17 Aug 16 Biden Offers Condolences for Victims of NATO Bombing

US Vice-President Joseph Biden offered condolences to the families of 1999 NATO bombing victims and urged Serbia and Kosovo to resolve open issues during a visit to Belgrade.

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16 Aug 16 Twitter Activists Mock Milosevic Monument Proposal

A proposal by Serbian Socialist Party politicians to build a monument to former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has sparked an outburst of satirical criticism on Twitter.

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13 Aug 16 Macedonia Plans Low-Key Anniversary of Ohrid Deal

Macedonia on Saturday is holding a modest event marking the 15th anniversary of the signing of the Ohrid Peace Accord, which ended a six-month ethnic Albanian insurgency.

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11 Aug 16 Serbia to Highlight Croatia Concentration Camp at UN

Serbia plans to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day next year by organising an exhibition at the United Nations about the Jasenovac concentration camp run by Croatia’s WWII Nazi-allied regime.

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08 Aug 16 Croatian Statue of Diplomat’s Killer Given Bloody Hand

The recently-inaugurated statue of Miro Baresic, who killed a Yugoslav ambassador in 1971 and died fighting in the Croatian war for independence, was partly painted red in an act of protest.

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08 Aug 16 Macedonia Marks Karpalak Ambush Massacre Anniversary

Macedonian officials marked the 15th anniversary of the ambush and killing of ten soldiers on the Skopje-Tetovo highway near the end of the 2001 armed conflict with ethnic Albanian rebels.

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05 Aug 16 Serbia Mourns Victims of Croatia’s Operation Storm

PM Aleksandar Vucic strongly criticised Croatia’s celebration of its victory in 1995’s Operation Storm as Serbian officials commemorated the Serb victims of the military offensive.

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03 Aug 16 Croatia Urged to Commemorate Operation Storm Victims

Ahead of the anniversary of Croatia’s 1995 Operation Storm campaign, a human rights group urged the authorities to pay respects to the civilian victims as well as celebrating the military victory.

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01 Aug 16 Statue of Ambassador’s Killer Erected in Croatia

Government ministers attended the inauguration of a statue of Miro Baresic, who killed a Yugoslav ambassador in 1971 and died fighting in the Croatian war for independence 20 years later.

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29 Jul 16 Croatian Youth NGO Apologizes to 'Storm' Victims

A Zagreb-based NGO has started an online letter calling for an apology to the Serb victims of the victorious 1995 'Operation Storm’, which terminated a Serb rebellion in the Krajina region.

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28 Jul 16 Bosniaks Urge Inzko to Block Serb Referendum

Bosniak representatives in the Bosnian Serb entity Republika Srpska are calling on the High Representative to stop a referendum there on the entity's national holiday.

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27 Jul 16 Croatian Rightists Disrupt Anti-Fascist Anniversary Rally

Far-right Croats did their best to cause chaos at the annual commemoration of the anti-Fascist uprising in Croatia in 1941 in the remote village of Srb.

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22 Jul 16 Sarajevo Museum of Crimes Against Humanity Opens

The Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide 1992-1995 has opened in Sarajevo, displaying the personal belongings of victims among exhibits exploring Bosnia’s wartime history.

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21 Jul 16 Kosovo President Lays Wreath at Serbs’ Memorial

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci paid tribute at a memorial to 14 Serbs killed after the war in the village of Staro Gracko/Gracke 17 years ago, but the victims’ families criticised his gesture.

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20 Jul 16 Eight Bosnian War Victims Buried in Prijedor

Hundreds of local residents paid their respects in Kozarac near Prijedor as the remains of eight people killed by Bosnian Serb forces during wartime were laid to rest over 20 years after they died.

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