memories-and-bones-the-missing-of-srebrenica 10 Jul 15 Memories and Bones: The Missing of Srebrenica

Hundreds of Srebrenica victims’ families are still waiting for their loved ones’ remains to bury - but as time passes, it becomes more likely that only a few bones, if anything, will ever be found.

serbia-s-kosovo-cover-up-who-hid-the-bodies 23 Apr 15 Serbia’s Kosovo Cover-Up: Who Hid the Bodies?

The Belgrade officials and policemen who took hundreds of murdered Albanians’ corpses from Kosovo to Serbia and concealed them in mass graves have never been prosecuted in their home country.

bosnia-s-search-for-bones-and-truth 17 Oct 14 Bosnia’s Search for Bones and Truth

A year after Bosnia’s largest mass grave was found in Tomasica, the incredible story of its discovery highlights victims’ families desperate attempts to gain justice from the authorities.

is-serbia-continuing-its-cover-up 18 Sep 14 Is Serbia Continuing Its Kosovo Cover-Up?

After 45 ethnic Albanians killed in Kosovo were exhumed from a mass grave in Serbia, why has Belgrade not prosecuted officials who ordered the criminal operation to hide the bodies?

eu-kosovo-mission-denies-biased-prosecutions 11 Feb 14 EU Kosovo Mission Denies Biased Prosecutions

After arrests of Serbs and Albanians sparked protests, the EU rule-of-law mission’s head in Kosovo, Bernd Borchardt, told BIRN that suspects are prosecuted whatever their politics or ethnicity.

bosnia-s-biggest-mass-grave-raises-justice-hopes 03 Feb 14 Bosnia’s Biggest Mass Grave Raises Justice Hopes

Forensic evidence from a mass grave at the Tomasica mine near Prijedor, where the remains of hundreds of people have been found, could be used to help punish war criminals.

kosovë-ndjekja-e-ish-luftëtarëve-shpërthen-në-protesta 26 Dec 13 Kosovo: Prosecutions of Ex-Guerrillas Spark Protests

Pristina in 2013 saw demonstrations after EU prosecutors arrested ex-Kosovo Liberation Army fighters for war crimes, while members of an organ-trafficking ring were sent to jail.

bosnia-court-controversies-and-freed-war-criminals 26 Dec 13 Bosnia: Court Controversies and Freed War Criminals

The release of convicted Bosnian war criminals, controversy over a dissenting Hague Tribunal judge and the discovery of the country’s biggest wartime mass grave made headlines in 2013.

albanian-and-serb-unite-to-find-kosovo-missing 29 Jul 13 Albanian and Serb Unite to Find Kosovo Missing

An Albanian and a Serb have set aside their differences to work together to help find their disappeared relatives and the other 1,700 people who’ve been missing since the Kosovo war.

kosovo-victims-not-ready-to-reconcile-with-serbia 02 Apr 13 Kosovo War Victims Not Ready for Serbia Reconciliation

Kosovo has started work on a reconciliation strategy, but relatives of victims of the war and its violent aftermath are sceptical that justice can be done, 14 years after the conflict ended.

nermin-sarajlic-hunt-for-missing-gets-harder-each-year 26 Oct 12 Nermin Sarajlic: Hunt for Missing Gets Harder Each Year

It will be extremely hard in future to locate the remaining bodies of those still missing from the conflicts in former Yugoslavia, Nermin Sarajlic, a pathologist working on the issue, says.

justice-and-reconciliation-cannot-be-delayed 19 Mar 12 Justice and Reconciliation Cannot be Delayed

Justice and reconciliation must not be delayed further in the region of the former Yugoslavia, and it is up to national governments to increase their efforts.

missing-macedonians-remain-stuck-in-freezer 07 Feb 11 Missing Macedonians Remain Stuck in Freezer

Bodies of four Macedonians kidnapped in 2001 and found later that year remain stuck in a forensic institute, victims of a long row over their identification and over the identity of their killers.

marty-document-is-not-a-report-against-kosovo 24 Jan 11 Marty: Document is “Not a Report Against Kosovo”

Council of Europe Rapporteur, Dick Marty, tells Michael Montgomery that the emphasis placed on organ trafficking is obscuring the fact that “hundreds of people disappeared and were killed”. His report is not anti- Kosovo but merely a search for the truth, Marty says.

tadic-lays-ghosts-of-croatia-s-war-to-rest 08 Nov 10 Tadic Lays Ghosts of Croatia’s War to Rest

Serbian president’s statesmanlike apology, in a town that symbolises Croatia’s wartime suffering, has opened a new chapter in relations between these two distrustful neighbours.  

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