14 Aug 17 Belgrade to Name Street After Kosovo War Dead

A new boulevard in Belgrade will be named in honour of Yugoslav Army soldiers killed in a Kosovo Liberation Army ambush in 1998, which Serbia considers a war crime.

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08 Aug 17 Montenegro Asked to Finance Chetnik Monument

A local official in the town of Berane has asked the Montenegrin government to pay for the construction of a monument to WWII Chetnik commander Pavle Djurisic, who was killed in 1945.

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08 Aug 17 Macedonia Commemorates Karpalak Ambush Massacre

Macedonia is marking the 16th anniversary of the ambush and killing of ten soldiers on the Skopje-Tetovo highway near the end of the 2001 armed conflict with ethnic Albanian rebels.

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05 Aug 17 Croatia Honours Operation Storm Victory, Mourns Deaths

Politicians celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the victorious military Operation Storm, saying it allowed Croatia to become a modern European state, at a commemoration which this year was almost free of extreme nationalist outbursts.

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05 Aug 17 Serbia Commemorates Victims of Croatia’s Operation Storm

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he hopes Serbs will forgive but never forget the crimes committed against murdered and exiled victims of the Croatian military’s Operation Storm 22 years ago.

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04 Aug 17 Bosnians Mark 25 Years Since Omarska Camp Closure

The 25th anniversary of the beginning of the release of detainees from the notorious Omarska detention camp, run by Bosnian Serb forces in Prijedor, will be marked this weekend.

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01 Aug 17 Croatian HDZ Member ‘Threatens NGO’ over Storm Apology

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights said it was threatened by a member of the governing Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ because of its campaign apologising to Serb victims of the 1995 military operation ‘Storm’.

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31 Jul 17 Croatian Veterans Disrupt Serbs’ WWII Commemoration

A group of Croatian 1990s war veterans shouted and insulted speakers at a commemoration for Serb civilians killed by the WWII fascist Ustasa movement in the town of Glina.

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25 Jul 17 Campaign Urges Croatia to Apologise to ‘Storm’ Victims

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights NGO has launched a poster campaign in Zagreb urging the government to say sorry to Serb victims of Croatia’s victorious Operation Storm in August 1995.

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21 Jul 17 Montenegro Urged to Challenge Killer’s Statue in Croatia

Activists in Montenegro accused the government of not doing enough to pressurise Croatia to remove a monument to a Croat who killed a Montenegrin ambassador in 1971.

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17 Jul 17 Montenegro Vows to Remove Memorial to Assassin

The Montenegrin authorities have vowed to remove a controversial monument to Punisa Racic - the Serb nationalist MP who assassinated Croatian leader Stjepan Radic in the Yugoslav parliament in 1928.

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04 Jul 17 Croatian Ex-Detainees Plan Serbian Jail Camp Visit

Croatia and Serbia agreed that former Croatian detainees can hold a commemoration at a wartime prison camp in Stajicevo, but ex-prisoners claimed Belgrade is blocking prosecutions of those who committed crimes there.

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28 Jun 17 Serbia and Croatia Neglect World War II Memorials

World War II memorials in Serbia and Croatia are often neglected, some of them deliberately, according to new findings from the Centre for Holocaust Research and Education.

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26 Jun 17 Far-Right Croatian NGO to Honour Ustasa Commander

A marginal far-right NGO announced it will put up a plaque honouring Jure Francetic, the commander of a Croatian World War II fascist Ustasa unit responsible for large-scale crimes against Serbs and Jews.

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09 Jun 17 Charity Highlights Women’s Suffering in Srebrenica Genocide

A British charity that spreads awareness about the July 11 Srebrenica Memorial Day has this year focused on the horrors that women endured as a result of the 1995 massacres.

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