29 Jun 17 Red Cross Presses Serbia, Kosovo Over Missing Persons

Belgrade and Pristina must do more to locate burial sites and clarify the fate of over 1,600 people still missing as a result of the Kosovo war, said the International Committee of the Red Cross.

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10 Apr 17 Council of Europe: Kosovo War Victims ‘Denied Justice’

The weakness of Kosovo’s witness protection system means that some war crimes perpetrators are not being sanctioned and victims are being denied justice, the Council of Europe’s rights commissioner warned.

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15 Mar 17 Serbia Accused of Hiding Information on Kosovo Graves

The Kosovo government’s missing persons commission urged Serbia to disclose information about the locations of mass graves, claiming that its army is keeping important documents secret.

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06 Mar 17 Over 900 ‘Missing’ Bosnians Actually Alive

A total of 911 individuals whose names are included in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national register of wartime missing persons are actually alive, and remain on the list by mistake.

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16 Feb 17 Kosovo Mass Grave Search Reveals No Bodies

The excavation of a suspected mass grave under a mosque in the divided northern Kosovo town of Mitrovica did not yield any human remains.

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14 Feb 17 Bosnian Prosecution Seeks More Funds for Exhumations

The prosecution has asked the Bosnian state presidency for more money to exhume war graves after only receiving 95,000 euros from the Council of Ministers for 2017.

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22 Dec 16 Croatia Identifies Remains of 20 Serb War Victims

A Croatian medical team has made positive identifications of the remains of 20 Serbs who were killed during the war in Croatia in the 1990s.

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25 Nov 16 Croatia Exhumes 18 Serb Casualties of ‘Operation Storm’

The Croatian authorities exhumed the remains of 18 bodies from a cemetery in the coastal town of Zadar - Croatian Serbs who died during or after the military operation ‘Storm’ in 1995.

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09 Nov 16 EU Raps Balkan States over War Crimes Progress

In its annual progress reports, the EU urged improvements in war crimes prosecutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo, and expressed concern about a slowdown in finding missing persons from the 1990s conflicts.

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04 Nov 16 Kosovo to Take Missing Persons Issue to Brussels

At his first-ever meeting with families of Kosovo Serbs who went missing as a result of the war, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci pledged to address the missing persons issue during talks with Belgrade in Brussels.

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25 Oct 16 Bosnia Finds Remains of Seven War Victims

The remains of seven victims of the 1992-95 war were discovered during an exhumation at a cemetery in the Modrica municipality on the northern Bosnian border with Croatia.

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17 Oct 16 UN Presses Bosnia on Missing Persons

The UN urged the Bosnian authorities to improve legislation to prevent and punish enforced disappearances and speed up the search for around 10,000 people still missing from the 1990s Bosnia.

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05 Oct 16 Croatian Veterans Ready to Meet Serbian Ex-Soldiers

One of the leaders of Croatia’s war veterans, Josip Klemm, said he was ready to have talks with former Serbian soldiers in order to help find people who are still missing from the 1990s conflict.

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27 Sep 16 Kosovo Prosecution Admits Not Investigating Village Killings

Kosovo’s Special Prosecution has admitted that it is not investigating the killings and disappearances of Albanians and Serbs in the village of Mushtisht/Mustiste during and after the war in 1999.

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30 Aug 16 Over 10,000 Still Missing from Yugoslav Wars

There are still 10,653 missing persons in the former Yugoslavia but the process of finding them is being hampered by divisions between countries in the region, the Serbian authorities warned.

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