The Crew


Marija Ristic, Director/Producer

A reporter with experience at a variety of publications, Marija joined BIRN in November 2011 as a journalist and reporter covering Serbia. In 2013, she worked as a screenwriter and producer for BIRN’s documentary ‘The Majority Starts Here’. Prior to BIRN, Marija worked as an assistant editor and science journalist at the Institute for Informatics Systems and Computer Media at the Technical University of Graz. Marija studied German language and journalism, and is currently studying for her master’s degree in international security. She has received numerous awards and scholarships from the OSCE, the Dr Zoran Djindjic Foundation, the Serbian Ministry of Education, the Austrian government and the Norway Research Council.

Nemanja Babic, Director/Editor

Nemanja graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts with a degree in film and TV editing and has been engaged in the production of numerous prominent documentary films such as ‘Kosma’, ‘The Face of a Revolution’ and others. Nemanja has produced and directed documentaries of his own, ‘The Old Pricks’ and ‘The Shovel is too Small’. During 2013, he was engaged as the editor of the film ‘The Majority Starts Here’ produced by BIRN.

Gordana Igric, Producer/Editor in Chief

Gordana is the founder of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and currently serves as the Regional Network Director. She began her career as a journalist in Belgrade in 1981, and later reported from Bosnia and Kosovo during the wars that accompanied the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Following the conflict, she returned to research and document war crimes. Gordana has received several journalism awards, including the 1998 Overseas Press Club (USA) Award for Human Rights Reporting and a Human Rights Watch award for her research into war crimes in Foca, Bosnia. Before founding BIRN, she was the Balkan project manager at the Institute of War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) from 1999 until August 2005, during which time IWPR's Balkan reporting received numerous press awards and media citations.

Ivana Nikolic, Journalist

Ivana joined BIRN in April 2014 as a journalist covering Serbia. Prior to BIRN, Ivana interned on the foreign news desk the Serbia’s public broadcaster, RTS. She completed journalism studies at Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. Ivana also studied at University of Groningen as part of Erasmus Mundus scheme. She received numerous awards and scholarships from the European Union and the Serbian Ministry of Education.

Milka Domanovic, Journalist

Milka joined BIRN’s Balkan Transitional Justice project as a translator in January 2014. Prior to BIRN, Milka worked as an online journalist and daily editor for Serbia’s public broadcaster, RTS. She holds a diploma in journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. Milka has also received additional education at the Electronic Media School in Germany, the College of Europe in Belgium and other places. Milka has received several journalism awards for the radio reportage ‘Medom protiv mraka’ (‘Teddy Bear Against the Dark’), including the Zoran Mamula Award (B92) and the Golden Diploma from the INTERFER (International Festival of Reportage in Sombor, Serbia) in 2009.

Edona Peci, Journalist

Edona joined BIRN’s Transitional Justice Regional Journalistic Network after working as a Pristina correspondent for Radio Free Europe (2008-2013). Previously she worked for Albanian Satellite Television-ALSAT, reporting from Kosovo. Edona is currently finishing her master’s degree in the United States.

Gordana Andric, Journalist

Gordana is an experienced journalist with in-depth knowledge of the politics and economy of the Balkan countries. Gordana is the managing editor of BIRN’s Belgrade Insight, a twice-monthly newspaper that covers the Serbian capital. She also writes news stories, analysis and investigations for both the newspaper and BIRN’s website, Balkan Insight. Before joining the BIRN team, Gordana worked for two years as a news reporter at leading Serbian broadcaster B92. With the NGO Serbia on the Move, Gordana took part in an anti-corruption campaign in the Serbian health sector in 2010. She studied journalism at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Political Sciences.

Romana Vujasinovic, Associate Editor

Romana graduated from the Camera Department of the Dunav Film School in 2006, and from the Film and TV Editing Department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. She shoots and edits documentaries and industrial film as well as TV shows. Romana has been a member of Association of Film Artists of Serbia as a documentary film director since 2010.

Astrit Perani, Cinematographer

Astrit joined the BIRN team in January 2008 as a cameraman and video editor for the ‘Life in Kosovo’ and ‘Justice in Kosovo’ TV programmes. He studied Mass Communication at AAB-RIINVEST University, with a focus on production.

Stasa Tomic, Cinematographer

Staša holds a degree in philosophy. He has shot, directed and produced documentaries that have been showcased and awarded at festivals around the world. Staša is also an exhibited photographer and has also worked as a cinematographer and director of commercial films, short films and music videos.