24 Aug 16 Vucic Visit to Croatia ‘Could Ease Tensions’

If Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic visits Croatia on Thursday to attend a ministrial forum in Dubrovnik, it could ease growing tensions between two countries, a political analyst suggested.

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23 Aug 16 Serb Referendum Splits Bosnia’s International Overseers

The US, EU, Russia and other international powers which are guarantors of Bosnia’s peace agreement are struggling to agree on concrete action to stop the Bosnian Serbs holding an ethnically-divisive referendum.

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22 Aug 16 Serbia Protests Over Kosovo War Crimes Billboard

Belgrade urged Pristina to remove a billboard about Serbian war crimes, saying it will intimidate Serbs who fled after the war and stop them returning to their homes in the former province.

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19 Aug 16 Brcko Supervisor Rejects Bosnian Serb Referendum

The internationally-appointed supervisor of the Brcko District refused permission to hold a controversial Bosnian Serb referendum in the area, arguing that it violates the country’s constitution.

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17 Aug 16 Biden Urges Kosovo to Seek Reconciliation with Serbia

Speaking in Pristina, US Vice-President Joe Biden said that Kosovo officials should work toward normalising relations with Serbia in order to make progress towards joining the EU.

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17 Aug 16 Biden Offers Condolences for Victims of NATO Bombing

US Vice-President Joseph Biden offered condolences to the families of 1999 NATO bombing victims and urged Serbia and Kosovo to resolve open issues during a visit to Belgrade.

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16 Aug 16 Bosnia Denies Investigating Croatian General Gotovina

The Bosnian state prosecution has denied media reports that it has opened an investigation into former Croatian Army commander Ante Gotovina for alleged war crimes.

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16 Aug 16 Twitter Activists Mock Milosevic Monument Proposal

A proposal by Serbian Socialist Party politicians to build a monument to former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has sparked an outburst of satirical criticism on Twitter.

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15 Aug 16 Dispute Over Cyrillic Raises Tensions Between Croatia, Serbia

The announcement by Croatia’s interior minister that ‘false Serb residents’ of the town of Vukovar will be deleted from its population list, thus enabling the Serbian language and Cyrillic script to be abolished as one of its official languages, has sparked yet another rise in tensions between Belgrade and Zagreb. 

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15 Aug 16 Biden to Push Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue on Farewell Tour

Joe Biden’s visit to Serbia and Kosovo on his last Balkan tour as US Vice President is expected to focus on re-booting the stalled dialogue between the two countries.

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13 Aug 16 Macedonia Plans Low-Key Anniversary of Ohrid Deal

Macedonia on Saturday is holding a modest event marking the 15th anniversary of the signing of the Ohrid Peace Accord, which ended a six-month ethnic Albanian insurgency.

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12 Aug 16 Krasniqi Lawyer Urges Appeal Court to Free Him

Defence lawyer Haxhi Millaku said Monday's conviction of former KLA fighter Xhemshit Krasniqi was unjust and he expected the Court of Appeal to free him.

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11 Aug 16 Bosnian Serb Court Rejects Bosniaks’ Referendum Challenge

The Constitutional Court in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska rejected an attempt by Bosniaks to block a controversial referendum about the annual Day of Republika Srpska holiday.

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11 Aug 16 Serbia to Highlight Croatia Concentration Camp at UN

Serbia plans to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day next year by organising an exhibition at the United Nations about the Jasenovac concentration camp run by Croatia’s WWII Nazi-allied regime.

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10 Aug 16 Fraudsters Target Reward for Finding Missing Bosnians

For a decade, the local council in Vogosca has been offering a 5,100 euro reward to anyone who helps locate wartime missing persons, but all the information offered so far has been false.

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