serbia-split-over-liberation-war-memorials 12 Feb 15 Serbia Split Over ‘Liberation War’ Memorials

A proposed law on war memorials and monuments has sparked debate about whether the Serbian state is again trying to deny its role in the 1990s conflicts in Yugoslavia.

surviving-the-holocaust-in-occupied-serbia 05 Feb 15 Surviving the Holocaust in Occupied Serbia

At 93, Aleksandar Lebl is one of a handful of Jews in Belgrade who can still remember the German occupation and the Nazi death camps – which he narrowly escaped ending up in.

boyhood-memories-of-auschwitz-70-years-on 27 Jan 15 Boyhood Memories of Auschwitz, 70 Years On

As the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is marked, one of its last inmates, Oleg Mandic from Croatia, recalls his imprisonment in the death camp at the age of 11.

vukovar-battle-anniversary-highlights-croatia-divisions 25 Aug 14 Vukovar Battle Anniversary Highlights Croatia Divisions

As Croatian war veterans commemorate victims of the longest battle of the 1991-95 conflict, ethnic tensions in war-traumatised Vukovar remain troubled after a campaign to limit Serb minority rights.

divisive-memorials-are-holding-back-bosnia 24 Jul 14 Divisive Memorials Are Holding Back Bosnia

As people in Prijedor mark the anniversary of their relatives' wartime deaths, are ethnically exclusive memorials - designed to fit one narrative only - hampering reconciliation in Bosnia?

sarajevo-assassin-s-gunshot-echoes-across-his-birthplace 08 May 14 Sarajevo Assassin’s Gunshot Echoes Across His Birthplace

Around Gavrilo Princip’s home village in Bosnia, disputes over whether he was a hero or a terrorist have raised tensions ahead of the centenary of the outbreak of World War I.

can-serbs-learn-from-israelis-and-the-palestinians 17 Feb 14 Can Serbs Learn From Israelis and Palestinians?

Despite very different conflicts, Serbian, Israeli and Palestinian rights activists say they face common problems: state denial of past atrocities and the task of helping wartime refugees return home.

selective-memory 22 Nov 13 Selective Memory

Bosnia’s post-war divisions are played out in the fight to build memorials at the sites of notorious wartime prisons.

croatia-personal-war-memories-collection-presented 04 Oct 13 Exploring the Power of Memory in Croatia

A Croatian rights group has collected personal recollections from some 450 people who suffered in conflicts from WWII onwards to create a powerful oral history archive.

beer-and-loathing-at-croatia-s-patriot-party 09 Aug 13 Beer and Loathing at Croatia's Patriot Party

Croatian nationalism is thriving at an annual celebration of the anniversary of the Operation Storm military victory – a party staged by a singer named after a machine gun.

balkans-gripped-by-chaotic-monument-building-boom 25 Jun 13 Balkans Gripped by Chaotic Monument-Building Boom

Hundreds of war memorials have been built since the Balkan conflicts, but some governments exert no control over how much public money is spent or whether new monuments provoke ethnic tensions.

ethnic-divisions-set-in-stone 25 Jun 13 Ethnic Divisions Set in Stone

‘Hero’ fighters, massacre victims and alleged war criminals are being commemorated with new monuments across the former Yugoslavia, many of them reinforcing the disputes that originally led to the conflicts.

politicians-take-control-of-history-in-albania 25 Jun 13 Politicians Take Control of History in Albania

A hasty spending spree motivated by political ambition ahead of this year’s election in Albania created a series of monuments to controversial historical figures with questionable aesthetic value.

a-different-kind-of-remembrance 25 Jun 13 Interview: A Different Kind of Remembrance

Balkan countries need to develop a culture of memorialisation where different ethnic groups recognise others’ suffering as well as their own, says Sarajevo-based researcher Nicolas Moll.

sarajevo-marks-anniversary-of-wartime-siege-tunnel 29 Mar 13 Sarajevo Marks Anniversary of Wartime Siege Tunnel

Twenty years ago, the Bosnian Army started digging a tunnel underneath Sarajevo airport which would become the besieged city’s only relief route and a symbol of its resistance.

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