16 Feb 18 Kosovo Memorial to Slain Jashari Family ‘Under Threat’

Kosovo’s premier promised action after claims that the memorial complex to the Jashari family in Prekaz, 59 of whom were killed by Serbian forces in 1998, is deteriorating because of a lack of upkeep.

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26 Jan 18 Serbia Ruling Party: Concentration Camp Office ‘Not Wrong’

Serbia’s ruling Progressive Party said criticism of its decision to set up offices at the site of a WWII concentration camp was “unfounded” and came from people seeking to undermine its achievements.

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26 Jan 18 Serbia, Croatia Spar Over Concentration Camp Exhibition

Zagreb accused Belgrade of spreading “false information” with its exhibition at UN headquarters in New York about the WWII concentration camp at Jasenovac in Croatia.

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24 Jan 18 Serbia Ruling Party Opens Office at Concentration Camp

The ruling Serbian Progressive Party has opened an office at the site of a World War II concentration camp in Belgrade, drawing criticism from rights campaigners.

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23 Jan 18 Balkan Sites Feature Among Europe’s Endangered Heritage

Four historic landmarks around the Balkans have been shortlisted for the Most Endangered Programme, which aims to raise awareness of neglected monuments and sites across Europe.

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28 Dec 17 Croatian Fascist Commemorated with Banner in Bosnia

A banner in memory of Croatian fascist leader Ante Pavelic, who died 58 years ago, was found hanging on a kindergarten fence in the southern town of Siroki Brijeg in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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28 Nov 17 Tempers Rise in Macedonian Resort Over Tall Minaret

Some of the residents of Ohrid, a Macedonian lakeside resort famous for its ancient churches, are up in arms about a plan to plant a 32 metre-high minaret over a restored mosque.

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18 Nov 17 Croatia Commemorates 26 Years Since Vukovar’s Fall

Thousands of Croatians, led by war veterans, victims’ families and politicians, gathered in the eastern town of Vukovar to commemorate the 26th anniversary of its fall to Yugoslav troops and Serb paramilitaries.

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14 Nov 17 Albania Vows To Restore Resistance Fighters' Cemeteries

The Defence Ministry intends to clean up the 22 cemeteries dedicated to resistance fighters in World War II, which fell into neglect after the Communist system collapsed in the 1990s. 

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25 Oct 17 Kosovo Acts to Preserve War Victims’ Possessions

War victims’ clothes and other personal possessions, stored at the Institute of Forensic Medicine since 2003, are being transferred to a better location after calls to ensure that they are preserved.

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24 Oct 17 Israel Criticises ‘Anti-Semitic’ Bosnian School Name

The Israeli embassy said naming a school after WWII-era author and fighter Mustafa Busuladzic, who it described as anti-Semitic, was an “unfortunate act” that undermines multi-ethnic Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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23 Oct 17 Monument to Murdered Serbian PM Djindjic Sparks Row

The Belgrade city authorities’ plan to install a monument commemorating Serbia’s former Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, assassinated in 2003, has angered government opponents.

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10 Oct 17 Albania Commemorates Communist Killing of MPs

Albania's parliament commemorated the 70th anniversary of the death of 15 MPs who were deemed opponents of the past Communist regime, despite ongoing accusations that politicians have ties to the Communist past.

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03 Oct 17 Controversial Major’s Statue Causes Serbia-Croatia Row

A diplomatic row has continued to simmer for four days after Serbia unveiled a monument to a Yugoslav major who blew himself up rather than surrender to Croatian forces during the war in 1991.

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28 Sep 17 Sarajevans Furious After Councillors Snub Wartime Hero

Councillors in the Novo Sarajevo municipality were criticised for voting not to name a sports hall after Goran Cengic, who was killed after trying to save his neighbour from being killed in 1992.

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