bosnia-trials-and-votes-deepen-divisions-12-19-2016 23 Dec 16 Bosnia: Trials and Votes Deepen Divisions

Contrasting reactions to the conviction of Radovan Karadzic and to a Bosnian Serb referendum challenging the state’s authority contributed to a mood of political tension in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016.

q-and-a-on-the-karadzic-verdict-03-27-2016 28 Mar 16 Was the Karadzic Verdict a Just Reckoning?

Balkans expert Eric Gordy examines questions raised by the Radovan Karadzic verdict, asking why he was convicted of responsibility for genocide in 1995, but acquitted of the same crime in 1992.

justice-finally-catches-up-with-karadzic-03-24-2016 24 Mar 16 Justice Finally Catches Up with Karadzic

Twenty-one years after the Srebrenica massacres, Radovan Karadzic has been convicted of genocide - sending out a message that heinous crimes by political leaders can be punished.

karadzic-trial-competing-versions-of-the-truth-03-22-2016 23 Mar 16 Karadzic Trial: Competing Versions of the Truth

During Radovan Karadzic’s marathon trial, the prosecution brought witnesses to prove he was guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity, while testimony from the defence disputed the crimes or tried to show he wasn’t responsible.

radovan-karadzic-i-expect-to-be-acquitted--03-22-2016 23 Mar 16 Radovan Karadzic: ‘I Expect to be Acquitted’

In a defiant interview before his trial verdict, wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic insists that ‘no reasonable court’ would convict him of genocide and war crimes, despite the evidence against him.

karadzic-remains-a-hero-in-montenegrin-home-village-03-21-2016 22 Mar 16 Karadzic Remains a Hero in Montenegrin Home Village

For his relatives in his home village of Petnjica in Montenegro, Radovan Karadzic is not a war criminal but a local boy who made good and strived to protect the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

radovan-karadzic-psychiatrist-poet-politician-convict--03-21-2016 21 Mar 16 Radovan Karadzic: Psychiatrist, Poet, Politician, Convict?

Radovan Karadzic has had various roles in his lifetime - psychiatrist, poet, political leader and fugitive - but this week he could be sentenced to spend the rest of it in jail.

karadzic-verdict-legal-precedents-and-unproven-allegations-03-17-2016 18 Mar 16 Karadzic Verdict: Legal Precedents and Unproven Allegations

The Hague Tribunal has legal precedents for some of the charges against Radovan Karadzic, but allegations that genocide was committed in 1992 and UN peacekeepers were taken hostage have never been proven by the court.

karadzic-in-hiding-manhunt-for-europe-s-most-wanted-03-17-2016 17 Mar 16 Karadzic in Hiding: Manhunt for Europe’s Most Wanted

Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic evaded capture for over a decade because international forces and the Serbian authorities were unwilling and then unable to arrest him, says British author Julian Borger.

karadzic-s-courtroom-drama-will-end-in-disappointment-03-15-2016 16 Mar 16 Karadzic’s Courtroom Drama Will End in Disappointment

Next week’s verdict in the war crimes trial of former Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic will be a judicial landmark but cannot heal the lasting divisions of wartime.

robert-donia-radovan-karadzic-architect-of-the-bosnian-genocide 22 Oct 14 Exploring the Mind of Radovan Karadzic

A new biography says the former Bosnian Serb leader was no madman but a calculating killer who knew exactly what he was doing.

no-winners-in-mladic-karadzic-courtroom-face-off 29 Jan 14 No Winners in Mladic-Karadzic Courtroom Face-Off

Radovan Karadzic gained nothing when Ratko Mladic refused to answer questions at his trial, while anyone seeking the truth about either man’s wartime role was left none the wiser.

hague-prosecutors-wrap-up-case-against-karadzic 14 May 12 Hague Prosecutors Wrap Up Case Against Karadzic

In the next stage of the trial, which begins in autumn, the defence aims to call hundreds of witnesses ‘to help Karadzic tell his side of the story’.

joining-mladic-and-karadzic-indictments-will-delay-justice 10 Jun 11 Joining Mladic and Karadzic Indictments ‘Will Delay Justice’

Despite suggestions from Hague prosecutors that the indictments against Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic may be merged, there are worries that the main result would be delays to Karadzic’s trial.

20 Dec 10 Interview - Radovan Karadzic: Vehicle for establishment of truth

Wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic says his trial is a “vehicle for the establishment of truth” and if it is fair and uncovers the truth, will serve as a step towards reconciliation.

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