07 Dec 16 Murdered Serb Family Commemorated in Zagreb

The Anti-Fascist League of Croatia commemorated the 25th anniversary of the killing in Zagreb of a Serb family, including a 12-year-old girl, by reservist policemen who were never convicted.

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05 Dec 16 Fascist Slogan Near Croatia Concentration Camp Sparks Anger

Serb politicians have condemned a memorial plaque with a fascist slogan which was installed by Croatian war veterans and right-wing politicians near the Jasenovac WWII concentration camp.

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18 Nov 16 Croatia Marks 25th Anniversary of Fall of Vukovar

State officials commemorated the fall of the Croatian town of Vukovar to Yugoslav troops and Serbian paramilitaries in 1991 and mourned the victims of the three-month siege.

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04 Nov 16 Pro-Yugoslav Montenegrins Oppose German War Cemetery

A group of Yugo-nostalgic activists said it will launch a legal challenge to senior officials over the construction of a cemetery for German soldiers killed in World War II in Montenegro.

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25 Oct 16 Multi-Ethnic Bosnian War Memorial Faces Removal

The newly-elected mayor of the Bosnian town of Vares wants to remove a multi-ethnic monument to all victims of the 1992-95 war, saying that its construction did not follow legal requirements.

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11 Oct 16 Mystery Mass Grave Found in Macedonia Politician’s Yard

An old mass grave, believed to date from the Second Balkan War, was discovered near the family house of Ali Ahmeti, the head of Macedonia’s junior ruling party, the Democratic Union for Integration.

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29 Sep 16 Basketball Court Sparks Mosque Row in Kosovo

Rumours that Serbs planned to build a basketball court on a site where a mosque once stood in the divided northern town of Mitrovica have upset some Kosovo Albanians.

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21 Sep 16 Kosovo Could Restore Serb-Albanian Anti-Fascist Monument

The Pristina authorities will consider restoring a monument celebrating Serb and Albanian anti-fascist cooperation in WWII after a one-man protest by the head of the Union of Montenegrins in Kosovo.

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16 Sep 16 Sarajevo Parents Worried by ‘Wartime Aggression’ Lessons

Parents expressed concerns after the Sarajevo Canton prime minister announced that children will be taught about war crimes and other atrocities committed in the city during the 1990s conflict.

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09 Sep 16 Ecumenical Patriarch Visits Croatia WWII Concentration Camp

Bartholomew I of Constantinople, the ecumenical leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, will visit the concentration camp at Jasenovac that was run by Croatia’s Nazi-allied WWII-era regime.

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02 Sep 16 Serb Victims’ Memorial Vandalised in Kosovo

Unknown vandals wrote threatening graffiti at a memorial to Serbs killed in July 1999 in the Kosovo village of Gracke e Vjeter/Staro Gracke, just weeks after it was visited by President Hashim Thaci.

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02 Sep 16 Belgrade to Name Street after Milosevic Ally

A Belgrade street is to be named after Serbian nationalist writer Brana Crncevic, who was an ally of President Slobodan Milosevic and Bosnian Serb genocide convict Radovan Karadzic.

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31 Aug 16 Serbian City Plans Monument to Partisans’ WWII Victims

The northern city of Novi Sad is to build a monument commemorating people killed by Josip Broz Tito’s Partisan forces at the end of World War II.

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17 Aug 16 Biden Offers Condolences for Victims of NATO Bombing

US Vice-President Joseph Biden offered condolences to the families of 1999 NATO bombing victims and urged Serbia and Kosovo to resolve open issues during a visit to Belgrade.

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16 Aug 16 Twitter Activists Mock Milosevic Monument Proposal

A proposal by Serbian Socialist Party politicians to build a monument to former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has sparked an outburst of satirical criticism on Twitter.

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