27 Apr 15 Croatia Pays Tribute to Jasenovac Camp Victims

Croatia on Sunday marked the 70th anniversary of the last days of the Nazi-style concentration camp at Jasenovac, where at least 83,000 people were killed.

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22 Apr 15 Sarajevo Siege Museum Plan Sparks Cash Row

The viability of a plan to build a new Sarajevo Siege Museum has been questioned because the cash-strapped local authorities cannot afford to fund other museums in the city.

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20 Apr 15 Serbian PM ‘Misused’ WWII Death Camp Anniversary

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was accused of using a speech he made at a commemoration for victims of the Croatian-run WWII Jasenovac concentration camp for his own propaganda.

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17 Apr 15 Thousands Join Kosovo Massacre Reburial Ceremony

The remains of 21 Kosovo Albanians killed by Belgrade’s forces in 1999 and then found hidden in a mass grave in Serbia were reburied in the village of Cikatove e Vjeter.

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10 Apr 15 Sarajevo Urged to Honour Women’s Wartime Heroism

A Sarajevo-based NGO has proposed a memorial to the unsung heroes of the Bosnian war - the women whose hard work and courage helped the city survive the 1992-95 siege.

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09 Apr 15 Croatia Reopens WWII Village Massacre Memorial

A memorial centre commemorating a massacre in the small Istrian village of Lipa in 1944 was reopened at its former school, commemorating the 269 victims of the Nazi-led attack.

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08 Apr 15 Belgrade Again Promises Nazi Death Camp Memorial

Seventy years after the end of World War II, the Belgrade city authorities have repeated promises that a memorial at the largest Nazi concentration camp in the region will be built next year.

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06 Apr 15 Iconic ‘Child of Sarajevo’ Marks Siege Anniversary

Twenty-three years after the siege of Sarajevo began, Adi Arapovic, whose photograph helped to symbolise the war's impact on the city's children, says he can never forget growing up under fire.

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26 Mar 15 Kosovo Mourns Anniversary of Suhareka Killings

Hundreds of people gathered in the Kosovo town of Suhareka/Suva Reka to commemorate the 16th anniversary of attacks by Serbian forces that left more than 500 civilians dead.

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25 Mar 15 Serbia Mourns NATO Bombing Victims

Hundreds of people gathered in Belgrade on the 16th anniversary of the air strikes on Yugoslavia that ended the Kosovo war in 1999 to commemorate the victims of NATO’s bombing.

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24 Mar 15 Kosovo President: NATO Air Strikes Were ‘Humanitarian’

On the 16th anniversary of the launch of NATO’s strikes on Yugoslavia, President Atifete Jahjaga said the Western military intervention had prevented genocide and helped set Kosovo free.

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16 Mar 15 British Composer Commemorates Kosovo War Dead

The Kosovo Philharmonic marked its 15th anniversary with the Pristina premiere of an anti-war mass by British composer Karl Jenkins, which is dedicated to victims of the 1998-99 conflict.

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12 Mar 15 Serbs Honour Assassinated PM Djindjic's Memory

Wreaths and flowers were laid on Thursday in Belgrade in memory of Zoran Djindic, the Prime Minister who was shot dead 12 years ago.

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10 Mar 15 Kosovo Mayor Slammed for ‘Milosevic Street’ Plan

A Kosovo human rights NGO has called for the removal of the mayor of a Serb-majority municipality which proposed to name a street after deceased Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic.

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09 Mar 15 Kosovo Town’s ‘Milosevic Street’ Sparks Outrage

The tiny Serb-majority town of Ranilluge/Ranilug has been forced to reconsider its plan to name a street after former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic after the proposal was strongly criticised.

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