serbia-blocks-payment-to-bosnian-torture-victims 14 Jan 15 Serbia Blocks Payment to Bosnian Torture Victims

Two detainees tortured at the Sljivovica wartime detention camp in Serbia have not received compensation awarded to them because Belgrade’s public attorney’s office has demanded the case be reviewed.

captain-dragan-case-fuels-croatia-serbia-tussle 06 Jan 15 ‘Captain Dragan’ Case Sparks Croatia-Serbia Tussle

Zagreb and Belgrade are competing for the right to put notorious former Serb paramilitary chief Dragan Vasiljkovic on trial for war crimes, as he seeks to avoid extradition from Australia.

playing-together-but-still-living-apart 12 Mar 14 Playing Together, But Still Living Apart

Disabled war veterans from all over the former Yugoslavia come together to play at volleyball tournaments – but that doesn’t mean they’re getting any closer to post-conflict reconciliation.

balkan-truth-campaign-at-a-crossroads 27 May 13 Balkan Truth Campaign at a Crossroads

Five years after it was founded, the RECOM coalition campaigning for the creation of a regional truth commission about the 1990s conflict has still not convinced governments to sign up.

zagreb-s-tangled-affections-for-bosnia-s-croats 21 Feb 13 Zagreb’s Tangled Affections for Bosnia’s Croats

European Union membership for Croatia may not resolve Zagreb’s contradictory urges to support a unified Bosnia while simultaneously backing Bosnian Croats’ grievances.

serbia-and-bosnia-uniting-for-justice 28 Jan 13 Serbia and Bosnia: Uniting for Justice

Belgrade and Sarajevo are to sign an agreement to cooperate over war crimes cases, but some victims fear that it may not bring more convictions.

serbia-still-bent-on-abusing-kosovo-issue 15 Jun 12 Serbia Still Bent on ‘Abusing’ Kosovo Issue

Serbian politicians have long misused the Kosovo dispute in foreign and domestic policy - and a change of course by the next government looks unlikely, Jadranka Jelincic, Belgrade head of the Fund for an Open Society, says.

reconciliation-as-a-political-taboo 20 Apr 12 Reconciliation as a Political Taboo

Reconciliation has lost its prominence on the political agenda of the former Yugoslav countries.

montenegro-needs-donors-for-roma-refugees 16 Apr 12 Montenegro Looks for Donors For Roma Refugees

At the upcoming donors conference, Montenegro will try to obtain funds for its most vulnerable refugees, says Zeljko Sofranac, director of the Bureau for the Care of Refugees.

justice-and-reconciliation-cannot-be-delayed 19 Mar 12 Justice and Reconciliation Cannot be Delayed

Justice and reconciliation must not be delayed further in the region of the former Yugoslavia, and it is up to national governments to increase their efforts.

serbian-attitudes-towards-war-crime-prosecution 01 Mar 12 Serbs Defensive Over War Crimes, Survey Shows

Key findings of the OSCE survey about Serbian attitudes towards war crimes and the trials held at the Hague Tribunal and national courts.

has-serbia-made-up-its-mind-at-last 01 Mar 12 Has Serbia Made up Its Mind at Last?

By obtaining EU candidate status, Serbia has sent an important signal - but the real test will be the membership negotiations, as they will require a deeper transformation of society.

serbia-and-croatia-move-closer-to-genocide-deal 03 Feb 12 Serbia and Croatia Move Closer to Genocide Deal

With both governments in principle in favor of a bilateral agreement to withdraw mutual genocide claims, prospects for an out-of-court settlement are improving.

interview-no-justice-without-regional-cooperation 13 Jan 12 Interview: No Justice Without Regional Cooperation

Stephen Rapp, US ambassador-at-large for war crimes, says that in the absence of extradition agreements, closer regional cooperation on pursuit of war crimes is vital.

drive-for-balkan-extradition-deal-nears-end 23 Dec 11 Drive For Balkan Extradition Deal Nears End

Serbia’s initiative to establish a pan-Balkan extradition treaty may see lift-off next year - but Kosovo’s exclusion from the scheme looks like another politically driven error.

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