25 Apr 14 Montenegro Upholds Morinj Detention Camp Abuse Convictions

In a landmark ruling, a Montenegrin court upheld the convictions of four former Yugoslav Army reservists jailed for abusing Croatian prisoners at the Morinj wartime detention camp.

25 Apr 14 Prisoner Recalls Beatings by Bosnian Army Soldier

A former detainee said he was repeatedly beaten in captivity by Nedzad Hodzic, one of two Bosniak ex-servicemen accused of wartime crimes on Mount Igman.

24 Apr 14 Bosnia Investigators Search Gorazde Police Veterans’ HQ

The Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency searched the building as part of an investigation into alleged crimes against Serbs in the area during the 1990s war.

24 Apr 14 Serbia Welcomes New Kosovo War Crimes Court

Belgrade said that the establishment of a new Kosovo tribunal with international judges to prosecute war crimes was “good news” that would shift guilt away from Serbia.

24 Apr 14 Two Indicted Over Kosovo War Case Secrecy Breach

The EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo has indicted two suspects who allegedly violated secrecy rules in the ‘Drenica Group’ case against wartime guerrillas accused of abusing civilian prisoners.

24 Apr 14 Bosnia Witness Recalls Visegrad Wartime Rape

A witness told the war crimes trial of Bosnian Serb ex-soldier Vitomir Rackovic that the defendant took her to the village of Crnca, where she was raped.

23 Apr 14 Kosovo MPs Approve New War Crimes Court

After a heated debate, Kosovo lawmakers voted for the establishment of a new special court to probe war crimes and organ-trafficking allegedly committed by Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas.

23 Apr 14 Bosnian Fighter Demands Bosanski Brod Killings Acquittal

Former Croatian Defence Forces fighter Zemir Kovacevic is not guilty of killings, looting and the illegal detention of Serb civilians in the village of Sijekovac in 1992, his defence said.

23 Apr 14 Serbia Probes Suspected Kosovo Mass Grave

The Serbian authorities restarted a forensic search near the southern town of Raska where two bodies of ethnic Albanians killed by Serbian forces in the Kosovo war have already been found.

23 Apr 14 Bosnian Serb Leadership ‘Ordered Srebrenica Prisoners’ Deaths’

The mass murders of Bosniaks from Srebrenica were committed as a result of a “command from the top”, the genocide trial of former Serb fighter Aleksandar Cvetkovic was told.

22 Apr 14 Bosnia Arrests Four Croat War Crimes Suspects

The Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency arrested four former Croat fighters on suspicion that they committed war crimes including rape in the Odzak area in 1992.

22 Apr 14 Kosovo Extends EU Rule-of-Law Mission Mandate

The government agreed to extend the mandate of the EU mission and its task force which investigates allegations of wartime organ-harvesting, illegal detentions, killings and torture.

22 Apr 14 Serbia Urged to Probe NATO Bombing of State TV

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia called on the authorities to reveal secret documents about the NATO bombing of the public broadcaster in 1999, when 16 people were killed.

22 Apr 14 Kosovo to Demolish Disputed Milosevic-Era Church

Kosovo's Minister of Environment, Dardan Gashi, says Serbian church built in Pristina in the 1990s had no planning permit and must be pulled down.

22 Apr 14 Croatia Extradites Yugoslav Spy Chief to Germany

Zdravko Mustac, wanted for his alleged involvement in a political assassination carried out by the Yugoslav secret services in 1983, has been sent to Germany to stand trial.


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