montenegro-s-war-crimes-failings-continue-in-2015-12-28-2015 29 Dec 15 Montenegro’s War Crimes Failings Continue in 2015

The country’s new special prosecutor admitted there have been no satisfactory outcomes from war crimes cases in Montenegro, while the authorities faced yet more criticism for their failings in 2015.

strpci-last-stop-on-a-fatal-journey 27 Feb 15 Strpci: Last Stop on a Fatal Journey

Twenty-two years ago, Serb paramilitaries stopped a train in Bosnia, seized 20 passengers and killed them – and only now is there a possibility that most of the suspects will face justice.

montenegro-refugees-alerted-over-legal-resdence-deadline 03 Oct 14 Montenegro’s Kosovo Refugees in Legal Deadline Countdown

More than 4,000 Kosovo refugees, mainly Roma, have just three months left to apply for residency in Montenegro or they could be reclassified as illegal immigrants and have to leave.

a-road-trip-across-the-frontlines 24 Sep 13 A Road Trip Across the Frontlines

The young people featured in BIRN’s new Balkan road-movie documentary The Majority Starts Here are disturbed by the ethnic hatred of the past but uncertain about their own futures.

montenegro-a-politicised-judiciary-delivers-slow-justice 30 Jul 13 Montenegro: Politicised Judiciary Delivers ‘Slow Justice’

The first half of 2013 in Montenegro saw attempts to reform a politicised judiciary but the country’s few war crimes trials seemed to make little progress.

montenegro-fails-to-find-truth-about-war-crimes 10 Jul 13 Montenegro Fails to Find Truth About War Crimes

Wartime atrocities committed in Montenegro are going unpunished because of poor indictments, flawed prosecutions and a lack of political will, say human rights activists.

victims-feel-betrayed-by-local-war-crimes-trials 26 Apr 13 Victims Feel Betrayed by Local War Crimes Trials

When the Hague Tribunal closes at the end of 2014, Balkan countries’ own courts will be responsible for all war crimes trials, but prosecutions are dogged by politics and differing interpretations of history.

montenegro-s-container-camp-refugees-survive-winter-freeze 13 Mar 13 Montenegro’s Container Camp Refugees Survive Winter Freeze

In the Balkans’ biggest refugee camp, Roma who fled the Kosovo war have spent months without electricity in metal containers after the huts they used to live in burned down.

turbulent-year-for-balkan-s-transitional-justice 27 Dec 12 Turbulent Year for Balkan’s Transitional Justice

With four verdicts passed this year the ICTY brought justice to some ex-Yugoslav states, while some say that already endangered regional cooperation touched new low.

prospects-darken-for-kosovo-s-roma-refugees 25 Jun 12 Prospects Darken For Kosovo’s Roma Refugees

Thousands of Kosovo Roma are still living as refugees in neighboring Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, where they face the prospect of permanent statelessness, poverty and social exclusion. 

many-faces-of-tito 25 May 12 New Countries, New Views on Tito

Thirty two years after his death, the cult of personality built around Josip Broz Tito in history teaching across the old Yugoslavia has been replaced with narrower, nationalistic interpretations.

symbols-row-holds-montenegrin-reforms-hostage 21 May 12 Symbols Row Holds Montenegrin Reforms Hostage

Six years after the referendum on independence, Montenegro has consolidated itself as a state, but dispute over symbols still dominates politics, overshadowing more important priorities.

war-veterans-in-montenegro-fighters-of-the-war-that-did-not-occur 02 May 12 Montenegro Veterans Face 'Pact of Silence'

Veterans of the 1990s wars accuse the authorities of neglecting those who were called up to fight, out of a desire to distance themselves from what are now seen as embarrassing conflicts.

reconciliation-as-a-political-taboo 20 Apr 12 Reconciliation as a Political Taboo

Reconciliation has lost its prominence on the political agenda of the former Yugoslav countries.

montenegro-needs-donors-for-roma-refugees 16 Apr 12 Montenegro Looks for Donors For Roma Refugees

At the upcoming donors conference, Montenegro will try to obtain funds for its most vulnerable refugees, says Zeljko Sofranac, director of the Bureau for the Care of Refugees.

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