05 Feb 16 Sarajevo Commemorates Deadly Market Attack

Mourners gathered to mark the 22nd anniversary of the shelling of Sarajevo’s Markale marketplace and to remember the 68 people who were killed in the blast in 1994.

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03 Feb 16 Belgrade Protesters Rally for Srebrenica Case Activist

Protesters rallied outside the magistrates court in Belgrade before rights activist Anita Mitic’s hearing for allegedly breaking Serbian law by holding a commemoration of the Srebrenica massacres last year.

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27 Jan 16 Belgrade Honours Bravery of Serb Who Saved Bosniak

Twenty-three years after death of Srdjan Aleksic, a Bosnian Serb who died saving his Bosniak friend’s life during wartime in 1993, Belgrade officials unveiled a sign dedicating a city street to him.

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19 Jan 16 Croatian Activists to Commemorate Tudjman-Era Crimes

After Zagreb opened a tender for a memorial to 1990s President Franjo Tudjman, human rights activists have asked for ideas for a counter-memorial to spotlight wartime crimes and corruption.

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15 Jan 16 Kosovars Honour US Diplomat on Massacre Anniversary

As hundreds marked the 17th anniversary of a massacre of Kosovo Albanians in Recak/Racak, work started to build a statue of William Walker, the US diplomat who first reported the atrocity.

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11 Jan 16 Croatians Pray for Tito’s Soul in Zagreb

A Croatian journalist organised a Catholic mass for Yugoslav Communist leader Josip Broz Tito as a ‘social experiment’ after a religious service was held for a WWII fascist leader in Zagreb.

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10 Jan 16 Defiant Bosnian Serbs Celebrate Banned Republic Day

Bosnian Serbs celebrated the Day of Republika Srpska on Saturday, despite the fact that the holiday was declared unconstitutional by the Bonsnian Constitutional Court.

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30 Dec 15 Kosovo Ex-Fighters Mark Veterans’ Day

The former fighters used low-key Veterans’ Day events to reiterate their anger about the arrests and convictions of several former Kosovo Liberation Army commanders.

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29 Dec 15 Croatian Fascist Leader’s Memorial Mass Sparks Protest

Activists said they were attacked before staging a protest in Zagreb against an annual mass to commemorate the death of WWII Croatian fascist leader Ante Pavelic.

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07 Dec 15 Sarajevo Remembers Serb Wartime Victims

A group of people gathered in Sarajevo to commemorate the killings of Serb civilians during the siege of the city in the 1990s and put up a makeshift plaque to honour the victims.

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18 Nov 15 Belgrade Peace Activists Mark Vukovar Anniversary

Human rights campaigners called on the government to place memorials at detention camps in Serbia where Croatian prisoners from Vukovar were imprisoned after it fell to Yugoslav troops in 1991.

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18 Nov 15 50,000 Croatians Commemorate Fall of Vukovar

Around 50,000 people from all over Croatia and abroad gathered to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the fall of the town of Vukovar to Yugoslav troops and Serb paramilitaries.

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30 Oct 15 Serbian Veterans Slam Threat to Russian WWII Graves

Threats to exhume the remains of Red Army soldiers who helped liberate the city of Kragujevac during WWII because of unpaid cemetery fees have angered Serbian war veterans.

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29 Oct 15 Croatian Serbs’ Killers Unpunished 24 Years On

Twenty-four years after Zagreb’s forces burned down Serb villagers’ houses in the east of Croatia, killing several dozen civilians, no one has yet been brought to justice.

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22 Oct 15 Belgrade Peace Activists Commemorate Bosniaks’ Deaths

Activists led by peace campaign group Women in Black commemorated the murders of 16 Bosniaks from Sjeverin in Serbia who were killed by Serb forces in Bosnia 23 years ago.

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