Cham community.

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09 Jun 16 Bosnian Serb Convict Fails to Compensate Rape Victim

Despite a court order, former Bosnian Serb fighter Slavko Savic has failed to pay 15,000 euros in compensation to a woman he raped in Vogosca near Sarajevo during wartime.

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26 May 16 Kosovo Albanians Protest Against Court Ruling on Decani

Several hundred locals in the west of Kosovo protested against a court ruling that confirmed the rights of the Serbian Orthodox monastery at Decani to 24 hectares of disputed land.

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22 Feb 16 Serbian Jews to Reclaim Seized WWII Property

Over 3,000 buildings expropriated during WWII will be handed over to Serbia's main Jewish organisation after parliament adopted a law on the restitution of Holocaust victims' assets.

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22 Jan 16 Serbia Flouts Victims' Reparation Rights, Report

Despite the international conventions it has signed, Serbian courts blatantly violate victims' rights to reparations, Belgrade rights group says in a report.

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19 Jan 16 Croatia Pays Compensation for Police Murder of Serb

The family of a Serb civilian killed by Croatian police in the town of Sisak in 1991 was awarded 86,000 euro - a precedent which could lead to more compensation payouts to Serb victims.

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30 Dec 15 Thousands of Communist-Era ‘Criminals’ Petition Serbian Courts

Over 13,000 applications have been made over the past decade for people to be cleared of Communist-era offences - the most controversial being a request to declare Nazi-allied leader Milan Nedic not guilty.

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09 Nov 15 Serbian Veterans’ Children Get Free University Education

The Serbian government will give free university education to war veterans’ children, but former fighters’ associations said ex-soldiers also need help with housing and healthcare.

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14 Sep 15 Serbia Pays €700,000 in Communist-Era Compensation

Over the past three years, Serbian courts have paid out more than 700,000 euros in compensation to people whose rights were judged to have been violated by the Communist-era authorities.

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