16 Apr 14 Kosovo and Albania Mark Anniversary of 1999 Exodus

Pristina and Tirana commemorated the 15th anniversary of the Kosovo exodus when thousands of ethnic Albanians fled their homes seeking refuge from the conflict with Serbian forces.

10 Apr 14 Kosovo MPs Outraged as War Memorial Closes

Kosovo MPs have slated the authorities for neglecting a memorial dedicated to Kosovo fighters whose sponsors have now closed it, saying it was vandalised.

09 Apr 14 NGO Wants Zagreb Streets Named After War Victims

An initiative backed by various intellectuals has been launched in Croatia to name some streets after victims of Croatian forces in the 1990s conflict.

07 Apr 14 Macedonia To Vote Under Shadow of Giant Cross

One week before the Macedonian general elections, the capital is to get a second giant Orthodox cross, erected by an NGO close to the ruling party.

28 Mar 14 Serbian Policeman Urges Attack on Peace Campaigners

An anti-terrorist police spokesperson called on football hooligans to “fight” Belgrade peace group Women in Black after they commemorated war crimes by Serbs against Kosovo Albanians.

26 Mar 14 Belgrade Women Commemorate Kosovo War Crimes

Female activists gathered in Belgrade to pay tribute to victims of the Serbian military campaign in Kosovo in 1999 and demand that the authorities prosecute the guilty.

24 Mar 14 Serbia Marks 15th Anniversary of NATO Bombing

Serbian officials said they would never forget the victims of the NATO air strikes that ended the war in Kosovo in 1999, although the real death toll has not been revealed.

24 Mar 14 Kosovo Returns War Victims’ Remains to Families

The Kosovo authorities have handed over the remains of 27 of the people who were killed by Serbian forces during the 1998-99 conflict to their relatives.

24 Mar 14 Kosovo War Crimes Online Database Launched

A Belgrade human rights group marked the 15th anniversary of the start of the Serbian military campaign by launching a website detailing unpunished crimes against Kosovo Albanians.

20 Mar 14 ICTY Film on Witnesses Shown In Zagreb

The Hague Tribunal documentary about key witness testimonies from the 1990s has had its premiere in the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

17 Mar 14 Kosovo Serbs Mark Tenth Anniversary of Deadly Riots

On the tenth anniversary of violence that left 19 people dead and caused many more to flee their homes, Kosovo Serbs paid homage to the victims and demanded more prosecutions.

12 Mar 14 Serbs Pay Tribute to Assassinated PM Djindjic

Belgraders have laid wreaths and flowers and held processions through the capital in memory of Zoran Djindjic, the Prime Minister who was shot dead 11 years ago.

27 Feb 14 Serbia Urged To Punish Strpci Train Abductors

Human rights activists in Belgrade urged the Serbian government to bring to justice Bosnian Serb fighters who seized 19 passengers from a train in Strpci and killed them 21 years ago.

25 Feb 14 Bosnia to Map Wartime Detention Camp Locations

A new project aims to create a comprehensive database of all the prison camps and other wartime detention facilities across the country over the next five years.

05 Feb 14 Sarajevo Marks 20th Anniversary of Market Massacre

Hundreds of people gathered at the Markale market in the Bosnian capital to commemorate the 67 civilians who were killed there in the attack in 1994.


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