17 Mar 15 Croatia Ordered to Compensate Missing Serb’s Family

Zagreb municipal court ruled that Croatia must pay 78,400 euro in compensation to the family of a Serb who went missing and was found dead after being seized by Croatian forces in 1991, media reported.

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10 Feb 15 Montenegro, Croatia to Discuss War Theft Payback

Montenegro and Croatia will resume talks on their dispute about property and equipment stolen by Montenegrin troops serving with the Yugoslav Army in Dubrovnik during the war in 1991.

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06 Feb 15 Montenegro Policeman in Deportation Case Wins Payout

Montenegro will have to pay 87,000 euros to a former policeman for unlawful detention after he was acquitted of war crimes charges for detaining and deporting Bosnian refugees in 1992.

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26 Dec 14 Serbia Urged to Withdraw War Victims Law

Rights groups urged the Serbian government to withdraw the proposed new legislation, saying that it will not provide state support for many victims of war.

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07 Oct 14 Serbia Promises Hunger-Striking War Veterans Benefits

Dozens of war veterans ended their hunger strike after the Serbian government announced that it would adopt a new law which will secure their welfare benefits.

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30 Sep 14 Croatian General Sues State Over Hague Detention

General Rahim Ademi, who was acquitted of crimes against humanity, has launched a lawsuit against Croatia seeking compensation for the seven months he spent in custody at the Hague Tribunal.

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26 Jun 14 Bosnian Wartime Torture Victims Rally in Sarajevo

Dozens of former prison camp detainees demonstrated in the Bosnian capital, calling on the authorities to give them financial reparations, the right to free healthcare and psychological support.

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13 Jun 14 Euro Court Raps Croatia Over Serb’s Murder

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Croatia to pay 20,000 euro in damages for not properly investigating the wartime killing of a Serb civilian from the town of Sisak.

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15 Apr 14 Croatia Vows to Aid Wartime Sex Abuse Victims

The Croatian authorities have launched new draft legislation aimed at providing financial and psychological help for people who were raped or sexually abused during the 1991-95 war.

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15 Apr 14 Serbia Rehabilitates Queen Maria of Yugoslavia

A Belgrade court rehabilitated former queen Maria Karadjordjevic, ruling that she was illegally stripped of her property and citizenship by the communist authorities in 1947.

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27 Mar 14 Serbia Annuls Compensation for Bosniaks From Priboj

The Belgrade appeals court reversed a ruling that the Yugoslav Army was responsible for the violation of the rights of Bosniaks attacked near the Serbian town of Priboj in 1993.

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25 Mar 14 European Court Rejects Serbian War Veterans’ Case

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Serbian veterans of the Kosovo war demanding reparations for unpaid allowances should pursue their cases in Belgrade rather than Strasbourg.

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12 Mar 14 Ex-Yugoslavs ‘Erased’ By Slovenia Win Compensation

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Ljubljana to make payouts to six former Yugoslav citizens who were stripped of their residency rights in Slovenia at the start of the war.

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03 Mar 14 Montenegro to Compensate Croatian Jail Camp Prisoners

Montenegro has been ordered to pay a total of 319,000 euro to 13 Croatian citizens who were held at the Morinj detention camp during the 1990s war.

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03 Feb 14 Serbia Denies Compensation to Tortured Croat Prisoners

A Belgrade court denied reparations to 12 Croatian citizens who were imprisoned and tortured in Yugoslav Army detention camps in Serbia during the 1990s conflict.

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