21 Jul 14 Bosnia Buries 284 Bodies from Wartime Mass Grave

Thousands of people gathered to mourn as the remains of 284 people recently found in Tomasica at the biggest mass grave discovered since the 1992-95 war were buried.

17 Jul 14 Demolition Threat Alarms North Kosovo Serbs

Kosovo minister's threat to send in bulldozers in to demolish newly erected monuments by both Albanians and Serbs in the divided town of Mitrovica has upset local Serbs.

11 Jul 14 Serbian Activists Honour Srebrenica Massacre Victims

Amid heavy police presence, and despite threats, Serbian anti-war activists, led by the NGO Women in Black, honoured Bosniak victims of the 1995 slaughter in Srebrenica.

01 Jul 14 Croatian Activists Commemorate Peace-Seeking Police Chief

Activists marked the anniversary of the killing of Croatian policeman Josip Reihl-Kir, who was killed while trying to prevent conflict between Croats and Serbs in the Osijek area in 1991.

30 Jun 14 Croatia Mourns WWII Jadovno Concentration Camp Victims

Officials from the Croatian and Serbian governments joined a commemoration for people killed by the WWII fascist Ustasha regime at the Jadovno concentration camp near the town of Gospic.

27 Jun 14 Bosnian Serbs Unveil Statue of WWI Assassin

Bosnian Serb political leaders unveiled a new statue of Gavrilo Princip, whose murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand helped to spark World War I, in the city of East Sarajevo.

26 Jun 14 Serb Leaders to Open ‘Andricgrad’ for WWI Centenary

The opening of the mini-town built by film director Emir Kusturica in Bosnia’s Serb-led Republika Srpska will feature a commemoration of the assassin who helped spark WWI.

23 Jun 14 Croatian Leaders Condemn ‘Evil’ WWII Fascist State

The country’s prime minister and president commemorated World War II anti-fascist fighters and said that Croatia’s Nazi-allied wartime state was a ‘mistake’.

30 May 14 Parents Demand Children’s Memorial in Bosnia’s Prijedor

Parents of 102 children who were killed or went missing in Prijedor during the 1992-95 war launched a campaign urging the local authorities to finally erect a memorial in the town.

16 May 14 Pro-Yugoslav Montenegrins Oppose German WWII Cemetery

Activists who campaign to uphold old Yugoslav traditions protested against the government’s plan to build a cemetery for German soldiers killed in World War II in Montenegro.

16 May 14 Bosnia’s Tuzla Commemorates Deadly Battle

Tuzla residents commemorated the anniversary of the Brcanska Malta battle in 1992, when 37 people died as local police in the north-eastern town fought the Yugoslav People’s Army.

15 May 14 Zagreb Premieres Play About Croatian Serb Girl’s Murder

A controversial play about the wartime murder of 12-year-old Serb girl Aleksandra Zec and her family by Croatian soldiers in Zagreb in 1991 has opened in the capital.

13 May 14 Belgrade to Build Nazi Death Camp Memorial

The new city authorities in the Serbian capital have vowed to finally build a memorial at the site of the largest Nazi concentration camp in the region, where 7,000 Jews died.

12 May 14 Sarajevo Reopens Iconic War-Damaged City Hall

The landmark Vijecnica city hall and national library has been reconstructed and reopened 22 years after it was shelled by Serb forces during the wartime siege of the Bosnian capital.

09 May 14 Croatian Right-Winger Sues WWII Memorial Chief

A Croatian far-right leader said he had been libelled by the director of the memorial park at Jasenovac, a concentration camp where tens of thousands were killed by the fascist Ustasa regime.


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