03 Jul 15 Kosovo Veterans Oppose Honour for Yugoslav Ex-President

Kosovo Liberation Army veterans criticised a plan to name a street after Sinan Hasani, an ethnic Albanian who controversially served as Yugoslavia’s president in the 1980s.

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02 Jul 15 Peace-Seeking Croatian Policeman’s Death Commemorated

Relatives of Josip Reihl Kir and Croatian activists commemorated the 1991 murder of the police chief who was killed after trying to prevent armed conflict breaking out in the Osijek region.

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29 Jun 15 Serbia Unveils Monument to Gavrilo Princip

Serbia’s president unveiled a statue of Princip, whose murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand helped to spark World War I, saying that the assassin tried to liberate Balkan countries from slavery.

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10 Jun 15 Kosovo Reburies Albanian Hero Isa Boletini

Isa Boletini, a military leader and national hero in Kosovo and Albania, was reburied at a ceremony in his home village in northern Kosovo, almost a century after his death.

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08 Jun 15 Belgrade to Unveil Gavrilo Princip Monument

A monument dedicated to Gavrilo Princip, whose murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand helped to spark World War I, will be inaugurated in the Serbian capital later this month.

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03 Jun 15 Pope Urged to Speak Out on Srebrenica

Bosnian academics and war victims’ representatives have urged Pope Francis to use his forthcoming visit to the country to declare that the 1995 Srebrenica massacres were genocide.

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26 May 15 Bosnia’s Notorious Trnopolje Jail Camp Remembered

The detention camp in Trnopolje near Prijedor gained global notoriety and became a symbol of the brutality of the war after a British TV station broadcast images of gaunt men behind barbed wire.

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26 May 15 Bosniak Refugee Deportations Commemorated in Montenegro

Rights activists marked the 23rd anniversary of the wartime deportations of Bosniak refugees by urging the Montenegrin authorities to punish the perpetrators and build a memorial to the victims.

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25 May 15 Thousands Join Birthday Party in Tito’s Home Village

People from all over the former Yugoslavia gathered in the Croatian village of Kumrovec, the birthplace of the leader of socialist Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, to celebrate his birthday.

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25 May 15 Tuzla Massacre Commemorated on Streets of Serbia

Belgrade rights activists collected messages of condolence on the streets of four Serbian cities to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the killing of 71 people by Bosnian Serb forces in Tuzla.

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22 May 15 Kosovo Marks Anniversary of Dubrava Prison Mass Killings

Families of up to 130 prison inmates killed by Serb forces during the Kosovo war commemorated the 16th anniversary of their deaths and called for the perpetrators to finally be prosecuted.

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18 May 15 Belgrade Urged to Name Street After Chetnik Leader

A Belgrade councillor asked the city authorities to name a street after WWII Chetnik general Dragoljub ‘Draza’ Mihailovic, who was executed for treason but recently rehabilitated by a Serbian court.

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18 May 15 20,000 Mourn Croatia’s Dead at Controversial WWII Site

More than 20,000 people came to the town of Bleiburg in Austria to mourn Croatia’s defeated Nazi collaboration forces and civilians killed by Yugoslav Partisans 70 years ago.

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15 May 15 Croatian President Mourns at Controversial WWII Memorial

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic paid tribute at a memorial in Bleiburg in Austria dedicated to Croatian fascist troops and civilians killed by Yugoslav Partisan forces.

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11 May 15 Belgrade Activists Demand Criminalisation of Genocide Denial

Serbian peace group Women in Black staged a public performance in Belgrade as part of a campaign for a parliamentary resolution to criminalise any denial that genocide happened in Srebrenica.

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