01 Oct 14 Karadzic Proclaims Innocence in Trial’s Closing Arguments

Former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic began his closing arguments at his war crimes trial in The Hague by insisting he was not guilty of masterminding atrocities including genocide. 

01 Oct 14 Mladic Witness: Prisoners Not Persecuted in Rogatica

A defence witness told Ratko Mladic’s trial that non-Serb prisoners in Rogatica were not persecuted by the former Bosnian Serb military chief’s forces during wartime, as the indictment alleges.

30 Sep 14 Serbia ‘Slow to Prosecute War Crimes’, Report Says

The number of war crimes and victims far outweigh the amount of prosecutions in Serbia over the past decade, while top officials are still evading justice, a new report said.

30 Sep 14 Radovan Karadzic ‘Masterminded Terror’ in Sarajevo

On the second day of closing arguments at Karadzic’s trial, the former Bosnian Serb leader was accused of leading a reign of terror over Sarajevo’s besieged population during wartime.

30 Sep 14 Croatian General Sues State Over Hague Detention

General Rahim Ademi, who was acquitted of crimes against humanity, has launched a lawsuit against Croatia seeking compensation for the seven months he spent in custody at the Hague Tribunal.

30 Sep 14 More Jail Urged for ‘Shameless’ Bosnian Croat Fighter

The prosecution called for a tougher punishment for Zeljko Jukic, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison for crimes against humanity including torture and looting in Prozor in 1993.

29 Sep 14 Serbia Reopens Batajnica Mass Grave Probe

Serbia reopened its investigation into the Batajnica police training centre, where hundreds of bodies of Kosovo Albanians were found buried, searching for another mass grave at the site.

29 Sep 14 Killings of Elderly Serbs Commemorated in Croatia

War victims’ associations commemorated the anniversary of the killings of 16 elderly Serbs in the Croatian villages of Varivode and Gosic in 1995 and urged the authorities to punish their murderers.

29 Sep 14 Radovan Karadzic Trial Enters Final Phase

Prosecutors demanded a life sentence for Karadzic as closing arguments began in the war crimes trial of the former Bosnian Serb political leader at the Hague Tribunal.

26 Sep 14 Croatia General Raises Doubts Over Notorious Police Unit

A retired Croatian general testified that Tomislav Mercep, accused of ordering a police unit to kill civilians, may have not actually controlled the officers who committed the crime.

26 Sep 14 Radovan Karadzic ‘Optimistic’ as Trial Nears End

Closing arguments begin next week at Karazdic’s war crimes trial, and his legal adviser told BIRN that the former Bosnian Serb leader believes he’ll be acquitted if the court is fair.

26 Sep 14 Bosnian Croat Fighter ‘Beat Prisoners in Bomb Shelter’

A prosecution witness said that Nikola Maric, accused of war crimes in the Prozor area, used a gun to hit him and other detainees who were imprisoned in a bomb shelter in 1993.

25 Sep 14 Bosniak and Croat Officers ‘Not Fired From Serb Army’

A former personnel officer in the Bosnian Serb Army told Ratko Mladic’s war crimes trial that some Muslim and Croat officers chose to remain with Serb-led forces in wartime.

25 Sep 14 Bosnian Boxing Star Denies Wartime Crimes

Former world champion boxer Mensur Peljto pleaded not guilty to crimes against Serb civilians and prisoners of war while he was a fighter with the Croatian Defence Council in 1992.

25 Sep 14 Yugoslav Ex-Official Joins Balkan Convicts in Sweden

Nikola Sainovic, the former deputy prime minister of Yugoslavia convicted of war crimes in Kosovo, will become the fourth Balkan war criminal to serve his sentence in Sweden.


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