27 Feb 15 Fugitive Bosnian Serb General’s Case in Limbo

Former Bosnian Serb general Novak Djukic fled to Serbia last year after being convicted of wartime crimes in Tuzla, but there is no indication when or if Belgrade will jail him.

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20 Jan 15 Bosnia Frees Croatian Wartime Commander Glavas

Wartime general and former right-wing Croatian politician Branimir Glavas was released from jail in Bosnia, where he was serving his sentence, after Zagreb overturned his war crimes conviction.

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05 Dec 14 Serbia, Bosnia Arrest 15 in War Crimes Swoop

In a joint operation, Serbia and Bosnia arrested 15 people suspected of seizing 20 passengers from a train in the Bosnian town of Strpci during wartime in 1993 and killing them.

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09 Oct 14 Bosnia Seeks Fugitive Tuzla Massacre Convict

The Bosnian court is preparing an international arrest warrant for Novak Djukic, convicted of ordering a deadly Bosnian Serb artillery strike on the town of Tuzla, after he fled to Serbia.

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03 Oct 14 Bosnia War Fugitive Fights Extradition from Australia

Bosnia has requested the extradition of war crimes suspect Krunoslav Bonic, who has been living openly in Australia even though an indictment against him was filed eight years ago.

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05 Sep 14 Serb Convict Stages Own Crime-Scene Reconstruction

The defence of Novak Djukic, convicted of ordering a deadly Bosnian Serb artillery strike on the town of Tuzla, staged a reconstruction of the attack in a bid to prove his innocence.

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14 Apr 14 ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Connects Belgrade and Pristina

Actors from Serbia and Kosovo have joined forces to stage a joint production of the Shakespeare play in a bid to promote mutual understanding and connections.

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09 Apr 14 Serbia Extradites War Crimes Suspect to Bosnia

Prosecutors in Bihac in northwest Bosnia said that Milutin Babic, from Kljuc, suspected of war crimes in Bosanski Petrovac, had been extradited from Serbia.

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07 Apr 14 Serbia-Bosnia War Crimes Protocol Generates Indictments

The Bosnian prosecution will soon file two indictments over war crimes against Serbs as a result of cooperation agreed with Belgrade in a landmark protocol signed last year.

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05 Mar 14 Convicted Bosnian Serb Criminal’s Release Angers Victims

Serbia sentenced Bosnian Serb fighter Oliver Krsmanovic to 20 years in prison over the killing of 16 Bosniaks in Sjeverin in 1992, but he cannot be jailed for the crime in Bosnia for legal reasons.

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24 Feb 14 Serbia, Croatia Fail to Drop Genocide Lawsuits

Serbian and Croatian officials insisted they wanted to leave the past behind but could not drop their lawsuits against each other, which begin next week at the International Court of Justice.

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20 Feb 14 'No Results' From Serbia-Bosnia War Crimes Deal

Not a single person has been brought to justice within a year of the signing of a landmark protocol on cooperation in war crimes cases between Bosnia and Serbia.

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18 Feb 14 Bosnian Prosecutors Admit Bungling Srebrenica Cases

Sarajevo prosecutors said they couldn’t ask Belgrade to launch two cases against Bosnian Serbs accused of involvement in the Srebrenica massacres because they forgot to get all the witness statements.

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14 Feb 14 Bosnia Rejects Srebrenica Massacre Prosecutions in Serbia

In a move that outraged victims, Sarajevo prosecutors decided not to ask Belgrade to launch two cases against former Bosnian Serb policemen accused of involvement in the Srebrenica massacres.

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06 Feb 14 Croatia Arrests Bosnian Detention Camp Commander

Croatian police have detained former camp cammander Cazim Behric, who was living in the city of Rijeka but is wanted in Bosnia for alleged war crimes against prisoners and rape.

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