23 Apr 14 Serbia Probes Suspected Kosovo Mass Grave

The Serbian authorities restarted a forensic search near the southern town of Raska where two bodies of ethnic Albanians killed by Serbian forces in the Kosovo war have already been found.

08 Apr 14 Serbia Re-Starts Examination of Suspected Kosovo Mass Grave

Serbian authorities re-started the examination of a suspected mass grave near the town of Raska where it is believed ethnic Albanians killed by Serbian forces in the Kosovo war may be buried.

27 Mar 14 Mass Grave Found Near Bosnia’s Donji Vakuf

Investigators have discovered a mass grave that could contain the bodies of almost 150 murdered Bosniaks in the village of Oborci near the central Bosnian town of Donji Vakuf.

24 Mar 14 Kosovo Returns War Victims’ Remains to Families

The Kosovo authorities have handed over the remains of 27 of the people who were killed by Serbian forces during the 1998-99 conflict to their relatives.

13 Mar 14 Families of Kosovo’s Missing Boycott Government Memorial

Relatives of over 1,700 people missing since the Kosovo war are boycotting an “undignified” electronic billboard in Pristina that was intended to display pictures of the disappeared.

11 Mar 14 Bosnian Prosecution Urges More Money for Exhumations

To accelerate the search for the estimated 8,000 people still missing from the conflict and provide crucial evidence for war crimes trials, prosecutors asked the authorities for increased funds.

07 Mar 14 New Search for Bodies Urged at Sarajevo’s Kazani

Bosnia’s Missing Persons Institute wants a new exhumation at the Kazani pit in the hills above Sarajevo because more bodies could be buried where the remains of over 20 war victims have been found.

26 Feb 14 Relatives of Kosovo’s Missing Press Govt on Benefits

Families of people who disappeared during the 1990s conflict in Kosovo demanded legal changes to ensure benefits for those whose relatives’ bodies are among the 1,700 not yet found.

21 Jan 14 Kosovo Parliament Plans Missing Persons Law Change

As a new parliamentary group prepares to investigate the issue for the first time, relatives of over 1,700 people still missing since the Kosovo war insisted they need improved benefits.

13 Dec 13 Serbia Finds Corpses in Suspected Kosovo War Grave

Human remains have been found in a suspected mass grave near the town of Raska where it is believed that Albanians killed by Serbian forces in the Kosovo war could be buried.

05 Dec 13 Bosnian Missing Persons Hunt Praised as Success

The methods used in Bosnia to find wartime missing persons should be implemented in post-conflict situations all over the world, a conference in Sarajevo was told.

14 Nov 13 EU Searches Lake for Kosovo War Dead

The EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, has relaunched a hunt for the remains of people missing since wartime at Livoc Lake near the eastern town of Gjilani/Gnjilane.

31 Oct 13 New Approach Urged in Hunt for the World’s Missing

Millions of people have gone missing worldwide because of wars, crime and natural disasters, so a better search and identification process is needed, a conference in The Hague concluded.

24 Oct 13 268 Victims’ Remains Found in Bosnia Mass Grave

The remains of the wartime victims, believed to be Bosniaks and Croats killed in 1992, have been found in the ongoing exhumation of the mass grave at the Tomasica mines near Prijedor.

18 Oct 13 Croatia Exhumes Remains of 19 War Dead

The remains of 19 people who are believed to have been killed during the war in Croatia in 1991 were exhumed in a village in the eastern region of Slavonia.


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