serb-war-invalid-paints-out-the-rage 05 Mar 15 Serb War Invalid Paints Out the Rage

When he lost his legs and an arm in the war 20 years ago, Croatian Serb sculptor and stone mason Dusan Vukojevic started a new life as a successful painter.

serbia-blocks-payment-to-bosnian-torture-victims 14 Jan 15 Serbia Blocks Payment to Bosnian Torture Victims

Two detainees tortured at the Sljivovica wartime detention camp in Serbia have not received compensation awarded to them because Belgrade’s public attorney’s office has demanded the case be reviewed.

soldiers-of-misfortune 21 Oct 13 Soldiers of Misfortune

Serbia’s veterans struggle against the legacy of wartime defeats and denials, while their victorious counterparts thrive.

kosovo-s-war-veterans-plead-poverty-and-neglect 14 Feb 13 Kosovo’s War Veterans Plead Poverty and Neglect

Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas believed they were fighting for freedom, but 14 years after the war with Serbian forces, some of Pristina’s ‘heroes’ are struggling for survival.

former-fighters-share-similar-destinies 28 May 12 Former Fighters Share Similar Destinies

Almost twenty years after the war, war veterans across the region feel neglected, but still their problems vary from country to country.

war-victims-in-croatia-punished-by-courts 12 Mar 12 War Victims in Croatia Punished by Courts

Some of the victims of war crimes in Croatia have been forced to pay court expenses after their claims for reparation failed. 

margarita-tsatsa-nikolovska-discontent-in-macedonian-judiciary-is-permanent 20 Feb 12 Margarita Tsatsa – Nikolovska: Discontent in Macedonian Judiciary is Permanent

In an exclusive interview for the Balkan Insight, Judge Margarita Tsatsa – Nikolovska discusses the current hot legal topics in Macedonia, from lustration process to the shape of the nation’s judiciary.

serbia-and-croatia-move-closer-to-genocide-deal 03 Feb 12 Serbia and Croatia Move Closer to Genocide Deal

With both governments in principle in favor of a bilateral agreement to withdraw mutual genocide claims, prospects for an out-of-court settlement are improving.

montenegro-makes-history-with-war-compensation-offer 21 Jan 09 Montenegro Makes History With War Compensation Offer

While Podgorica creates regional precedent, offering to pay families of Bosnians deported and killed in 1992, victims insist justice won’t be done until those behind the crimes face trial.

10 Apr 08 Bosnian Muslims Sue Serbs Over Destroyed Heritage

Years after several hundred mosques were blown up, the Islamic Community is suing the Republika Srpska for damages in a landmark case.

ten-years-on-refugees-remain-on-the-outside 22 Aug 05 Ten Years On, Refugees Remain On the Outside

Serbs from Croatia and Bosnia who arrived in the 1990s say they are still victims of local hostility.

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