31 Oct 14 Mladic Witness: Serb-Run Hospital Helped Bosniaks

A doctor testified in Ratko Mladic’s defence at the Hague Tribunal that the hospital in the Serb-run town of Foca did not turn away Bosniaks who needed treatment during wartime.

30 Oct 14 BIRN Interviews Prosecutor and Judge in EULEX Scandal

EULEX prosecutor Maria Bamieh and judge Francesco Florit spoke in detail to BIRN's Jeta ne Kosove TV programme about corruption allegations which have rocked the EU rule-of law-mission in Kosovo.

30 Oct 14 Protesting Croatian Veterans Take Demands to Parliament

The former soldiers, who are in their second week of non-stop protests, went to the Croatian parliament to repeat their demand for the sacking of the war veterans minister.

30 Oct 14 Radovan Karadzic Demands Secret Diplomatic Cables

Former Bosnian Serb political leader Karadzic wants the Hague Tribunal to reopen his defence case to admit confidential cables from Western ambassadors he believes will help prove his innocence.

30 Oct 14 EU Kosovo Mission ‘Probing Internal Corruption Claims’

The head of the EU’s Kosovo rule-of-law mission rejected one of its prosecutor’s claims that it ignored internal corruption allegations and insisted it was investigating the alleged graft.

30 Oct 14 Bosnian Serbs to Remove Controversial Sarajevo Cross

The makeshift cross installed above the Bosnian capital to commemorate Serb victims of the 1990s conflict will be removed after it sparked angry reactions from Bosniak war victims.

30 Oct 14 Bosniak Policeman Awaits Kladanj Prisoner Abuse Verdict

Former reservist policeman Hariz Habibovic is on trial for mistreating Serb prisoners who were held in the village of Stupari near Kladanj in 1992.

30 Oct 14 Mladic Witness: Hunger Deaths Were Propaganda

A defence witness told former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic’s trial that Bosniaks lied about deaths from hunger during wartime in a bid to win international support.

29 Oct 14 Croatia PM Rejects Protesting Veterans’ Demands

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said he would not submit to ‘ultimatums’ from the former soldiers who have been protesting for 10 days, demanding the war veterans minister’s dismissal.

29 Oct 14 EU Kosovo Mission Accused of Tolerating Corruption

An EU prosecutor who accused a judge of taking bribes to free suspects told BIRN that she spoke out because the European law mission in Kosovo failed to investigate her corruption claims.

29 Oct 14 Prosecutor Alleges Corruption at EU Kosovo Mission

An EU rule-of-law mission special prosecutor in Kosovo said that a senior official at the European judicial body took bribes to free suspects accused of serious crimes.

29 Oct 14 Two Bosnian Serbs Convicted of Visegrad Massacre

Former Bosnian Serb reservist policemen Predrag Milisavljevic and Milos Pantelic were both sentenced to 20 years in prison for the executions of 48 Bosniak civilians from Visegrad in 1992.

29 Oct 14 Mladic Witness: Aid Convoys Helped Bosniak Forces

A defence witness told Ratko Mladic’s trial that humanitarian convoys transported munitions and food for the Bosnian Army during wartime and some international military observers scouted Serb positions.

28 Oct 14 Bosnia Opens First Trnovo Wartime Crimes Trial

Three former fighters are accused of participating in the killings, arrests and imprisonment of Serbs and the burning of their homes in villages in Trnovo near Sarajevo in 1992.

28 Oct 14 Croatian Ex-Soldier Attempts Suicide at Veterans’ Protest

A former serviceman set himself on fire outside the war veterans’ ministry in Zagreb – the second tragic incident at the veterans’ protest after a female ex-soldier died last week.


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