17 Jul 17 Montenegro Vows to Remove Memorial to Assassin

The Montenegrin authorities have vowed to remove a controversial monument to Punisa Racic - the Serb nationalist MP who assassinated Croatian leader Stjepan Radic in the Yugoslav parliament in 1928.

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04 Jul 17 Croatian Ex-Detainees Plan Serbian Jail Camp Visit

Croatia and Serbia agreed that former Croatian detainees can hold a commemoration at a wartime prison camp in Stajicevo, but ex-prisoners claimed Belgrade is blocking prosecutions of those who committed crimes there.

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28 Jun 17 Serbia and Croatia Neglect World War II Memorials

World War II memorials in Serbia and Croatia are often neglected, some of them deliberately, according to new findings from the Centre for Holocaust Research and Education.

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26 Jun 17 Far-Right Croatian NGO to Honour Ustasa Commander

A marginal far-right NGO announced it will put up a plaque honouring Jure Francetic, the commander of a Croatian World War II fascist Ustasa unit responsible for large-scale crimes against Serbs and Jews.

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09 Jun 17 Charity Highlights Women’s Suffering in Srebrenica Genocide

A British charity that spreads awareness about the July 11 Srebrenica Memorial Day has this year focused on the horrors that women endured as a result of the 1995 massacres.

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31 May 17 Bosnia Honours Prijedor Victims With White Ribbon Day

Cities around Bosnia are commemorating the horrendous crimes committed against the non-Serb population of the northeastern town of Prijedor 25 years ago by putting up white ribbons.

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23 May 17 Montenegro Activists to Mark Wartime Refugee Deportation

On the 25th anniversary of the deportation of Bosniak refugees - who were later killed - activists again urged the authorities to punish the perpatrators and build a memorial to the victims.

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11 May 17 Austrians Seek to Ban Croatian WWII Commemoration

The Austrian state of Carinthia is being urged to ban a Croatian event at Bleiburg commemorating defeated Nazi collaboration forces and civilians killed by the Yugoslav Partisans in 1945.

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09 May 17 Bosnian Ex-Prisoners Commemorate Wartime Camp Victims

Wartime prisoners marked the Day of Camp Inmates by gathering at former detention centres to commemorate those who died and to demand better treatment for those who survived.

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08 May 17 Bosnian Serbs Move Tuzla Attack Commemoration

The authorities in Bosnia’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska said a commemoration of the 1992 killings of Yugoslav People’s Army troops will not be held in Tuzla this year, claiming it was unsafe.

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05 May 17 Protection Demanded for Serb War Victims’ Memorial

An association representing families of Serbs killed during the Kosovo war said a display of victims’ photographs outside the Serbian parliament needed protection, and called for a permanent memorial.

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03 May 17 Yugoslav Troops’ Deaths Marked Amid Sarajevo ‘Security’ Row

A commemoration of the 1992 killings of Yugoslav troops in Sarajevo was held outside the capital after Serb officials complained of inadequate security and refusals to allow them a permanent memorial.

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27 Apr 17 Bosnian Serbs Say Sarajevo ‘Unsafe’ for Commemoration

The Bosnian Serb veterans’ minister said the commemoration of the 1992 killings of Yugoslav People’s Army troops will not be held in the capital this year because of “inadequate” security.

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24 Apr 17 Bosnian Clerics Pray Together at Wartime Death Sites

Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish religious leaders made a first joint visit to sites where war victims were massacred in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a bid to promote reconciliation.

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24 Apr 17 Rival Events Commemorate Croatian WWII Camp Victims

Croatia’s Jews, Serbs and anti-fascists have again boycotted the state commemoration of victims of the Jasenovac WWII concentration camp over claims that the government tolerates pro-fascist activities.

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