26 Mar 15 Kosovo Mourns Anniversary of Suhareka Killings

Hundreds of people gathered in the Kosovo town of Suhareka/Suva Reka to commemorate the 16th anniversary of attacks by Serbian forces that left more than 500 civilians dead.

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25 Mar 15 Serbia Mourns NATO Bombing Victims

Hundreds of people gathered in Belgrade on the 16th anniversary of the air strikes on Yugoslavia that ended the Kosovo war in 1999 to commemorate the victims of NATO’s bombing.

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24 Mar 15 Kosovo President: NATO Air Strikes Were ‘Humanitarian’

On the 16th anniversary of the launch of NATO’s strikes on Yugoslavia, President Atifete Jahjaga said the Western military intervention had prevented genocide and helped set Kosovo free.

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16 Mar 15 British Composer Commemorates Kosovo War Dead

The Kosovo Philharmonic marked its 15th anniversary with the Pristina premiere of an anti-war mass by British composer Karl Jenkins, which is dedicated to victims of the 1998-99 conflict.

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12 Mar 15 Serbs Honour Assassinated PM Djindjic's Memory

Wreaths and flowers were laid on Thursday in Belgrade in memory of Zoran Djindic, the Prime Minister who was shot dead 12 years ago.

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10 Mar 15 Kosovo Mayor Slammed for ‘Milosevic Street’ Plan

A Kosovo human rights NGO has called for the removal of the mayor of a Serb-majority municipality which proposed to name a street after deceased Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic.

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09 Mar 15 Kosovo Town’s ‘Milosevic Street’ Sparks Outrage

The tiny Serb-majority town of Ranilluge/Ranilug has been forced to reconsider its plan to name a street after former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic after the proposal was strongly criticised.

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05 Mar 15 Kosovo Liberation Army Honoured in Pristina

A military parade in Pristina opened three days of events to honour the Kosovo Liberation Army which fought against Serbian forces during the 1998-99 conflict.

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02 Mar 15 Sarajevo Plans New Wartime Siege Museum

A park in the city centre has been set aside for the construction of a multimedia museum dedicated to the city’s siege by Bosnian Serb forces between 1992 and 1995.

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26 Feb 15 Bosnia Maps 150 Wartime Detention Sites

A new web database shows 150 detention camps and sites used during the 1990s conflict, part of a project to map all the places where civilian and military prisoners were held in wartime.

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11 Feb 15 Belgrade Plans Monument for Serbian War Victims

Belgrade’s monuments commission said that Serbian victims of the 1990s wars will get a memorial in the capital, after lobbying by refugees who fled the conflict in Croatia.

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05 Feb 15 Serbian Church's Fate in Kosovo in the Balance

The future of a controversial Serbian church in Prishtina, half-finished under the Milosevic regime, hangs in the balance as arguments continue over whether it is an illegal construct.

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27 Jan 15 Montenegro Commemorates Bosnian War Hero

A memorial was held in Podgorica on the anniversary of the death of Srdjan Aleksic, a Serb who was murdered while trying to save his Bosniak friend’s life during the war in 1993.

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27 Jan 15 Bosnia Urged to Criminalise Holocaust Denial

The Bosnian authorities should adopt a law to punish people who deny war crimes such as the Holocaust and the Srebrenica genocide, rights groups urged on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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15 Jan 15 Kosovo Marks Recak Massacre Anniversary

Hundreds of Kosovo Albanians gathered in the village of Recak/Racak to mark the 16th anniversary of the massacre of 44 people by Serbian security forces in 1999.

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