14 Mar 14 Refugees in Montenegro Seek Return to Kosovo

Scores of refugee families from Kosovo now living in Montenegro are ready to go home if the Montenegrin and Kosovo authorities can help them to do so, a minister announced.

03 Mar 14 Montenegro to Compensate Croatian Jail Camp Prisoners

Montenegro has been ordered to pay a total of 319,000 euro to 13 Croatian citizens who were held at the Morinj detention camp during the 1990s war.

27 Feb 14 Serbia Urged To Punish Strpci Train Abductors

Human rights activists in Belgrade urged the Serbian government to bring to justice Bosnian Serb fighters who seized 19 passengers from a train in Strpci and killed them 21 years ago.

21 Jan 14 Montenegro Removes Graffiti Mocking Srebrenica Massacres

The authorities in the northern Montenegrin town of Pljevlja ordered the erasing of graffiti that mocked the mass killings in Srebrenica and promoted Serb nationalism.

20 Jan 14 Montenegro Refugees to Sue State in Strasbourg

Refugees alleging discrimination will take Montenegro to the European Court of Human Rights, demanding to be granted citizenship of the country in which they have lived for years.

30 Oct 13 Montenegro's Bosniaks Oppose Njegos Holiday

Montenegro's Bosniak party said it opposed declaring the anniversary of the birth of Petar Petrovic II Njegos, the famous poet-bishop, a holiday, on account of his controversial legacy.

18 Oct 13 Montenegro Refugees Warned Over Legal Residence Deadline

The Montenegrin authorities and the UN warned that 4,800 refugees must apply for permanent residence status before the end of the year or risk being classed as illegal immigrants.

17 Oct 13 Brussels Slates Montenegro’s War Crime Trials

The European Commission has told Montenegro that it needs to make sure that war crimes are properly prosecuted after recent acquittals and lenient sentences.

08 Oct 13 Montenegro Refugees ‘Suffering Without ID Papers’

The Council of Europe has expressed concern that some refugees in Montenegro have not yet been given identity documents to enable them to get work, healthcare and education.

27 Sep 13 BIRN Road Movie ‘Shows Tolerance is Possible’

A Bosnian woman who appears in BIRN’s new documentary said the experience of shooting the movie with young people from other Balkan nations showed that a new generation can get along.

27 Sep 13 New BIRN Movie Premieres in Belgrade

BIRN’s new road-movie documentary about young people and the legacy of war, The Majority Starts Here, was screened in the Serbian capital for the first time.

25 Sep 13 Montenegro Parliament Backs Judicial Independence Laws

Montenegrin MPs have backed four new laws aimed at satisfying EU calls for the country’s judiciary to be freed from political influence, although the opposition cried foul.

25 Sep 13 BIRN Premieres Film on Youth and War

Premieres have begun of BIRN’s documentary film about six young people who make a journey of discovery across ex-Yugoslavia to see how conflict has shaped their generation.

19 Sep 13 Montenegro To Launch Refugee Camp Clean-Up

The clean-up of the Konik camp in Podgorica, inhabited by over 1,500 Roma refugees who fled the Kosovo war, marks the anniversary of Montenegro declaring itself an ‘ecological state’.

11 Sep 13 15,000 Verdicts Not Enforced in Montenegro

Montenegro’s justice minister said that the huge number of court verdicts that remain unenforced was a threat to the credibility of the country’s legal system.


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