06 May 16 BIRN's Kosovo War Film Wins US Festival Award

BIRN’s film The Unidentified, investigating the commanders responsible for brutal attacks during the Kosovo war, was given the best short documentary award at the South East European Film Festival in LA.

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06 May 16 UN Warned About Bosnian Serb ‘Secession’ Threat

The top international official in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, warned the UN Security Council that the Bosnian Serb leadership was threatening a referendum on secession and glorifying war criminals.

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06 May 16 Bosnian Court Destroys Family Murders Investigation File

The Basic Court in the town of Prijedor destroyed an investigation file on the murders of five members of a Croat family during the war, allegedly by Serb forces, because it considered the material “worthless”.

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05 May 16 BIRN’s Kosovo War Crimes Film Debuts in Belgrade

BIRN’s film The Unidentified, investigating the commanders responsible for some of the most brutal attacks of the Kosovo war, will screen at the upcoming BELDOCS international documentary festival.

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04 May 16 Thousands Mark Tito’s Death Anniversary in Serbia

Thirty-six years after Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito died, several thousand of his admirers paid tribute to him in Belgrade and remembered what they believe were better times.

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04 May 16 Bosnian Serb Acquitted of Crimes against Humanity

Jovan Popovic was cleared of making unlawful arrests and seizing civilians from the village of Rodica Brdo in the Visegrad area with a group of Serb fighters in 1992.

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04 May 16 Switzerland Mulls KLA Ex-Guerrillas’ Extradition to Serbia

The decision whether to extradite two Kosovo Albanians accused of war crimes who were arrested in Switzerland on Serbian arrest warrants could take more than a month, Swiss authorities said.

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03 May 16 Hague Prosecution Appeals Against Vojislav Seselj Acquittal

The prosecution at the UN-backed court in The Hague has appealed for a guilty verdict or a retrial of Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj, who was recently acquitted of war crimes.

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29 Apr 16 "Missing" Man's Return Causes Shock in Kosovo

The return to Kosovo of Sejdi Thaci, a man listed as a "missing person" from the 1990s war - after 17 years and in unclear circumstances - has caused consternation in his home country.

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27 Apr 16 European Court Rejects Croatian Policemen’s Unfair Detention Claims

The European Court of Human Rights rejected claims by three Croatian ex-policemen including former interior ministry aide Tomislav Mercep who said they had been kept too long in pre-trial detention.

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27 Apr 16 Croatia Convicts Five Rebel Serb Policemen

Five former members of the police force of the self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina wartime rebel statelet in Croatia were convicted in their absence of committing war crimes in 1991.

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26 Apr 16 Mladic Witness Contests Mass Grave Exhumation Report

Testifying on behalf of former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic, an expert witness questioned whether bodies exhumed from a mass grave at the Tomasica mine near Prijedor were executed by Serb forces.

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26 Apr 16 Former Bosnian Presidency Member’s Trial Hears Murder Claims

The first witness testified at the trial of Borislav Paravac, a Serb former member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency, accused of participating in wartime attacks that killed several hundred Bosniaks and Croats.

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26 Apr 16 Croatian War Veterans End 18-Month-Long Protest

Croatian ex-soldiers said they will end their 18-month-long sit-in protest outside the war veterans’ ministry but will continue campaigning for legislation to enshrine their rights in the constitution.

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25 Apr 16 British Intelligence ‘Never Promised’ to Help Free Mladic

A defence witness told the Hague Tribunal he tried to convince Ratko Mladic to surrender in 1995, but denied assuring the Bosnian Serb military chief that British intelligence would help him evade prosecution.

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