20 Aug 14 Montenegro Shifts Kosovo Refugees Into Containers

Refugees from Kosovo in Podgorica - whose camp burned down two years ago - have been re-housed in containers until permanent homes can be found for them.

18 Aug 14 Montenegro Commits to Finding Wartime Missing Persons

Montenegro is to sign a cross-regional declaration with Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, committing the country to finding the bodies of 61 people still missing since the 1990s wars.

24 Jun 14 Montenegro Urged to End Impunity for War Crimes

The Council of Europe called on the Montenegrin authorities to prosecute suspects effectively after a series of much-criticised acquittals and lenient sentences for convicted war criminals.

10 Jun 14 Montenegro Refugees Risk Being Declared Illegal

Around a third of the refugees in Montenegro, mostly Roma who fled Kosovo, have not applied for residency and could be reclassified as illegal immigrants and lose benefits.

03 Jun 14 Montenegro to Build Homes for Kosovo Refugees

At least 900 housing units are to be built over the next three years for the most vulnerable refugees, mostly Roma displaced from Kosovo in the war of the late 1990s.

16 May 14 Pro-Yugoslav Montenegrins Oppose German WWII Cemetery

Activists who campaign to uphold old Yugoslav traditions protested against the government’s plan to build a cemetery for German soldiers killed in World War II in Montenegro.

28 Apr 14 ‘Low’ Sentences for Montenegro Jail Camp Abusers Slammed

Croatian rights groups said prison terms given to four former Yugoslav Army reservists for abusing Croat prisoners at the Morinj wartime detention camp in Montenegro were inadequate.

25 Apr 14 Montenegro Upholds Morinj Detention Camp Abuse Convictions

In a landmark ruling, a Montenegrin court upheld the convictions of four former Yugoslav Army reservists jailed for abusing Croatian prisoners at the Morinj wartime detention camp.

14 Mar 14 Refugees in Montenegro Seek Return to Kosovo

Scores of refugee families from Kosovo now living in Montenegro are ready to go home if the Montenegrin and Kosovo authorities can help them to do so, a minister announced.

03 Mar 14 Montenegro to Compensate Croatian Jail Camp Prisoners

Montenegro has been ordered to pay a total of 319,000 euro to 13 Croatian citizens who were held at the Morinj detention camp during the 1990s war.

27 Feb 14 Serbia Urged To Punish Strpci Train Abductors

Human rights activists in Belgrade urged the Serbian government to bring to justice Bosnian Serb fighters who seized 19 passengers from a train in Strpci and killed them 21 years ago.

21 Jan 14 Montenegro Removes Graffiti Mocking Srebrenica Massacres

The authorities in the northern Montenegrin town of Pljevlja ordered the erasing of graffiti that mocked the mass killings in Srebrenica and promoted Serb nationalism.

20 Jan 14 Montenegro Refugees to Sue State in Strasbourg

Refugees alleging discrimination will take Montenegro to the European Court of Human Rights, demanding to be granted citizenship of the country in which they have lived for years.

30 Oct 13 Montenegro's Bosniaks Oppose Njegos Holiday

Montenegro's Bosniak party said it opposed declaring the anniversary of the birth of Petar Petrovic II Njegos, the famous poet-bishop, a holiday, on account of his controversial legacy.

18 Oct 13 Montenegro Refugees Warned Over Legal Residence Deadline

The Montenegrin authorities and the UN warned that 4,800 refugees must apply for permanent residence status before the end of the year or risk being classed as illegal immigrants.


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